Friday, August 22, 2014

Is This The Reason Rod Meredith Said Demons Were Attacking LCG HQ?

I have received the following two notes about the ongoing issues in the Living Church of God HQ's in Charlotte.  If these are true then its no wonder Rod Meredith is talking about demons and problems at headquarters.  Everything that is mentioned below are the exact same things that happened in Pasadena and were covered up there some of the same men!
Looks like the living church of rod is at it again. I heard that one of rod's sons was sexually harassing women at their headquarters over in Charlotte. I also heard that an living university student there in Charlotte got a private body massage by a fifty year old unmarried man who also is in a prominent position with lcg. And I heard that (redacted female name) had a hot and heavy affair with her former boss over there at their headquarters in Charlotte too, wonder if that is what tb2 is referring to in the above comment. What the beep is up with those people? These people are preaching to us and the rest of the world and they are more screwed up than most people are and their leaders are the most screwed up of all it seems. Rod can't even teach his own kids much less run a church

That is not all one of LCG's Ministers just ran off with a much younger woman and they are covering that up too. There is a known pedophile that is high up in the church (told to me by Meredith himself). And they have just disfellowshipped 25 people at the HQ church for going against Bob Leagues authority. But they are going to have record growth because Satan is very angry with them. But League will put them out as fast as they can get them in the church. He has destroyed every church he has been over and now he is destroying the HQ church. These people never learn.


Anonymous said...

Situation normal...AFU!

They say power corrupts and it does because it creates opportunity for people to do the things they're tempted to do and the ability to get away with it—some of the time...

That's why there will always be more corruption, more adultery, financial "irregularities," etc. as affluence and clout rise. And it's no different in LCG as it was in WCG, as it is in Washington D.C., London, Paris, Rome, Moscow...

The fact that LCG happens to be a church changes this dynamic not one iota. Just because LCG imagines themselves to be immune from such corruption has zero effect on the amount of corruption there will be. Lying about how much corruption there is may temporarily create the appearance that there is less, but in fact, those lies are just additional corruption.

HWA used to talk about character a fair amount. However, he was a man of terrible character, and a hypocrite pretending it wasn't so every time he discussed it. And so it has always been in the "ministry" also: they were usually the ones with the worst character and the most anti-social tendencies in the organization, and they found themselves rewarded by the church for it! It remains true today. If there is any such thing as the "holy spirit" dwelling in and "converting" people, then the church leaders are the ones who don't have it, and are remain "unconverted" and therefore destined for the "lake of fire" when all is said and done. I don't know why the members sit around and let these "unconverted" and corrupt types presume to teach them for an hour or two every Saturday. It should be the other way around! If anyone should be teaching and anyone should be learning, it should be the members teaching and the ministers learning how to be civilized and decent human beings, for the first time in their miserable lives.

To conscript a Hunter S. Thompson quote, the halls of power of all organizations, churches or otherwise, will always be "a cruel and shallow money trench, a long plastic hallway where thieves and pimps run free, and good men die like dogs. There's also a negative side."

Byker Bob said...

This news sounds about typical for an ACOG.

The private massage does sound suspicious, but let's give them the benefit of a doubt at least on that count, If a professional masseuse were involved, it might have been completely innocent. Now, if they got the words mixed up, and if what had in fact happened was a massage of someone's privates..........


Redfox712 said...

"There is a known pedophile that is high up in the church (told to me by Meredith himself)."

To any LCG member,

Be very careful with these ministers. Or anyone else in power in fact.

Alas, such assertions are nothing to be surprised about. One must be careful and react to this unfortunate fact accordingly.

Just because they are ministers and are expert in talking religiously do not assume that they are safe.

Also this applies to many other people in many other situations.

Connie Schmidt said...

Dennis missed his calling. He would be a leading minister at LCG with his massage skills!

Connie Schmidt said...

If they threw in a pedicure, nails and polish, along with the massage, then I definitely would attend with Living. ;-)

Lake of Fire Church of God said...

The 80 year history of the Radio/Worldwide Church of God and its many splinters is littered with sex scandals and sex abuse starting with the patriarch Herbert W. Armstrong and his incestuous relationship with Dorothy while God was allegedly calling him to head the most important work on the planet - preaching the true Gospel of the Kingdom into ALL the world for the first time.

Following his Father, son Garner Ted Armstrong was dubbed "America's playboy preacher" by Penthouse Magazine. Garner Ted is said to have bedded 200 women - many of them young coeds attending God's Ambassador College. Later, Garner Ted would be ousted from his own splinter church, Church of God, International for his sexual harassment in a recorded video with a masseuse.

It all goes downhill from there with many other sex scandals in God's one and only true church. Apparently, being called out as God's very elect to fulfill the Great Commission of Matthew 24:14 makes the men extra horny. So, sex scandals in the splinter groups shouldn't surprise anyone. There is an 80 year history of it.

Lake of Fire Church of God

Anonymous said...

"There is a known pedophile that is high up in the church (told to me by Meredith himself)."

This sounds like false gossip. Why would Meredith incriminate himself like that, either to a current or former member? It's a fact that no convicted pedophile is high up in LCG. So, if true, this means it is not that Meredith is forgiving a repentant pedophile. It means he is covering up a pedophile who has not been brought to justice. That would make Meredith a co-conspirator, and open to criminal prosecution, even jail time.

So, anonymous poster, Have the courage to name names, and reveal places. Give the authorities something they can use to bring Meredith and the pedophile to justice. Otherwise, your words are as untrustworthy as Meredith's.

Anonymous said...

"There is a known pedophile that is high up in the church (told to me by Meredith himself)."

Really? Wow, the shock! More rumor and gossip (told to me by Santa Claus himself).

First, his person "in the know" did not say this high up was a minister. Second, LCG HQ is so afraid of their shadows that if there were such a person in their ranks, they would figure out a way to remove the pedophile due to legal concerns/lawsuits/etc., UNLESS they were a big-time donor, then they'll keep you around.

Perhaps it's time to start running names through websites to perform background checks like the probably do to their members. How fun to dig around in others closets.

Naw, who cares!

James said...

Anon @ August 22, 2014 at 4:44 PM

Well said.

Connie Schmidt said...

cClergy in North Carolina, and nearly every other state are REQUIRED to report child abuse, or sexual abuse and are not exempt because they are clergy, or because of penitent-clergy confidentiality or privileged conversation.

Possible criminal and civil sanctions are available against those who fail to report abuse to the authorities.

old EXPCG hag said...

I think that sign should read:


>>D E A D<<