Thursday, June 28, 2012

Apostle Malm: I Do NOT Set Dates! Well, Maybe Just A Little

Apostle Malm claims he has NOT set dates for any prophecy to be fulfilled.  He does a Clintonesque dance around his many specific dates he has set over the years. "I did NOT sleep with that woman!" "I did NOT set dates!"

Today he writes:

Since 2008 I have calculated the 1,335 days back from the moment the day of Pentecost begins and have said that IF IF IF this was to be the year then the abomination would be set up around that date.  I NEVER said that anything would happen on that date, I only said that IF that would be the year, then that was the date that the abomination MIGHT POSSBLY be set up.

I have done this annually:  To try and get people to understand the count and to cover all POSSIBILITIES.
Of course a certain cogwriter each year posted that I had set another wrong date, and when I wrote to explain my postings and asked him for a correction or retraction I was ignored.

In fact there IS a prophecy which reveals the year of the setting up of God’s kingdom!  I had published that also in 2008 at the main site, but it appears that Bob has not done his homework before condemning me each year.

The 2,300 day Prophecy reveals that the Kingdom will be set up in 2016 and counting back the 1335 day means that the abomination will be set up around Sep 16 in 2012.

Of course both the Sep 16 and the 2016 dates are dependent on the veracity of the facts and the accuracy of the counts.  This is why I have NOT even set a date for 2012!

Note, he does not set dates, even though he set a date and then unset it again.  His acolytes actually swallow this drivel!

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Anonymous said...

Malm seems to crave the theo-egotrip without the personal responsibility for being theo-fulloshit.