Saturday, August 3, 2013

Dave Pack: Complete Annihilation of Splinter Groups Coming

On September 1 or 2nd what will Davie's new story be?

We learned that God is bringing “desolation” on the splinters. I promised last week to present six biblical proofs that after the prophecy is fulfilled the splinter “houses” will be gone or well on their way out. All competition to God’s true Work will be eliminated.
 Utter destruction of the churches:
(1) Haggai 1:11 reveals that God calls for a “drought,” more correctly translated “desolation,” involving a list of very distinct categories within the splinters. The categories that God lists are comprehensive—complete. One of my previous announcements explained them. “Desolation” means desolation, not something short of desolation. God’s plain meaning is that He plans to destroy these organizations. On what basis would you disagree with the meaning of desolation?
 Utter destruction of church leaders

(2) Zechariah 11:3 describes “shepherds” (ministers) “howling” because their “glory is spoiled.” Reviewing last week: Glory means “something ample (as a large vine, a wide dress)…garment, glory, goodly, mantle, robe.” These are “respected” men in positions of authority. Spoiled includes the meaning “ravage: dead, destroy (-er), spoil (-er), (lay) waste.” We might ask: Does this imply anything less than complete desolation? Make yourself answer.


DennisCDiehl said...

DCP " All COMPETITION (emphasis mine) to God’s true Work will be eliminated. Here are GOD’S proofs, not: mine"

Classic DCP. That's the bottom line. DCP always wins no matter what. Everything in life is about beating your competetors. Whether it's the other team, the other minister or even the business of his own kids, DCP has to personally win. Winning is the engine that drives DCP. It has been that all his life and why Howard Clark, who DCP disparages in his autobio, knew how difficult it would be for DCP to be a friend's pastor when DCP came to Ohio.

When outgoing ministers head DCP was replacing them or coming to town it was generally a "Oh Shit" moment.

Douglas Becker said...

He's right you know. Complete annihilation of the splinter groups is coming.

His included.

But it will take awhile.

Hey, we're all with him: We'd like to see it happen sooner than later to get people out this dysfunctional mess they're in, but, you know, the Bible has always tended to insist that we all have patience.

I can hardly wait.

Anonymous said...

Like we need Daveie to tell us what every word means (at least the meanings that support his version of what ever "truth" is trying to sell on any particular day). What a sorry excuse for a human being. But dave seems to think that he is not a mere human being, he is a god man. He will require formal worship of himself when he proclaims that he is Christ. It's coming. Dave will not quit until he gets on national,... heck, international news. Like Jones, Koresh, Manson, and all the other psychos who have taken down ignorant followers with them. Dave Pack is a dangerous cult leader, he is an unpatriotic, anti American, narcissist. Don't take my word for it, pull your head out of you butt and check out his rep. Or did he tell you not to do that? CULT

Anonymous said...

apparently DCP is THE MASTER of misapplying scriptures.....I'd laugh except that so many people believe him.

Lake of Fire Church of God said...

The Packatolla said, "All competition to God’s true Work will be eliminated."

MY COMMENT - I don't get it!

Wouldn't it have been simpler for God to have wiped out the Tkaches in 1986 (at HWA's death). There might still be a WCG and Ambassador College today "doing God's work" without all the splinters competing with one another. Is Dave Pack suggesting that God is completely inefficient, inept and incompetent?


Joe Moeller said...

According to this surname genealogy database...

The surname "PACK" has this meaning...

"The medieval given name may also have derived from the Middle English "paske", Old French "pasque" meaning Easter, and would have originated as a nickname for someone who was born at Easter"

Pack is therefore, by name, the Pagan Birthed Messiah!

Joe Moeller
Cody, WY

Anonymous said...

"We learned that God is bringing 'desolation' on the splinters."
We did?

"All competition to God’s true Work will be eliminated."
Wherever "god's true work" is, I'm sure right, Dave. One thing is for sure, it isn't in Wadsworth.

"God’s plain meaning is that He plans to destroy these organizations."
In the first place, god's meaning is NEVER plain. In the second place, IF there is a god, and IF the bible is his inerrant journalings, and IF HWA's that god recognized HWA's ordingation, and IF that god chose HWA to be his man on earth, and IF HWA's successor really was DCP, and IF as god's new man, DCP were inerrant--a lot of HIGHLY unlikely assumptions stacked one on top of another--THEN maybe Dave would have snowball's chance in hell of being on the money. But such as it is, it's a lot more likely that Dave's "church" will be destroyed on August 30th than any nonsense Dave keeps spouting.

"Zechariah 11:3 describes 'shepherds' (ministers) 'howling' because their 'glory is spoiled'...These are 'respected' men in positions of authority."
Sounds like Dave is talking about himself. Dave sees himself as a "glorious" and "respected" man in a position of "authority." Will Dave "howl" if his "church" is laid waste?

"Make yourself answer."
Gotta love Dave's embedded NLP commands, as if that made him any more convincing. Okay, Dave, I'll play along. Maybe it means that your god will rain down "complete desolation" upon RCG.

Douglas Becker said...

Yeah, and let's not call the RCG part of Organized Religion.

Douglas Becker said...

No one should be all that enthusiastic about defections from RCG once August is past.

You need only look at the fools who stay with Weinland in the PKG to understand that probably not too much will happen come the end of the month (except more intense mocking, of course).

Byker Bob said...

Dave is doing something we hotrodders refer to as "burning rubber". It is as impressive as all hell when done with a torquey engine because of the sheer noise level and all of the smoke, but you don't want to do it during an actual race or you face a guaranteed loss. Here he is in the race of his life, and there is no traction.

You don't hear too much about radical, oppressive Seventh Day Adventist cults. They have had sufficient time to simply fade away. While David Koresh was one notable exception during our lifetimes, the main SDA church was never in danger of a radical takeover by Koresh's group. Same way with the FLDS and the mainstream Mormon church. Religious movements simply do not evolve in that way. The more radical fringes gradually lose members and disappear. Logically, one can expect Armstrongism to lose its rough edges, so that decades in the future it would resemble COG-7, the SDAs, or mainstream Mormonism. Pack and Flurry are on the endangered species list, they just don't know it yet.