Thursday, September 13, 2012

Totally Demolished

 from south side of Mayfair
 taken from the curved flower beds on the east side of the library
the picture above is of the front entrance to the library where the checkout desk was and the card files.


Byker Bob said...

There is a cable network TV program currently being shown on ION TV. It is called Leverage, and they machine gun the episodes at you, so it's easy to get through the whole series on a couple of Sunday nights.

One episode (I think it's the one having to do with diamonds) is set on the AC campus. The characters were seen partying around the egret statue in front of the student center, and in and around the auditorium, and, I believe, Ambassador Hall.

Check it out! I always thought the campus would make an excellent movie set, and this kind of validates that.


Douglas Becker said...

AC was the background for a number of TV shows, such as "The Millionaire".

Now it's rubbish, just like the religion itself.

Allen C. Dexter said...

Not only has the original physical plant gone the way of all physical things, but the spurious religious edifice has been experiencing the wrecking ball for decades now.

I wait with baited breath to hear the thud of the next round of splintering. Can't happen fast enough. There have to be some other narcissists out there champing at the bit to set up their own little feifdom and proclaim themselves an apostle or prophet.