Friday, July 5, 2013

Ron Weinland: You Members Are Too Stupid To Prove Anything Or Discover Truth On Your Own

Last week Weinerdude admits that his god did not inspire him to write anything to the members of his cult.  Today he is back with a letter to the sheeple that believe they need to follow Weinerdude's 57 "truths" in order to gain salvation.  In order to do that though, they are not to "prove" the 57 truths are correct but are to accept them as fact and to put them into practices as if they already are.  The membership are not to waste their time studying, proving, examining, or questioning the "truths."  Since Weinerdude's god reveled these "truths" they are deemed "true" already.  Because government is from the top down, "knowledge" comes from the top and you are not to question it.

Within the Body of Christ, truth is not revealed to individual members through personal study, insight, and/or intellect, no matter how much one might try to prove something true or false through their own ability. Such an idea, concept, or teaching is totally contrary to the truth of God, the working of His ministry, and the structure God has created within His Church – government.

What Paul was saying was that people are to prove – to establish the validity of God’s truths and ways – by putting them to work through living and exercising them in their life and thereby approving them as the only true way of life to live. When he says to “prove all things,” he is only speaking of “all” things that are given from God and not of living and trying all things that are possible in human life.

When a person seeks to "prove" something is true or false they become agents of Satan:

The twist that some have placed on the word “prove” is indeed sly, deceptive, insidious, and totally false. It is highly dangerous spiritually because of what such a concept actually teaches. It teaches that individuals have the ability within them to discern, judge, examine, and decide for themselves what is true and what is false. If that were true, we would not need God’s spirit to lead us into all truth. No one has such ability apart from God to discern or know such things. Such must be revealed spiritually to us by God. That is how God works in us to give us His truths. The idea that individuals have the ability within themselves to discern or learn what is true, apart from God revealing it, is the same lie Satan foisted upon the first two human beings. Satan seeks to sneak that false concept into the lives of all with whom God calls and works with. That is how he led a third of the angelic realm to follow him.
It is simply a lie to believe that anyone can come to the knowledge of the truth – of what is right or wrong – by human reasoning, intellect, study, or by any other human means. Nor can one “go back” and re-prove truth through their own intellect, reasoning, or study. They cannot re-prove what they never proved as true anyway. It was given directly from God and only received as a matter of faith.
All truth comes through Weinerdude or maybe Mrs. Weinerdude, on a good day.

That is the way God reveals all truth to us. It begins to be revealed to us from the beginning of our calling, and then God’s spirit continues to reveal more and more to us in order for us to continue building on what has been given before. So how does God reveal His truth and true ways of life to people? Is it done by personal revelation that is “directly” from God and straight to an individual? No, not unless one is a prophet or apostle. That is simply how God has structured His Church and how it is to function. It is how God works.
When a person starts to study, do research, or examine Weinerdude's utterances, they are essentially turning themselves over to Satan.  Once hey are in Satan's grasp their lives become more comfortable and peaceful.  Only the true believers live lives of turmoil and upheaval. Those that have left Weinerdude's cult are not living lives of comfort now that they have repudiated Weinerdude.

When someone begins to believe the lie that they can reason and study to know God’s truth then they quickly begin to lose what God freely gave them, since it is God who not only gives His truth to us, but it is God who sustains it in us through His spirit dwelling in us. Truly, the bottom line is a matter of knowing where God’s true Church is, and only God can reveal that single spiritual body to someone. That Church is the only means that God has given that enables spiritual growth through sermons, other recorded truth, and written material God and Christ inspire to be given to His people through His ministry. Without that direct source that God works through His Church and His ministry, one will begin to starve spiritually from lack of food that comes only in this manner.

Indeed, how quickly individuals can lose what God freely gave them once they choose to believe any lie and separate themselves from God’s Church. Individuals can and have gone quickly back to believing that the rock (Petra, Selah) is about a physical place of safety (protection) in Jordan, instead of God being our Rock of safety. Individuals have returned to believing that there are two eternally existing Gods, as they actually return to embrace a strong portion of the Catholic doctrine of the Trinity. And on and on it goes. Such is Satan’s pleasure. He and the demonic world cease to attack them, but instead make their life more comfortable in this physical world to which they have returned. Such individuals are no longer engaged in a spiritual battle to hold fast to what God had given them.

It is for such reasons that we should study the truths God has given us so that we can remain sharpened and strong in God’s word. This is simply a part of holding fast to what God has given already and not letting it slip away, but remembering it and thereby being more readily able to build upon it as God continues to freely give us more. We should seek to remember and hold fast to what we are given. That does indeed mean we are to “go back” and be reminded and strengthened in what God has given us. That is the correct context we should use if ever speaking of “going back,” but never in the context of proving things to ourselves apart from what God has given – 57 Truths!


Corky said...

That's pretty much the same thing that the writer of 2 Pet. 1:20 says. Hey, it takes the holy man to correctly interpret scripture written by holy men. Makes a wholly Catholic kind of way.

Head Usher said...

So, he's just totally invalidated the usefulness of bible study for the average member.

Basically, this is Ron Weinland attempting to set up himself and his wife, if not his his whole family, as priests. Another Old Testament argument that you can't go to god directly, you have to go to Ron. It's a ploy to make himself "necessary" instead of "optional."

I feel sorry for anyone who still takes this crap seriously from any of these blowhards.

James said...

"Within the Body of Christ, truth is not revealed to individual members through personal study, insight, and/or intellect, no matter how much one might try to prove something true or false through their own ability."

He is giving the reason why the members should stay.
Ron plays the role of the high priest and you need him to access and understand Gods will, which is entirely bullshit!

When a man like Ron comes in between you and God know that he is not the interceding authority. That would be Jesus Christ. For his claim to be true he would have to be Jesus. He's not. Ron is a heretic and you don't need any of these people to claim your own salvation.

Anonymous said...

Well, I know some things Ron does not, so I'm a bigger and better apostle than dung-head.

Byker Bob said...

Remember, folks, on judgment day, Ron Weinland is not going to be standing next to you as your attorney before Father God the judge! Based on that, I wouldn't be too quick to insert him anywhere else in the relationship, either.


Corky said...

Yep, kangaroo court. No defense attorney and no jury...oughta be hilarious. You know, what with the guilty verdict already in before the trial.

Byker Bob said...

Know what the scariest words are in the wacky world of the ACOGs? "Hi, I'm an Apostle! And, I'm here to help you!"


Anonymous said...

it shows how dangerous the "government" teaching in the Church is....

The Church is NOT God's government on earth, there is NOT one man that is the head of the Church on earth, and we are NOT dependent on men, we can go directly to our Father now, because of the sacrifice of His Son, our Saviour, Jesus Christ.

If people would only study their bibles....(maybe that's why some of these "leaders" discourage personal bible study)...

my advice is to stay away from any group that discourges personal study.