Friday, July 6, 2012

Dave Pack Strikes GOLD! Oh, Sorry! Make that ROCKS!

A most miraculous event happened in Wadsworth this past week. Dave Pack, the second biggest prophetic failure in the Church of God, made a mind boggling announcement on how God has richly blessed the Restored Church of God.

Dave breathlessly writes to his several hundred followers:

Finally, a massive 12-foot-deep hole for the foundation of the Administration Building footprint is near completion, leading to the next major step-pouring concrete and footers for the foundation of the building. (An interesting sidepoint is that while preparing the foundation last week, we accidentally tapped into and dug up very large sandstone rocks that can later be used for landscaping and other needs. We literally stumbled on 500 to 1,000 tons-one to two million pounds!-of rock.) Brethren, please pray that God blesses us in all elements of the construction.

A house built upon sandstone weathers and blows away over time.  Is this a prophetic indication of the soon coming  collapse of the Restored Church of God?

Dave's member letter:  RCG Member/Co Worker Letter


Anonymous said...

The irony that it was millions of pounds of SAND stone found under the foundation should not be lost on us.

Dee Vonion

Anonymous said...

He has published thousands of pounds of b.s. in all of "his" books.

Assistant Deacon said...

It's all so utterly disgusting, it's hard to know where to begin.

Citing HWA's guilt-trip letter of 1976 doesn't help Dave's cause -- although it defines it. The "I was NOT setting dates" line that HWA used over and over again was dishonest in the extreme. Why else would people have made great sacrifices prior to 1972? To publish a book about 1975 in Prophecy, and then claim to have not set dates, is disingenous at best. The man simply wouldn't admit to mistakes, and that one was a doozey. Members made life-changing decisions based on the 1975 scenario. But HWA wasn't ashamed then; why should sycophants like Dave Pack be any different?

HWA said God held back plagues so that he could meet with kings, presidents, prime ministers and emperors? OK, done. It's 40 years later, Dave. This helps your cause how, exactly?

And there was reason to believe that the college could double in size within another couple of years? How about CLOSING? Not just one campus, but two?

Ooh, but some brethren and co-workers were letting "Christ" (never Jesus) down, and had quit really sacrificing (read: sending in money they couldn't afford to send).

It was, and is, sheer nonsense. It is a shame that there are people still trembling in fear at the ramblings and rantings of such self-appointed, delusional tyrants.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to make an offer to UCG. For $50,000 I will give you excellent sermons where every week you will walk away saying either "I always wondered about that," or"man, that guy says what I'm only thinking."

I have my own desk that my dad made in High School and I don't wear suits.

I drive a Yaris already that gets 40 mpg and I don't need a Beemer even though they are made right here in town about five miles from me..

We would have a lot of fun. No drama and we can just agree to disagree and have a good laugh along the way.

I'll never beg you to "send it in," and promise never to build and auditorium, House for God, college or huge administration building for just me.

Think it over
M.T. Coffers

Byker Bob said...

Darn! And I was hoping they'd discover a toxic waste site!