Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween With The Painful Truth

Halloween greetings to my stalkers

The various COG's are going full board today in spitting out Halloween demons and Satanism.  No one I know who keeps Halloween dresses like Satan or demons, or goes around doing evil.  The only people I see who are influenced by the powers of demons and Satan are the splinter leaders.  That's all they seem to talk about.  They give Satan way more power than he has.  Why are they afraid of him?  If they really were the strong confident Christians they claim to be then they would have no need to fear Satan or some demons.  Apparently they are not. They appear to be so insecure in their beliefs that they need to fear him, or at least have some bogeyman to blame.

The Painful Truth is running some Halloween tidbits today.  You can get your scary masks, graveyard/death stories and more here:


Sarah said...

Everyone knows that little girls in princess costumes are trying to do Satan's bidding! Duh!

Questeruk said...

It’s not just the COG’s that have things against Halloween.

The local police force here in the UK reported that last year there were more crimes on Halloween than on any other individual day in 2011.

They are doing a crackdown on the whole event for this year, cautionary videos on u-tube, and load down leaflets available, for people to print out, to display in their windows, saying they do not want to be involved.

All this in secular UK.

Anonymous said...

"Greater is he that is in you than he that is in the world except on Halloween...."

"Resist the Devil and he will flee from you if you give him Twix..."

"Satan walks about as a roaring lion, seeing whom he can devour, but can be placated easily with candy corn..."



Anonymous said...


About Halloween, you said your local police force is "doing a crackdown on the whole event for this year"

Maybe "crackdown" means something different in the UK than it does in the USA?

Do you simply mean that the local police are offering advice to help make the holiday safe, fun, and enjoyable for everyone?


Questeruk said...

Hi Norm,

By ‘crackdown’ I mean they are ‘acting forcefully to regulate or restrain’; in the same way I might say ‘The police cracked down on speeding’.

They had more patrols out, and were taking more action against unsociable behaviour on this particular day.

As I said previously, there had been more crime committed on this one day that any other individual day last year.

I don’t mean to imply they were turning into the ‘religious police’.

However they were providing posters people could download, to display in their windows, so they could make it clear they did not want to be disturbed by people participating in Halloween events, and the police made it clear that they would be targeting people who cause criminal damage and anti-social behaviour.

This is a link to the police web site on the subject

Anonymous said...


When you wrote(about Halloween), that "The local police force here in the UK ... are doing a crackdown on the whole event for this year", something seemed off about what you wrote.

After all, on Halloween it's legal to trick-or-treat, have costume parties, etc.

It seemed akin to you writing that "The local police force here in the UK is doing a crackdown on people driving automobiles this year", as if it were a crime.

Granted, in order to make driving more enjoyable and safe for all, a crackdown on unlicensed driving, driving stolen cars, reckless driving, auto theft, and drunk driving would be a good thing!

But there's no harm done when people enjoy driving within the confines of what is legal and prudent, just as there's no harm done when people enjoy Halloween within the confines of what is legal and prudent.

Excellent that the police make the point that trick-or-treaters should not use explosives, just like it's also excellent that the police make the point that drivers should not drive while intoxicated.

You may be, or may not be right about Halloween being the worst day of the year about crime. The police departments in the UK I contacted did not confirm that being the case, but told me that there's a spike in crime "near Halloween", especially since during Bonfire Night many people are not home, and robbers know they can break windows to gain unlawful entry during the fireworks going off, without being noticed.