Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Should the Philadelphia Church of God Change Its Name to the Secondhand Church of God?

Have you ever noticed that when it comes to the Philadelphia Church of God that it has never done anything original?  There is nothing unique about the PCG, except for the fact it's leader was arrested for public drunkenness.

It was formed by a used and rejected minister of the Worldwide Church of God.

It has reused corporate and print names unique to Armstrongism. It could not come up with something original or one-of-a-kind as its corporate identity.

Even Flurry's Malachi's Message, that he claims he wrote, was plagiarized from a Jules Dervaes writing. Malachi's Message

It's compound in Edmond is a mini-me campus trying to replicate the Pasadena campus.

It's mini-me auditorium has the same colors that HWA used.

The auditorium has used candelabras that HWA picked out.

The auditorium has used gold letters scraped from the onyx wall in Pasadena.

It has WCG's old used, worn out, poorly research and theological inaccurate booklets and books of which PCG has edited to fit Six Pack's mentality while claiming they are HWA's exact words.

The auditorium has a used Steinway piano that HWA picked out.

The Edmond compound has a dirty, moss covered rock that HWA supposedly used (which he did not) but Flurry likes to lie that he did.

Even it's fountain in front of his auditorium is used.  They had to cart if from Big Sandy to Edmond.

Even when HWA had it installed on the Big Sandy Ambassador campus it was not one of a kind. There is one in England that was in existence before Herb had his copy made.

Facebook: Swans in Flight

City of Newcastle: Swans in Flight

New Castle Civic Center

Swans in Flight


Anonymous said...

You people here make me sick! Mr. Flurry is the ONLY evangelist that is truly doing a worldwide work. Now that we have bought Bricket Wood you can expect amazing things from the PCG.

If I were some of you I would be shaking in my shoes right now with the knowledge that God will strike you down before the end.

The Arresting Officer said...

Hmm. Looks like someone is disobeying "Mr." Flurry's edict not to visit and read sites like this.

Such a dilemma, risking the Lake of Fire in order to blast those who disagree with the one who you revere, yet disobey.

Byker Bob said...

A.O. ~ That may not have been a Flurryite at all. Sometimes, drive by manure stirrers post comments like the above just to bait us and to see what kinds of comments we will make.

As to the original topic, we certainly know that Flurry is gushingly and sickeningly sentimental about all things Herbal, but acquiring all of these mementos in no way validates his ministry, or his doctrinal approach. It just means he's got some of HWA's stuff. Probably pink flamingoes would be more appropriate to the PCG campus. No! Scratch that! When you consider the ways in which the church members are treated, vultures would be the most appropriate choice of bird.


Anonymous said...

Amazing! Like so many Steinway pianos, there is more than one "Swans in Flight."

Can't wait to hear Gerry comment on the symbolism of it all.

Anonymous said...

(chuckle) Why does it always come down to threats with these guys? RSk

Anonymous said...

"Now that we have bought Bricket Wood..."

Did the McFlurry Herbburgalar ACTUALLY buy the Bricket Wood property yet?

And, did they buy the whole village of Bricket Wood, UK, as the first comment implies?
If so, what's next in the diabolical mind of the Herbburgalar??? Rhineland? Austria? Sudetenland? Czechoslovakia? Poland? Denmark? Netherlands? Belgium? France?

Joe Moeller said...

My response to first anon post above...


Joe Moeller
Cody, WY

Anonymous said...

Flurry is wasting money.

(Gerald Flurry, to show your reverence of HWA, it need not cost so much. Take a money saving tip from the other wcg offshoots!)

Other HWA-worshipping splinter groups like United, Living, etc, simply prominently hang a large image of their guru HWA at their headquarters.

Anonymous said...

Great write up. It clearly shows that God is not using Gerald in any way. Flurry has (seen/had) no vision at all from God- all he can do is copy Mr. Armstrong's ideas. Every time he gets to the fork in the road with where to take his church he finds he has to go back to what Mr. Armstrong taught/did seeing as he has no guidance from God. I wonder what Mr. Armstrong would have to say about all this. Flurry thinks he and Armstrong would be great buddies; I on the other hand would like to think that Mr. Armstrong would take him to court.