Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Restored Church of God Members Deceived Into Thinking David C. Pack Never Set Any Dates

For many weeks, David C. Pack set about presenting his ultimate prophecy about the great coming reunification of all the Churches of God under his own superfantabulous tent.  That prophecy also included his specific promise that three COG leaders would die by a specific date.  Pack admitted he knew specifically who these three were as did The Sixteen.

When Dave's prophesied event failed to happen, Dave was stunned. How could his god lie to him?  What had he done wrong to irritate his god so much that he failed to keep Dave's utterances?  After a few days of wearing sack cloth and ashes, Dave immediately scrubbed certain dates and promises from his original posts.  Now when any RCG members goes to those letters they can state that Dave NEVER made such promises because it is plainly not there.

We all know for a fact that Dave never got on his knees and repented of his ludicrous prophecies.  Dave is incapable of sin and has admitted over and over that he searches himself for sin and can't find any.  Since his god also did not speak to him, Dave had to edit his prophecies in order to justify his god in not making the great reunification happening.

Dave will never admit he was wrong. He will never admit that he blatantly lied to his members and to the public.  The Sixteen, those loyal ministers who had their "eyes washed" will continue to stand by his side lying for Dave.  Dale Schurter, Larry McElroy and Wadsworth RCG pastor Gregory Kaidannek will continue to defend the false prophet that their "holy" bible tells them to reject.  These men along with David C. Pack are men without honor.
 Bob Theil has a excerpt letter up on his blog from an RCG member who denies that Dave Pack ever set any dates. 

09/09/13 p.m. Apparently, many of those in RCG are in denial about what has been happening. Got the following as part of an email today:
A friend of mine, is now attending with him and says that he didnt say that it would occur on that day. That people are misunderstanding him. I read it and he said it. Now, Dave-Pack had removed it and is saying something different. My friend says to me show me the proof.

This all reminds me of the COG members who to this day also deny that HWA and other COG minsters ever set any dates in 1971, 1972 and 1975.   Members are so blindly loyal that they cannot perceive their leaders to be capable of error.  That attitude comes from having pounded into them the concept that all COG leaders are directly under Jesus Christ in government and God cannot make a mistake.

What these members fail to realize is that their leaders are not loyal to them and could care less if they defend them.  Loyalty is a one way street in Armstrongism. It is from the members upward.  It is not from the top down, as true servant leadership should be.  COG leaders like Dave Pack and Gerald Flurry will continue to lie to the members and be disloyal to them till the day they die.


DennisCDiehl said...

On Friday, June 7, 2013 Dave Pack said:

In two weeks—after one more important set up announcement—I will announce the year and very day that this reunification will happen."

Dave's 21 screed went from "Why Reunification THIS YEAR!"

to "Why Reunification SOON!"

He has chopped out 9 of his proof points from 24 to 15. I have copies of the old and new.



Anonymous said...

One thing I learned from a member of Pack's sect, is that the negative and obvious all goes under the rug, no matter what, there are excuses for what Pack says and does. These followers are intrigued by Packs lies and as the bible says "they love it so". They seem to be on a high, like a drug, awaiting the next thing. Forget what the bible says and remove the Son out of the picture. Lets keep the flock busy (being under satan's yoke) and they have no time to think logically.

"Paul sinned and God used him", etc. They are not allowed to talk to ucg members because they do not have the same spirit and they have a false gospel because they preach the Savior. This what they are being taught.

If I remember correctly, Pack stated that at Elul, Christ would actively begin to shepherd his remnant. So, he admits Christ is not leading them and since the prophecy did not come about, He still is not leading them. The devil is wicked and a fool who lets its true colors be seen for those that have eyes and ears.

In the end, these will pay a price. It is going to hurt

Douglas Becker said...

Over the years, I have heard this same sort of thing over and over from mentally ill patients in the insane asylum: They are so sure and they are so offended when you don't go along with their delusions... particularly when they have been off their meds.

Byker Bob said...

Would knowing that the leader of your "Linus blanket" has lied to you be enough to separate you from the blanket?

No, if it really is a Linus blanket, you are going to hold on to it for dear life.

There is a little homeless lady who frequents our local library. She surrounds herself with stuffed animals. Sets them up on the desk around her, and strokes them occasionally while she uses the computers. Apparently, she has been through circumstances in life which make her distrust people, and these animals provide her with a sense of security. Actually, it's kind of cute, but at the same time, I wish she could receive healing from whatever caused this eccentricity. Even sublimating the obsession would probably improve her viability. There is probably a lesson somewhere in such an exaggerated example.