Friday, September 13, 2013

David C. Pack's 'god' Spoke To Him and Said He Was Special and that October 4 Would Be His Last Announcement

David C Pack's god came to him in another nightmare over a year ago and tole him he and his cult had been "reserved as an end time remnant."  Where have we heard THAT before?????????  That is all any of us who were apart of or are still involved in Armstrongism have heard.  We were special and called out. We were a small flock preserved by God in the end times for a special purpose.  HWA's god spoke that same thing to him just as Dave's god has spoke the same thing to him.

The difference now is that Dave's god said that Dave and his group are soooooooooooooooo special that they are "hidden" in hte midst of the other COG's.  ROTFLMAO!

Remanent of GRACE??????????????????  GRACE???????????????  Um, I don't think so!  You don't even know who Jesus is so how can you know about grace?  Of course Dave is not talking about REAL grace so he has to "ritualized" it away.

The first element involves an Old Testament account in I Kings 19. More than a year ago I learned that God had “reserved” (the word He chose) an end-time “remnant” (again, His word) of His people who were as hidden to those in His Church as the faithful 7,000 in Israel were to Elijah in I Kings 19:18. It was in Romans 11:3-5 that the apostle Paul referenced this New Testament “remnant according to grace”—meaning they were of spiritual Israel, the Church. It was just as obvious through simple study that the remnant of two chapters earlier in Romans 9:27-29 could only be describing those of physical Israel—the surviving descendants of the 12 tribes of Israel that were coming out of captivity. I covered details about God’s remnant in a series of seven sermons late last summer.

Dave now has Set October 4 as his final announcement.  Who wants to place bets that Davey will be back soon after that "spiritualizing" away his latest epic failure?
In early November, I began to learn how God would bring the spiritual remnant back to His Church. This announcement adds more that those who are serious about the prophecy must know. Two vital points will be covered this time, and four more in what will likely be the final announcement, now scheduled for October 4. Realize that what follows is little more than the bare bones of what can be known about verses cited and the Hebrew words that God chose to convey His meaning.


Byker Bob said...

The question which anyone who is entertaining thoughts of following him should be, "What is he misunderstanding this time?" He has already proven himself to be a horribly dyslexic interpreter of "God's" prophecies. Gone. Bye Bye. He has no credibility as a prophet, a minister, and because he doesn't repent and apologize, no credibility as a Christian. This is so embarrassing to watch!


Douglas Becker said...

Is October 4 when he's going to die?