Saturday, August 3, 2013

Dave Pack: Since I am "god's" Special Dude all the Gold, Silver and Money are MINE!!!!!!!!!

Dave still is stinging from the refusal of tens of thousands of COG members who do not send him their tithes and offerings.  Since everything belongs to his god, and he is his god's most important man, it therefore is a fact that all tithes and offerings belong to Dave - at least in his delusional mind.

(5) Notice the instruction to “this people”—many of whom soon form the remnant—in Haggai 1:8 to “bring wood” from their “mountain(s)” to “build God’s House.” Wood is used for offerings all through the Old Testament. Beginning Christians learn that mountains is a symbol for governments or nations—in this case, governments of the splinters. It is pretty obvious the kind of assets that become available to God’s Work. Related to this, God says in Haggai 2:8 that “the silver is Mine and the gold is Mine.” Ponder this a little in the context of a chapter covering the subjects you have seen. Why would God include such a blunt statement, and seemingly so out of context? It appears God is saying these things were always His, not anyone else’s. The massive thievery by false leaders is now over. In effect, God is saying what was Mine is now Mine again, as it always should have been. If you disagree with the meaning of #5 here, why?