Monday, July 29, 2013

PCG Uses Free Slave Labor To Clean Up Property

The kids attending Philadelphia Church of God's summer campy got a special treat recently.  Because PCG is soooooooooooooooooooo generous and magnanimous in offer summer camps, they feel that the kids need to "pay back" for being blessed to attend such a mind boggling site.

Where else could a kid kneel at the moss covered rock of Herbert Armstrong that was carted all the way from Oregon!  Where could they marvel at the baccarat crystal that HWA bought from Harrods in London because he anted to impress people .

Being surrounded by all of these awesome HWA idols is so amazing that PCG wants their kids to pay for it. So, why not make them clean up God's headquarters in the hot sticky days of summer.

God’s way of life is a way of give and at pyc, campers get many chances to practice that way. One of the most visible ways the campers can exercise the giving way is through the activity called campus improvement, or “CI” for short.

In CI, campers beautify God’s 170-acre campus by assisting the landscaping department, thus giving back to the Church which makes pyc possible.

This is one aspect counselor Ariel Buckler of 5G focused her dorm on before their class. “I told the campers to look at campus improvement as a way to make God’s campus more beautiful,” she said.
The extra manpower comes at the right time for landscaping department manager Carl Hilliker.
“Since I lose all my regular workers during camp, and have fewer workers available, we tend to fall behind in many areas, especially weeding,” said Mr. Hilliker. “So the dorms help us catch up a little bit

What better opportunity to use kids that have been told they must do everything their church leaders tell them.  Being personal slaves is part of the  package.

The boys are particularly used for a lot of work.  One thing they did was clean up the area behind Stevie Jr's home.  We all know that Stevie is toooooooooooooooooooo important and soooooooooooooo busy that he can't clean his own backyard.  I mean, why would he leave his luxurious air conditioned home to do such a lowly thing!

PCG's brain dead members could not agree more. Here is what some had to say:

What a precious time for these young people. Really, this is a privilege especially at this age and in this troubled world. Great!

... it’s wonderful to see everyone pitching in with the work of taking care of God’s land. Good job, campers!

... Pruning, trimming and purging the dead stuff is required in nature, so new grasses, flowers and trees can take root and grow. Likewise, we need to prune, trim and purge the “dead stuff” spiritually to grow and prosper.


Anonymous said...

It's all about fear and intimidation at PYC Camp. In another recent article, they talk about having faculty home visits, so the campers can become more comfortable around the ministry. That's well after most of the young people were brought up on a diet of fear, and the damage has already been done.

The picture that goes alone with the article, is a staged PR setting for Armstrongism, and a keeper for the record books.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to Camp Indoctrination.

Lake of Fire Church of God said...

This is one aspect counselor Ariel Buckler of 5G focused her dorm on before their class. “I told the campers to look at campus improvement as a way to make God’s campus more beautiful,” she said.

MY COMMENT - I wish I could live to see if Ariel still feels the same way 50 years from now. She sounds like me 40 - 45 years ago growing up in the WCG. Sooner or later, after a few financial and sex scandals, and after a few failed end time prophecies along with the Apostle passing away, reality kicks in and you finally wake up to find out - YOU'VE BEEN DUPED; AND YOU ARE NOTHING BUT A DUMB SHEEP PROVIDING A LIFETIME INCOME STREAM TO THESE CLOWNS.

Ariel will probably grow up to be a fat smelly old hag with a bunch of kids that she can't support.

I'm just saying.....


Douglas Becker said...

Sounds like prison camp.

Maybe Weinland can work there on work release.

Joe Moeller said...

So does Flurry have perfect Dichondra at his campus?

If not... then it is NOT God's Campus!

Joe Moeller
Cody, WY

Anonymous said...

Who writes that drivel? . . . Or, maybe, who arranges the SAME OLD drivel a different way to make being in PCG sound wonderful again.

It's always -- ALWAYS -- We want to provide an "opportunity to learn" . . . and what a wonderful setting to learn in . . . and don't the people involved wax enthusiastic about the experience they are providing . . . Eeesh!

It's not just the same oppressive practices in disguise and the same self-congratulatory idiocy, it's even said with MUCH THE VERY SAME WORDS every time.

Byker Bob said...

I think they pattern their writing style after Steven Flurry's. If you've ever read excerpts from Raised from the Ruins, or any of Steven's articles, you'll see what I mean.

People at AC, and sometimes in the field acted in the valence of people they looked to for strength, like HWA, GTA, their supervisor or manager, local minister, charismatic professor, etc. This is yet another Shibboleth of Armstrongism, and now we know that it has passed to the next generation there in PCG.


Britain W. Stevenson said...

My son was "accepted" as they call it in PYC, to attend his first camp in 2011 when he was thirteen. It seems a lot of things the PCG does seems good, but the problem is, the ministers don't practice love for their fellow man. They are on too much of an ego trip they can't think straight. Camp was a good learning experience IF some of the psychopath ministers would stay away. For instance, Calvin Culpepper, a minister was playing ball with my son's dorm and one of the balls he hit to my son knocked him in the head. He had big headaches after this and got sick and had to sit out a few days in sick bay. Calvin Culpepper never called me to tell me this nor Wayne Turgeon, camp director, (Gerald Flurry's son-in-law). As a matter a fact, because we were not allowed to get in touch with our kids but at certain times, I didn't get the whole impact of what could have happened to the inside of my son's head until he came home three weeks later. We're out of the PCG now. We survived, thank God!