Friday, September 13, 2013

David C. Pack: My 'god' Will Soon Use Frightening Miracle To Shock You Losers!

Dave says that his god will soon use "frightening miracles to shock and prepare" the COG members to come over to his church cult.  This is still Dave's threat that three COG leaders will soon be murdered by his god.  As soon as his god does that, his god will END his relationship with the rest of the COG losers who do not come to Dave's superfantabulous church cult.

God initially works with the remnant through His Spirit, but next goes on to actually speak ALOUD to them. Powerful, frightening miracles shock and prepare God’s people to hear His VOICE. (Read Haggai 1:11 slowly, thinking also of Zechariah 11:8.) Other announcements have explained some of this. (Questions arise: Like I Kings 19, will God’s message to them include the identical words of verses 4-11? What other things might God instruct? Who will hear Him? Who won’t? We must wait and see.) The important point is that God’s people obey His VOICE and return to work in His House. This explains the biggest single way that God will reunify His people scattered around the world no matter where they are throughout hundreds of organizations (or at home) and speaking different languages. Recalling earlier announcements, the reader can also better understand why God will end His relationship with those who do not follow Christ’s voice (reread Zechariah 11:10-11) that Haggai says will direct them back to HIS House and HIS Work!


Byker Bob said...

I pray that the miracle will be that God shuts David C. Pack up! Just like John the Baptist's Daddy. That will really increase my faith!


Douglas Becker said...

Yes, God could strike Davey Pack dead.

That should shock those losers in the RCG.

Britain W. Stevenson said...

I remember Oral Roberts talking craziness like this before he disappeared and his even nuttier son Richard took over and was hearing voices from God,(LOLLL),and had conversations with him on air.