Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Rats Are Jumping Off Ron Weinland's Felonious Ship

Ever since Church of God Preaching the Kingdom pastor Ron Weinland was convicted in court a month or so ago he has had members leaving his sinking ship.  With members leaving, money goes out the door too.

Today, Dave Pack is gloating once again that he has scored more jumpers from Church of God Preaching the Kingdom.  These are men who care more about continuing to receive a paycheck than actually being men of integrity and speaking out against Ron and the rest of the fraudulent COG leaders who continue to fleece the flock.

A second former PKG leader—also in New Zealand—has become a member of The Restored Church of God. A number of former PKG members from that country have come with Restored, and we have heard from others in PKG, both in New Zealand and around the world, who are looking into RCG.

Obviously these men are not as important as they thought they were because Dave has not released their names.  Or, maybe they are being sent immediately to Dave's reeducation camp so that they don't make complete asses of themselves like Schurter, Gray, Zhorne and Wachuku did.


Anonymous said...

It's sad to me how obvious it that some personalities in religion are attracted to the one man show who tells them how it all is. When they experience they didn't, in fact, really know how it all is, are attracted to yet another identical replay.

Either these men truly have a fear of self awareness and self discovery leaving it all up to someone else, or they truly are looking for the paycheck at all costs.

Anonymous said...

Or I suppose the third reason may be simply that the only criteria to seek is one who teaches Holydays, tithing, soon coming Kingdom, World tomorrow ideas and ideals and it simply does not matter who is in charge. You put up with the teacher for what you think he correctly teaches and that he speaks for God.

still sad.

Douglas Becker said...

A very few from the United States seem to have left: Maybe the Australians are smarter.

Or maybe they have a more objective view from such a distance.

Logically, though, neither premise is supportable though, since those particular rats simply crawled over to a different sinking ship.

Rats? Rats?!

These are human beings we're talking about! For shame! How insulting!

Rats are far more intelligent than that!

Anonymous said...

Weinland is exclaiming, "RATS!", while Davie is exclaiming, "OH, GOODY! More rats!"

PS: Who wears short shorts?
Davie wears short shorts!

Byker Bob said...

Well, this is indeed interesting! As I recall, several weeks ago, Dave had established a hierarchy of relative desirability in terms of the specific ACOG groups from whom he hopet to attract members.
Didn't he account Weinland's people as being kookaboos? I know he clearly stated that he wasn't interested in the people from PCG (the group most like his own) because they were so messed up that they'd be like a bunch of loose cannons (or some such nonsense) rolling around in his organization.

I think he'll probably take whomever he can get, so long as they are able to tithe and don't ask to many challenging questions.


Douglas Becker said...

A relationship made in heave... hell.