Thursday, March 23, 2017

Chief Overseer Irritated At Connie's Comments

One would think that God's most important prophet ever (after Dave Pack, of course) would not be so thin skinned.  But no, the doubly blessed and self appointed false prophet and false teacher did not take too kindly to Connie's comments about his latest radio program.  All of you readers here are just soooooo bad!

Got an invitation Friday to be on the radio this past Monday. This was on The Andy Caldwell Show on 1440 am KUHL, Santa Maria, California. I wrote a post for COGwriter to announce it on Sunday, but it ended up posting on Saturday. This resulted in some anti-Church of God snide comments against me and the station on the internet. It was claimed:
Radio KUHL is a small 5000 watt AM radio station out of thinly populated Santa Maria. The signal only reaches some 20 miles and has no Arbitron Rating, because the market share , even in the San Luis Obispo area is so negligible.
Likely fewer than 50 people will hear the broadcast. In fact, he is getting more attention here at this website than he will get while being on air.
The anti-COG writers overstate their own importance and seem willing to post as ‘facts’ items that are inaccurate.


Connie Schmidt said...

Bob, lets settle this the old fashion way! I challenge you to your choice of the following

1) A pass, punt and kick football competition

2) An arm wrestling match

3) A boxing match

4) Any endurance race of your choice or length

And Im willing to say that you will go home having been beaten BY A GIRL! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Thiel,a lot of us here are NOT anti Church of God.
We are against arrogant self serving non appointed or anointed ministers who abuse and mistreat church members and TEACH doctrines that are patently incorrect and misleading.
Many of us here keep Sabbath,Passover etc etc etc and have had decades in the cog.
And some of us have left fellowship with the cogs because we can see the falsehood and downright evil that is practiced within these groups.And the psychological issues that stem from the abuse.
It does not mean we are anti Cog or do not have fellowship with God.
The very fact that you read this blog and respond as you did is evidence to many that dark hates light or the truth.
You teach falsehood and it is up to this webpage & others to expose the madness.
These web sites stand as a witness against you and falsehood.

The Painful Truth said...

Run Bob! She'll kick your ass!

Anonymous said...

How Christian is it to plaster people who disagree with you with all sorts of unflattering labels, including accusations of not being converted or not having Gods holy spirit. This was the norm with WCG and is still practised by its slivers. It's slandering and abusing people.

Byker Bob said...

Why does he say "anti-COG writers" as if that's a bad thing? It's our Christian duty before almighty God to warn the world about Armstrongism and fake prophets.


Hoss said...

Like a short bio of Kate Smith said, when you're starting out, take whatever mike you can get hold of. It's unfortunate that a response to broadcast figure can't be calculated, as it was in the golden age of snail mail. Perhaps Bob could add a first-time contact questionnaire to his websites.

If I told my mother I was going to be on KUHL and she said to me the same thing as Connie, and I got upset, she would say she's being realistic. An old friend in the same circumstance would say he was "just stating a fact".

The World Radio and TV Handbook added that the antenna was non-directional in daylight operation, and directional at night when the power was dropped to 1 KW. There are 36 5 KW stations on that frequency, the closest to KUHL being KVON in Napa.

Years ago I had a regular spot on a 300 watt community FM radio station. When we had phone-in giveaways, and, say, 2 callers, I'd say that all our listeners had phoned in but we still had giveaways left, you didn't have to be a listener to get one.

Mary said...

Shame on Bob Thiel for picking on a little girl like Connie. Just shameful that a grown man should bully Connie .
Bob, it is my wish that the sewers of Rangoon back up into your breakfast!
Take that you cad, you brute!

Connie Schmidt said...

Thiel writes "The anti-COG writers overstate their own importance and seem willing to post as ‘facts’ items that are inaccurate.

While it is true that there is no Arbitron Rating, KUHL is a major ‘talk’ radio station in the area and its market is ranked 169 in the USA. Furthermore, the show’s producer (Charlie Kears) told me KUHL’s signal reaches all of San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara counties–which have a total of about 700,000 people. He also said the stations reaches much of Ventura County and as far north as Salinas in Monterrey County. The Andy Caldwell Show is itself fairly popular. The producer said thousands listen to each program."

Stations outside of their local market , say Santa Maria do not get much listenership. Still, lets grant Thiel the population number of 700,000. Arbitron reports that at any given time, on average, about 10% of people are listening to the radio.

Thus, 70,000 people are listening to the radio in Thiels market.

BUT - not all of them are listening to KUHL. The San Luis Obispo market is rated by Arbitron. Any station that has as little at 1 tenth of 1 percent of the total listenership is shown. KUHL has NO Arbitron rating whatsoever, which means it is not being listened to by more than 99.9% of the total radio listening audience at any given moment.

However, lets leave some room for doubt. If we give KUHL a 0.1 rating (which they DO NOT ACHIEVE) , this would translate into 70 listeners. I stand by my original estimate of 50 or less listeners. (THE MATH-- 700k Population x 10 Percent listeners of radio x 0.1% or less Arbitron share = 70)

Radio producers and Radio sales reps ALWAYS exaggerate and overstate their numbers in order to sell radio ads, the lifeblood of the station.

Here are the Arbitron Rating Sites for San Luis Obispo, Santa Maria, and Santa Barbara (KUHL has no rating , thus less than 0.1 % listening share of radio audience) ...

I expect Thiel to issue me a public apology for calling me a liar, as indeed I DID STATE THE FACTS, and he is more than welcome to produce any verified PUBLICE AND VERIFIED statistics or facts that may contradict the statistical reality of his radio program.

BE A MAN THIEL, and BE ACCOUNTABLE TO THIS FAIR AND PUBLIC RETORT TO YOUR INSULT OF ME! Incidentally, Thiel, I am a Sabbath and Holy Day Keeper who loves God, but who will hold into account false witnesses like you, who promote false degrees, credentials, proclamations and influence.

Connie Schmidt said...

Radio Coverage Map for KUHL

Main market area is in Red

Numbers in the secondary violet region are diminished and are usually limited to car radios.

The Blue area is fringe, and is considered to be static filled and only available on very good radios.

There would be virtually ZERO listeners in the Santa Barbara and Ventura market, lowering my previously posted pathetic numbers even lower for Thiel.

Hoss said...

Nice additions Connie, and I see the signal gets to "all the ships at sea" as Walter Winchell would say. So preaching the Gospel "to every creature" will include fish...

Now if Bob could get on KNX, that would be something; about the only US mainland AM station that can be picked up in Australia.

Retired Prof said...

Mary said...
"Shame on Bob Thiel for picking on a little girl like Connie. Just shameful that a grown man should bully Connie."

Mary, even before reading Connie's retort, I thought, nope, poor Bob is not so much shameful to bully Connie as he is foolhardy. She's a formidable woman, but still it's good that you call her a little girl in this context, just to emphasize Bob's humiliation.

eddby said...

Go ahead bob, make her day.

Anonymous said...

"Shame on Bob Thiel for picking on a little girl like Connie. Just shameful that a grown man should bully Connie."

Why is it that women keep telling us they are the strong ones and men and boys are stupid and weak and then some of them want to run and hide behind their gender at the first sign of trouble or some self-supposed hero comes along to defend the poor damsel from the bully? All women should have to get off the fence and stop playing the double minded hypocritical game feminists play and other women take advantage of. They should declare publicly whether they are man-hating feminists or submissive and then be consistent and act that way. No more having it both ways and sticking it to the men no matter what.

SHAME on those who let women have it both ways.