Friday, August 9, 2013

Dave Pack Drops Great Reunification of ENTIRE Church to Just 7,000 Members

Dave's great addition of new members is already dropping and they haven't even joined yet!

Many Old Testament passages foretell a remnant of physical Israel returning from captivity. In the Zechariah 11 prophecy, God is going to break His staff called “Grace.” How interesting that the apostle Paul was inspired to describe the New Testament “remnant” (of Romans 11:1-5) as a “remnant according to the election of GRACE.” In addition, verse 4 points to the Old Testament account in I Kings 19, involving Elijah the prophet. The serious reader may wish to read all of I Kings 19 for parallels in search of why God inspired Paul to use THIS ACCOUNT as a reference regarding how we do or do not listen to God, among other purposes. Recall and reread I Corinthians 10:11 and Romans 15:4 from last week. Is Paul also telling us that 7,000 baptized members will be faithful, and added to His Church? If so, what about children in the count? Are these just the number who are “holdovers, the surviving portion” (the meaning of “remnant” in Haggai), from the Worldwide Church of God, with others converted later in the splinters on top of this? How do the thousands already in The Restored Church of God fit into this number—if it is to be taken as a literal number at all? I do not know the answers. Again, I have ideas, but we will all wait to see the answers.


Byker Bob said...

7,000? What a Biblical number! But, on the other hand, these days, that is really not enough to make up a respectable mega church, let alone some sort of global or worldwide work.

Will it do what Dave wants it to do? Yeah. If the average income of new defectees is $40,000 per year, on first tithe alone, 7,000 newbies will bring Dave an additional $28 mil. In fact, for every 250 new tithe payers who buy into the Haggai marketing plan, his income will jump by $1 million. And, that could escalate wildly if he rapes them like he did his 1700 with another Clarion Call.

Absenting some sort of incapacitating meltdown, or defection of existing members, his financial situation will probably improve. The question is how much.


Anonymous said...

Dave Pack reminds us of the depth of his knowledge, understanding and wisdom with these words:

"...I do not know the answers..."

And what's new???????


Douglas Becker said...


Is the IRS investigating?

Seems like we've heard all this kind of thing before....

Anonymous said...

David Pack would be lucky to find even 7,000 decent people left in the splinter groups. The majority of the people in the splinter groups act like Satan sent them and directed them to help to pollute these evil groups with their own vile presence.

If there are 7,000 decent people left in the splinter groups, it would be entirely reasonable for them to want to leave them and try to find a decent organization to attend and support, rather than continue to be a party to all the evil that the splinter groups do.

Maybe David Pack would have better luck looking among the people who just went home but still believe something yet.

Head Usher said...

Let's face it, Dave is building it, but ain't nobody gonna come in droves on August 30th or anytime thereafter just because he says his god's gonna do this or that. Dave's god is about as real as Santa. On the other hand, I would think that out of 1,700 there would be few eyes rolling, who, come September or October, are just not going to be able to continue showing up on Saturdays anymore, or sending in their checks. So I don't see how this stunt isn't going to take a little edge off his income. Maybe just 1%.