Thursday, March 21, 2013

Imprisoned Church of God Felon Still Says Jesus Is Returning May 19, 2013

Ron Weinland, potentially the first of many convicted Church of God leaders, is still claiming Jesus Christ is going to return on May 18, 2013.

The failed prophet had his second witless witness wife post the following on his March 18th blog posting:

Once God’s Church entered this prophetic day, the year of the Eternal, on Pentecost of 2012, Pentecost of 2013 seemed so far away. Our hearts had been set on the return of Christ to occur on May 27, 2012, but that did not happen. Then God quickly and mercifully revealed that His Son would not return until the following Pentecost of May 19, 2013.

The the king of idiotic prophecy uttered that Jesus Christ was returning on Pentecost last year, he had to back peddle really fast when nothing happened.  The failed prophet then claimed that the church had entered into a prophetic "day" in prophecy and would have one year left till his creature he claims is christ returns.

On Pentecost we learned why Christ had not yet returned, as we had entered a prophetic day in which God’s judgment would be executed. It would not be executed throughout that day, but within that day.

The only judgement that happened in this past year was that the Weinerdude found himself in court several times and then convicted for tax evasion.  The judgement handed down to him was 3 1/2 years in prison.

Like any great Church of God Apostle or Prophet the Weinerdude gives himself an out realizing he may just be full of gas once again.

Time will soon reveal if God will now bring such judgment upon the world within this time period of Passover to Pentecost or if there is more to be learned that has not yet been given for us to see. If we do not yet have a completely clear picture of the timing of these end-time events, then we will humble ourselves before God and seek to learn what we do not know. God’s people can see no more than what God gives to be seen, and God has given us much!

I can guarantee you right now that Jesus will NOT return on May 13th and that Weinerdude will still be in prison.  He will then claim they have another year because things were not ready.  Either the dumb brethren were doubtful or God has a purpose in delaying the return of Weinerdude's christ. We  have heard it all before. Idiot's all.


Anonymous said...

Boy! I wonder how this guy ever kissed his mom with that mouth!

Douglas Becker said...

Let him who thinks he stands take heed lest he fall to the Justice Department.

Douglas Becker said...

It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living IRS Agent.

G.G. said...

I am offended by racial slurs. There are good people of all races (and religions) and bad people of all.

Anonymous said...

Comment was made saying: "... If we do not yet have a completely clear picture of the timing of these end-time events, then we will humble ourselves before God and seek to learn what we do not know..."

Neither Ron or his wife can humble themselves! They've already proven they can't humble themselves.

How do we know that?

If Ron could have humbled himself, he would not be spending time in jail. Duh!

What makes either one of them think they would humble themselves later? Why aren't they humble now?



Douglas Becker said...

There are good people of all races (and religions) and bad people of all.

What about Switzerland.

Oh, right.

They kept PKG's money in their banks safe from the IRS and PKG members.

Douglas Becker said...

And someone posted a link to this video as an explanation of recidivism in the PKG.

It isn't clear how Herbert Armstrong got a hold of the pills in the 1930s though.

Joe Moeller said...

The scary thing is that I believe that Weinland actually truly believes all of this krud and it is not just a carefully planned out deliberate con.

He probably believed that the IRS would never catch up to him because the "Second Coming" would bail him out. Sort of like all the people in the WCG who did not bother with things like deferred dental care or retirement savings because "the end was near".

When I was baptized, at age 17, (and the only member ever to be in the COG of my family ) , I was told that I would not likely ever have children, nor ever get married, and that I would have the benefit of not having to grow old and would live to see the second coming.

Now with gray hairs, and close to being a grandparent, I realize that there is an excellent chance that I too will see carnal death.

The one thing that I was smart about, beyond the hype, was to be a scrupulous saver and a wise investor. I also took very good care of things like my health and teeth. Inside, I knew that it was rampant speculation about when the "end" would be, and that things are cyclical, and you better prepare for a long life no matter what.

The same holds true today. I believe in the Second Coming, but who knows how long it will be? 10 years, 100 years , 1000 years? Take your pick.

I like the old World War I saying alot ..."Praise the Lord , BUT Pass the Ammunition" !

Joe Moeller
Cody, WY

Anonymous said...

Dear Ron,
I'm writing you this because I was turned away at the prison because I was not on the official visit list. I am indeed returning then, but I can't get you out. So...sorry about that. I know you have read tall tales told by Apostles about irons falling off, door bursting open and officials saying stuff like..."these aren't the droids you're looking for, move along..." but I never did that in reality. It was just a story they told that sounded good and it kinda did.

At any rate, sorry about missing you this time around. I will be back in 1000 years letting everyone out of prison for a little season so maybe we can discuss it then?

Warm regards

Leonardo said...

What still never ceases to amaze me is that Ron's followers continue to lap up all this puke as if it's literally being inspired within Weinerdude by God. Astonishing what the human mind can sink to when it decides to walks by blind faith.

Douglas Becker said...

I do not believe in The Second Coming.

The third one, maybe.

Anonymous said...

Amongst all the hundreds of Armstrongist splinter group leaders, if I had to pick one that I thought DIDN'T believe the bullshit he spewed, it would be Ronald Weinland.

Next in line would be some of the conniving lying UCG Elders.

Corky said...

Well, let's see...if Jesus doesn't return we enter a 'prophetic day'...and since there is an endless supply of prophetic days - then it's possible that the predictions of Jesus' return will never fail. The predicted return will never happen but, OTOH, it will never fail - genius!

It's amazing what people will continue to believe and hold onto in the face of all the evidence to the contrary. Sad, really. But, once a person believes that a Hebrew God planted a garden in Mesopotamia with magical fruit trees in it, which is as laughable as Aladdin's magic lamp story, they will pretty much believe anything - that is, if it is magical enough..."open sesame".

Velvet said...

"The scary thing is that I believe that Weinland actually truly believes all of this krud and it is not just a carefully planned out deliberate con."

I thought so too, but his flippant attitude after the first timeline started failing, combined with the accounts of the court proceedings (and firsthand accounts of the trial from one of the jurors) convinced me otherwise. Weinland knows exactly what he's doing, and he doesn't buy a word of what he spews; if he can even remember what he says from second to second.