Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Geoff Neilson: Armstrongism's Other Failed Prophet

Armstrongism has the clear distinction of creating thousands of men and women who thought they had some prophetic insight to world events over the last 70 some years.  Every single one of them have been proven to be liars.  Yet they continue to blabber on with useless baloney as if their god cared.  Every single one of them fails to recognize the scripture that even if ONE of their prophecies failed, they are false prophets and are not to be followed.

Below is a small sampling of a huge prophetic timeline by Geoff Neilson, another in a long line of "deceivers of the brethren."  Neilsons prophecies are all based on his belief that Herbert Armstrong was God's greatest prophet. Even though there are well over 200 documented failed prophecies of Herbert Armstrong, these people still look to him as some inspired guru.

  • Exactly four 19-year Moon Cycles between the 7 Jan 1934 official start of the World Tomorrow broadcast, and this date.

1290 Day count in this scenario: or Abomination of Desolation occurs.
HWA Day 30484,
Endtime Day 33717
23 Feb 2010

1260 Day count: Tribulation theoretically starts
HWA Day 30514,
Endtime Day 33747
25 Mar 2010
10 Nisan 5770
Traditional day the Passover lamb was selected for slaughter.

8-9 Sep 2010
Endtime Day 33914-5
Feast of Trumpets
(starts the evening at the end of the 8th)
End of 3 Sun Cycles from HWA Day 1
(which started Trumpets 9 Sep 1926).  
Sep 9 starts the 4th Sun Cycle since Trumpets 1926.

29 Sep 2011
Endtime Day 34300
Exactly 70x70 weeks (inclusive to the day) from the Balfour Declaration to this Feast of Trumpets. 
       First day of the 22nd prophetic year since the start of the Gulf War on Day 23507.
Possible start of the Day of the LORD
HWA Day 31421
Endtime Day 34654
17 Sep 2012: Trumpets
(40 Hebrew Calendar years after Trumpets 1972).

1335 Days end (theoretically)
HWA Day 31774
Day 35007
Feast of Trumpets
5 Sep 2013
1 Tishri 5774
Possible time of the blowing of the 7th Trumpet,
heralding the arrival of the Messiah.

  • 5 days short of one 28-year Sun Cycle since HWA launched Mystery of The Ages, and 11 days less than a Sun Cycle after his last public sermon, on Trumpets 1985.
  • Exactly two 19-year Moon time cycles after Trumpets 1975, when the LORD delayed his coming.
  • 40 prophetic years (less 33 days) after Ambassador Auditorium was dedicated in 1974.
  • 40 Roman years (less 31 days) since the 1973 Day of Atonement War nearly defeated the State of Israel
  • 5001 weeks (inclusive) from the Balfour Declaration of 1917.  


Assistant Deacon said...

"HWA Day..."


Byker Bob said...

You have to wonder what these people think the purpose of this line of thinking might be.

A reader should be suspicious primarily because of the "insider" nature of this in that it appears to be referenced to Herbert W. Armstrong rather than to Jesus Christ or one of the twelve apostles, or even the OT prophets.

Secondly, a person might raise the issue that reference to sun and moon cycles bear not a little similarity to ancient pagan systems of celestial worship.

The most important sudden death factor all of these would be prophets must face is that Jesus stated that even He did not know the Fathers' timeline. That would seem to indicate that it's something that doesn't kick in based on cycles or math, it is a summary judgment by Father Yahweh based on how bad the behavior of mankind becomes. As Biblical examples, I would cite such events as destruction of the tower of Babel, Noah's flood, the captivity of Israel and Judah, etc., all of which were triggered by the seemingly incorrigible behavior of mankind.


Douglas Becker said...

The only question I have is whether he can be proven to be a danger to himself or others.

Corky said...

Jesus didn't know the day or hour but he knew that it would be in "this generation" and said so. He was wrong...

Allen C. Dexter said...

So, Corky, let's carry it to the unltimate conclusion, if this really was a statement made by Jesus and not some concoction from much later, he was also a false prophet. I rest my case.

Byker Bob said...

Nah, it was the sacking of Jerusalem and the destruction of the temple that Jesus said would happen in "this" generation.

Of course, interpreters have rolled Revelation into this, saying that all the events of the end times were fulfilled in 70 AD, but this is simply wishful thinking, as so many prophesied events didn't happen. That being true, some say that whole apocalyptic work is bogus.

Biblical historians tell us that both Peter and Paul were dead prior to 70 AD, killed under Nero.

I don't believe it's ethical, Christian, or loving for cult leaders to use endtime prophecies to scare and manipulate people into becoming their tithe slaves, but arguments that these events have already been fulfilled or will never happen are not terribly convincing. Christian evangelists should teach about them, but not use them to put a gun to their charges' heads. According to the Jewish way of reckoning, we probably have about 200 years left until the magic year 6,000.


Painful Truth said...

The cheap bastard uses a free website service at that. God must not be blessing him because of some "secret" sin.

Maybe because he is promoting a false prophet????

Anonymous said...

I think someone has too much time on his hands.... ;)

Corky said...

Nah, it was the sacking of Jerusalem and the destruction of the temple that Jesus said would happen in "this" generation.

Plus the sun darkening and the moon not giving its light and powers of heaven shaken, stars falling, angels gathering the elect and the son of man coming...

Mat 24:34 Verily I say unto you, This generation shall not pass, till ALL these things be fulfilled.

Byker Bob said...

Fortunately, Corky, those of us who are Christian can do a topical study on the Olivet prophecy, incorporating all of the details in their proper sequence in each of the synoptic Gospels. We're not susceptible to this error you attempt to trap weak folks, and those who haven't read their Bibles in the past ten years with.
You always leave the tender twig out. It's a gigantic clue as to what was for the disciples' day and what is for the end.

Folks, always be suspicious when an atheist quotes scripture. It is generally an amateur attempt to deprogram others, thus acheiving some sort of nebulous self-validation for one's lack of belief.

Nice try.


Corky said...

So, you have two ends of the world, huh, Bob? One in 70 AD and the other whenever the fig tree sprouts new twigs in the spring. Or, that is, when Israel asserts itself anew, like in 66 AD. Then know that summer (the end) is nigh. Trouble is, you want it for today and ignore that Jesus said that all things written would be fulfilled in that generation.