Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Japan Tsunami - How Fast Life Can Change in 20 Minutes

I continue to be fascinated and mesmerized by footage of the tsunami that hit Japan two years ago.
 It shows how quick ordinary life can change in a matter of minutes.

Oh, but I fail to remember this is punishment dished out by Bob Theil's god because the Japanese people are not TRUE Christans and members of the Continuing Ed Church of God.  
Some day I will learn that.


Anonymous said...

It wasn't last year. It was March 11, 2011. But then some of us are old enough that January 16, 1986 also seems like last year.

NO2HWA said...

Ha, you are right. So much goes on in Armstrongism that it all runs together.

Byker Bob said...

I hope no '32 Datsuns or '40 Toyotas were destroyed!


Anonymous said...

Folks, wouldn't it be a gas if in the Kingdom, we learned that Jesus is a motorsports enthusiast, and that our favorite cars were the conceptions of only Spirit-filled Christians?

One of my favorites was the VW Beetle, and I remember the movie 'The Love Bug'. That car had a soul, it's name was "Herbie", and it was #53.
I loved the Love Bug!
(Interestingly, according to a co-worker letter written by HWA, '53 was when "The work God has given us to do has reached ITS MOST IMPORTANT HOUR!")

In the Kingdom, I'll bet we'll learn that the VW Bug was created by Spirit-filled Christia....oops... sorry...
That car was Hitler's idea.

Byker Bob said...

Glad to see some fellow auto enthusiasts!

Axially, the distinctive front end of the VW beetle was almost directly copied, per Hitler's instructions to Dr. Ferdinand Porsche, from the 1936 Tatra, a Czechoslovakian car. Porsche was entrusted with many of the design and engineering details of the "people's car".

Another interesting, and kind of neat thing I became aware of a couple of years ago when our church read the entire Bible, cover to cover, is that artisans, craftsmen, and musicians are spoken of in the Bible as having been moved by the Spirit of God, or aided by the Spirit of God, in doing their creative work. The primary instances of this had to do with the tent in the time of Moses, and the temple of Solomon's time. So, your humor may actually have factual basis. How cool is that!


Ex PCG said...

Is Thiel actually saying that these people were punished because they aren't true Christians and/or members of his church? I know that he has written and maybe spoke about the fires in cursed California. There is suffering going on all over the world. What amazed me about this video is how calm the people were while watching incredible destruction taking place. True Christians or not....their is a lot to be said for the Japanese culture.

Anonymous said...

Byker Bob,

Yes, and from what I've read, Dr. Ferdinand Porsche took about 4 years to get what was later come to be known as the "Beetle" into production, as per Hitler's instructions to him.

Here is a picture of Adolf Hitler introducing the Volkswagen with Dr. Ferdinand Porsche.
See the picture? Gotta dig that big "gear" surrounding the Swastika!
After WWII, Porsche settled a lawsuit against them due to it's similarity to the 1936 Tatra.

A VW Beetle was actually the second car I owned. I bought it from a member of the Pagans biker club in NJ, and there was an issue related to 12 volt versus 6 volt. I didn't dare complain to the biker dude, due to the Pagan's reputed "badness".
I remember changing the engine to get things right with the car. Even though I was new to wrenching, changing the engine was so darn easy- it was only 4 bolts to remove, set the engine on a rolling jack, lift the back of the car, and roll the engine out.

But "switching gears" here...
"Inspiration" is a fascinating subject.
It's no surprise that any given religion would ascribe the source of it to that which they claim is theirs alone- like the Christian's "Holy Spirit" or Muslims to Allah, Scientologists to their "tech", and on and on it goes.

An interesting thing is that some of the most talented artists are gay.
Here's a few from Elton John, like Funeral for a Friend , Tiny Dancer , Rocket Man ,and Someone Saved My Life Tonight .

Another thing that comes to mind is the art in the Alhambra's Islamic palaces.
Artist M.C.Escher studied the plane tessellations of the art of the Alhambra, and took it further.
(The geometric patterns the Muslims used in that art were limited by their religious belief to draw no images of people or animals.)
Artist M.C.Escher, not limited to Muslim beliefs, took it further and tessellated the plane with images of imaginary and living creatures.
My favorite of M. C. Escher's tessellation artwork is probably the interlocking devils and angels.

Is it possible that limitations placed on people results in greater creativity?
"Living the blues" is needed to create good blues music.