Saturday, November 24, 2012

Satan Caused Death of Elvis To Distract Attention Away From HWA's Resurrection

Geoff Neilson, the HWA worshiper and false prophet from South Africa shows once again on why Armstrongism is not based in reality.  The COG's wonder why the world looks at them all as kooky.  Is it any wonder when people like Geoff, Pack, Weinland, Flurry, and others say some of the most incredibly stupid things!

Neilson thinks that Herbert W. and Garner Ted will both be resurrected again to be the end time two witnesses.

This will be Herbert Armstrong's second resurrection.  Remember when he supposedly died in Tuscon and was miraculously brought back to life because the church needed to be put "back on track?"  That resurrection had been intended to be a magnificent sign to the world to show God's hand at work in the Worldwide Church of God.  However, Satan had other plans. He was apparently so pissed at the resurrection of HWA that he caused Elvis to die at the same time.  That was the news story of the day, Herbert was not.  Apparently Satan had more power than God, or God was too busy else where to keep HWA in the forefront of the news.

God has already resuscitated Mr Armstrong from death once before.  The medically very experienced Dr Roy McCarthy, who knew him well, testified that there was no clinical record of any other 85-year-old man experiencing heart failure, and recovering to the extent Mr Armstrong did.  It was a miracle.  And one that it seems Satan tried to cover up:

That event was overshadowed by another unprecedented event on the same day:  the enormous media coverage on August 16, 1977, reporting the death of the music idol Elvis Presley. 

The subsequent rumors that Elvis (the King) hadnt died, or had been brought back to life, were an eerily similar imitation of Mr Armstrongs genuinely Royal lineage, of his resuscitation then, and perhaps again in the future.

Was this Elvis mania, Satans attempt to hide the more important event of the dayMr Armstrongs restored lifebecause the Devil was afraid the Two Witnesses were about to rise?
At the time Dr Herman L. Hoeh, the chief historian in the Philadelphia Era, linked Mr Armstrongs recovery from heart failure to the prophecy in Revelation 10:11, predicting Mr Armstrong would preach again to many nations and kings.  Which he did.


Douglas Becker said...

Actually, Herbert Armstrong, just as Elvis, is an extraterrestrial alien from a distant galaxy.

Unfortunately, the aliens from whence Elvis came are benign beings who enjoy bringing Rock Music to billions across many galaxies.

Herbert Armstrong, on the other hand, comes from a race of beings intent on taking over the earth and enslaving it with Draconian Laws and practices, thinly disguised as "Biblical".

They were all prepared to send their space ships to earth disguised as angels on horses -- led by a faux Jesus Christ -- when the leadership of the alien planet decided that Herbert Armstrong (a.k.a. Zorg) had not done enough "prep work" on earthians and recalled him, staging his death as a cover.

As you can imagine, they were extremely displeased with the agent they left behind and really did kill off Joseph Tkatch, Senior.

It should be noted that they recalled their minister of Propaganda, L. Ron Hubbard in the same week, so that they can disguise pursuits of takeover. The world wide economic meltdown of 2008 was an example of their more successful experiments.

Meanwhile, their introduction of Herbert Armstrong had unintended benefits. Some of those on whom they had Herbert Armstrong perform mind control experiments were made into Armstrong Zombies and went out to establish their own churches. Roderick Meredith was one of the more successful of them.

Of course, mind control is never perfect, especially on a lower species such as Terrestrials. The spin off of their experiments have been rather chaotic to say the least.

Moreover, there are competing E.T. Groups which are tending to subvert the Armstrongist Initiative. People like Fred Phelps are creating havoc as a vanguard for one of the other very nasty species targeting us for slavery.

The news is mixed: So far the "bad" alien races have caused a great deal of disruption, but the "good" alien races continue to bring us art and music, as well as some mighty impressive athletic teams. You didn't think they were natural natives, did you?

The fear is that though the "bad" aliens failed with Herbert Armstrong, they could come back. Fortunately, they have had a lot of internal political turmoil in their home galaxy to distract them.

For those weak minded who might be subject to their remote control broadcasts (Geoff Neilson being among them), it is recommended that they should wear tinfoil hats to block the signals.

Alternatively, they can seek professional mental medical help, which has been found to be as, if not more, effective in blocking out the evil alien influences.

Assistant Deacon said...

Cracks me up how these clowns think of God and Satan as a couple of puppeteers out there trying to outperform each other over little old us.

And, of course, in their view Satan somehow trumps God every time, just so everybody remains deceived.

The "good news," indeed.

Head Usher said...

But Deacon, ALL christians see the world in this way. Christianity, Judaism, Mormonism, and Islam are basically stories of how a supernatural race of omniscient beings spend all their time tripping over themselves and each other to try to get our attention. Unfortunately for them, they can't do it the easy, obvious way, they have to do it in undetectable ways. To a nonbeliever this seems extremely convenient. But believers are not supposed to pose such questions...

Anonymous said...

Actualy Elvis pretty much caused his own death because of how he abused his body. In regards to HWA, people are brought back from near death experiences all the time. Also could Armstrong have been greatly overstating his heart attack. Was it much less life threatening then he lead us to believe?

I wish I could see the medical report on that.

Steve Kisack said...

I think it's amazing how even many who post here believe that Armstrong's cult is or was god's true church. They actually call it a "church of god", and they look at events or "prophecies" as if they have some kind of connection to Armstrong, or the church of the new testament is somehow linked to him, or compare his little groups to it. Good grief! Get over it. He was just another lying, thieving, incestuous con man by whom we were duped. If there is a god looking down here, I'm sure he would say, "Herbert who?".

Douglas Becker said...

How Quickly We Forget

It seems like only yesterday that Herbert Armstrong put articles in the Plain Truth about Hitler still being alive (in the same year the Police Gazette said the same thing) and Roderick Meredith (in 1965) claimed the Pope was going to resurrect Hitler.

Why is anyone surprised at the nutcases spewing forth from the fountain of nonsense? It's been with us from the beginning. Mussolini was supposed to be the Beast. Why should anyone be surprised that there's a nut out there claiming that Herbert Armstrong was raised from the dead? Or that someone was at his grave for 10 years waiting for him to be resurrected to lead the WCG again?

The truth is that anyone who believes British Israelism is a kook who will believe just about anything, including, but not restricted to, the fabricated church history that everyone in Pasadena in the top of the hierarchy knew was a lie from the very beginning.

It's all nuts.

And it survives because people want to believe that they are "special" and "know the secret truth".

The real truth is that's lies, delusions and entertainment.

You can't base your life on that, but the fools keep trying to after decades of absolute failure.

Anonymous said...

Neither Elvis nor HWA are dead!

It is just a grand conspiracy. It is known that both of them were sighted at , and work at , a McDonalds Restaurant in Elko Nevada!

They are currently in hiding for they have knowledge about secret rail cars with shackles in them bought by FEMA, and that 911 was a hoax with the airplanes that crashed into the buildings actually being bomb US military planes.

Anonymous said...

God made HWA better to hide the Death of Elvis from believers. Anyone can see that now.But it didn't work because they found out.


Byker Bob said...

Ludicrous, absolutely ludicrous. Seeing ridiculous distortions like this make me understand why some people believe that there is no such thing as true worship of God.

You don't have to detour into stupid things to have a personal relationship with God. Somehow, many people view the distortions and use them as an excuse not only to dismiss the preposterous (as well they should), but also the real and true. This is unfortunately a common human defense/survival mechanism, and I must confess to having done it myself, thus becoming spiritually homeless for three decades. It's difficult to imagine a more effective derailer!


Byker Bob said...

PS, there were two aspects to Elvis' career that I especially enjoyed. One was his early, groundbreaking work before he went "pop". The other was the incredible praise and gospel music that he did over the years. If anyone isn't moved by Elvis' rendition of some of the classic hymns, they'd have to be a stone.

Elvis had a God-given talent. He was also, by all accounts, very generous in sharing his wealth with others. These days, we have history involving superstars who have successfully completed rehab, and were able to be all that they could be towards the latter parts of their lives. But, sadly, Elvis lived and died prior to society's understanding as to how to handle the types of experiences and lifestyle problems artistic people often encounter.

There is one huge area which differentiates Elvis from HWA. When we look at Elvis, we are conscious of his mistakes, and character flaws. We acknowledge them, and others have learned from them. At least in the ACOGs, you can't say the same about HWA. HWA's flaws are denied, ignored, and even perpetuated as if coming from the perfect model. He is instead deified.