Thursday, June 1, 2017

Dave Pack: RCG members to be telepathically told when they have escaped

Dave claims that Restored Church of God members around the world, and a few converted Church of God members who jump on board, will receive an instantaneous message from his 'god' that will let everyone know at the exact same moment that they have escaped.  His 'god' has to do this because Dave claims he does not use a cell phone or a computer, and therefore will not be able to tell everyone at the same time they have escaped.  Because many RCG members don't own computers or cell phones, and those who do don't check email regularly, they will not know when they have escaped.

Now just think about that.  If you had escaped some serious tribulation that was going on, don't you think you would know it and not need a secret message from Dave's god?  The more Dave speaks the more it is obvious the man has some serious brain malfunctions.

Here’s the question—how do we…you…I…know that everyone receives the same instruction on the same day, in the same way? How do we know that? How do we absolutely know that everybody escapes together? And the answer is, it happens at the 1,335—not the 1,336 or the 1,334, -3, -2 or -1, depending upon when you get the email, you see, or the voice message on your phone, if that’s what we think, because the Bible says “Blessed is he that waits [which means “happy” is he that waits], and comes to the [1,335]” (Dan. 12:12).
Everybody comes to the same date, you know, at the same time! You know, no matter where you are…what time zone. Presumably, you could be asleep or awake…depends on where you are in the world when it happens. But everybody is waiting for that date—not some other date. Get that in your head. We escape together, which absolutely destroys any idea that you’re going to hear it from me or from Headquarters or from your local minister. That’s out! It’s impossible. It’s logistically impossible—not improbable or difficult—it’s impossible, and that’s why we’re given Zechariah 3Zechariah 3 is not a one-off about Joshua and certain people in front of him. Think of it more as the cookie-cutter that is not only coming to you, but has to, because there’s no other way.
Think of it this way, it’s not a rolling happening that could take days, or a rolling period of waiting where some wait a little longer than others. It’s the event of a single day when we escape, and when you understand that, it just brings right up in your face…you’re confronted directly with…there is no way the Church, from Headquarters, even in this technologically amazing age, could guarantee that we could reach everybody and tell them “Congratulations! You escaped.” A lot of people don’t even have phones. Some don’t have emails, and what if they didn’t check it? How do you absolutely know that it’s certain, that it’s not fraudulent? And the answer is, you’re going to have to hear it directly from the only Being that can bring about your escape, and that’s why Zechariah 3 is there.
Now something else is kind of fascinating…And I hope that I made that clear. There is no way…Let’s imagine that at one minute after midnight…Before I go on, I’ll give you one more example…one minute after midnight, my time, or whatever is the best time for all, for all peoples of the world in their time zones to hear…I’ve now got 23 hours and 59 minutes, because it only comes to me, or it comes to all of those at Headquarters, which is kind of what we thought back in the Worldwide days…sort of that it would come from Headquarters. Now that’s not what the Bible says, but we were left to speculate.
We have 23 hours and 59 minutes—if God so generously apportioned us that time—to reach out as fast as we could to as many as we could. And you know and I know, there are people that don’t check their email; that don’t pick up, don’t check their voicemail. I don’t. I don’t use a cellphone or a computer. I would need to be told directly, okay? Maybe some others theorize they wouldn’t. But I would just like you to consider, you know, your minister…we might not even reach your minister and there went a whole congregation—“Well, we’ll pick you up in three-and-a-half-years. Sorry, you know, your minister didn’t get the email” or the phone call or whatever.


True Bread said...

and then Super Dave will lead them all to the mother ship hiding behind the Hale-Bop comet....they just have to put on new Nikes and a purple cloth to be eligible....terrifying.

Anonymous said...

“Dave claims he does not use a cell phone or a computer, and therefore will not be able to tell everyone at the same time they have escaped.”

Shame on Dave for telling such fibs. He has always used computers to check people's donation records. He is not happy with those who try to escape from the complete financial destruction that the RCG has in store for them.

Byker Bob said...

I have to confess to being somewhat confused by this seeming shift. Is Dave actually admitting that he is not the gatekeeper to the place of alleged safety, that God is in fact in control of who goes, and who does not go? Is he admitting that RCG is not the exclusive club that he has led everyone to believe it was in the past, and that other ACOG members (or possibly even other Christians) will hear the call and will be let in? Why how magnanimous of him that he would verbally yield control to God.

He doesn't use a cell phone or computer? How can one even be functional or relevant without these things in this day and age? President Obama made sure that even people on welfare have them!

It's difficult to know what is going on here. For so long, Dave has been the master of counter-statements, seemingly manufactured purely for their shock value. These latest statements would appear to break the cohesiveness of his past package of utterances. I seem to recall past statements about the internet "cesspool". Without a computer, what would he know about the internet? Although, on the other hand, if he's not online, it would certainly explain his continued ignorance in key areas. Could he have given up the 'net as a result of his recent exposure by Aron Ra?

Dave appears to be receding ever more deeply into a spiral. His verbosity, his need to make continued pronouncements on everything and anything is leading him into making less and less sense to thinking persons. This is very similar to the pattern we have witnessed with numerous other of Herbert Armstrong's disciples.


Anonymous said...

This is David Pack
Hi all. I am posting here to affirm that I don't use a cell phone or computer.

Anonymous said...

Actually, BB, subsidized telephone service for the poor dates back to the Wilson administration. Subsidized cell phones were added in 2008, during the GW Bush administration. So the so-called "Obama Phone" would more accurately be called a "Bush Phone" or even a "Wilson Phone".

The Obama Phone?

The origins of the ‘Obama phone’

Byker Bob said...

Regardless as to origins or a more accurate name for subsidized phones, if Dave Pack doesn't have a cell phone or internet services, he's simply not a functional or relevant human being in the new millennium.


Anonymous said...

Great news, RCG members discontinue you cell and internet service. Pack doesn't use it, so you don't need it either. Then you can send in the extra money to him. What a great fundraiser!

Lake of Fire Church of God said...

If Dave Packatolla doesn't have a computer, how come he is internet marketing to me? I thought he was the one so proud of his website?

Like everything else, he may not own anything personally, but RCG has computers. If RCG has computers, then Dave Packatolla has computers. If RCG has a cell phone, then Dave Packatolla has a cellphone.


Glenn said...

Dave seems to have traveled many miles farther down the road to Crazytown in the past couple of years. Hope he doesn't get a lot of people killed when he finally cracks up completely.