Tuesday, October 9, 2012

UCG's Bill Bradford: HWA Was RIGHT!!!!!!!!

For some stupid reason I hold out hope that UCG is a little more enlightened than the other COG's.  Every time I think they are moving away from HWA idolatry along comes a fool that destroys that hope.  UCG is just as intellectually bankrupt as the rest of them.  Why do people sit there and listen to this stuff?

A reader here posted this as a comment on Dennis last post:

Would you believe in a LGD sermon on prophecy this past Monday UCG pastor Bill Bradford asserted that, "Herbert W. Armstrong was right! Maybe his timing was a little off, but he's completely correct! Everything he said that would come to pass is happening now!" 

I for one was left gobsmacked that he would utter such baloney! HWA wasn’t correct about anything! He was wrong about tithing, wrong about a Monday Pentecost, wrong about church government, wrong about divorce and remarriage, wrong about masturbation, wrong about the true church, wrong about the British royal family being descended from King David, wrong about Hitler being the Beast and Pius XII being the False Prophet, wrong about WWII being Armageddon, wrong about America and Britain being destroyed in a nuclear holocaust by 1975 and enslaved by a German-led European alliance, wrong about Christ returning by 1975, wrong about water baptism and laying on of hands, wrong about conventional doctors and medication, wrong about makeup, wrong about a place of safety and Petra, wrong about famine, disease epidemics and other natural disasters destroying America, wrong about God commissioning him through a dream to Loma to warn the world of Christ’s return by 1975, wrong about him being the Elijah to come or one of the two witnesses, wrong about so many things that it beggars belief that anyone with any shred of decency or integrity would say such nonsense! And pray do tell what exactly was so accurate about his prophecies that gave him greater insight and divine approval above other Christian groups like the Jehovah’s witnesses claiming Christ would return by 1975 or Bible fundamentalists claiming that the 10-nation EEC in Europe during the 1980s was the Beast of Revelation or the BIWF claiming that the US and UK are going to be punished in a future WWIII?

His record was dismal, he lacked prescience about a lot of contemporary issues of the day and there’s no way he had God’s seal of approval!

I think St. Malachy has a better track record in predicting the popes than Armstrong had in predicting anything! Besides when the Bible prophecies are in the process of being fulfilled it won’t be known by a secret few, but by the whole world!


Assistant Deacon said...

"Maybe his timing was a little off..."

Ya' think?

Douglas Becker said...

And the one thing he REALLY missed was that the United States and Britain won their last wars -- and that was disproven in Herbert's life time (not to mention the prediction he made in 1943 about the United States losing to Germany in World War II and being taken off the air by the United States Government).

But then, these yahoos can say anything and anyone with the facts will be ignored.

Steve Kisack said...

Oh, and don't forget that Herbie also said that man would never get to the moon, and "Watch Tito"!

Painful Truth said...

Normally I would say this was mental gymnastics. This time I say its legalistic masturbation.

Anonymous said...

Steve Kisack said...
Oh, and don't forget that Herbie also said that man would never get to the moon, and "Watch Tito"!

I would have thought Tito Jackson was a bit on the raunchy side by Young Ambassador/HWA standards. But if Herbie said to watch him, then let's go ahead:

Tito Jackson performs

Byker Bob said...

About the only thing I recall HWA being right about is that it's good for us to drink a lot of water. It probably wouldn't have been as bad that he had such lousy opinions if he hadn't tried to enforce them as gospel on all of us. But, cruel enforcement is what many of the teachers identified as being cult leaders all seem to have in common. I don't know what gospel they read, because they certainly didn't get this practice from Jesus!


Anonymous said...

Lol, when I saw the picture on this post yesterday, I thought the second jar was labeled, "MOSQUITOES" and the box was labeled, "MENSTRUATION"!