Friday, August 16, 2013

UCG Vic Kubik: Talks About Loose Lips

The UCG is having theri ministerial conference right now. In it's open rekarks Vic Kubik ahd this to say:

After greeting the Council Mr. Kubik commented on the positive bond and lack of tension among the administration and the Council that is such a hallmark of our present circumstance. Such peace and harmony is allowing us much needed time to focus on important items.

Now that the cretins and trouble makers are gone, peace and harmony has arrive.

He outlined the function of the management team that has worked together for the last three years. The team has a seamless relationship that is so beneficial for rebuilding our processes over the past three years. He mentioned that the role of operations manager of Ministerial and Member Services (MMS) has not and will not be filled in the immediate future. Chris Rowland has been a big help administrating MMS along with Roy Holladay overseeing the manpower in the field ministry. Various ones of the management team oversee projects on behalf of the president from international oversight to leadership training to other functions.

We must have a strong priority to keep the peace within the body. We need to continue to monitor conditions and resolve situations that can cause division, and move forward together. Which is more important, our petty grievances or continuing to do God’s work? An old World War II motto in the U.S. shipyards was, “Loose lips sink ships.” Likewise, loose lips that cause division can terribly damage the Church today. We need to seek peace and pursue it.
Hum, what about Vic's loose lips when he was plotting and coniving in the  SOG Dorm 360 along with several others as they sought to rebel against Tkach Sr.?  I guess it was OK to plot and plan while still on WCG payroll so that a smooth transition to another payroll system could be thought out. 

What about kicking out WCG members who did not agree with the changes in the year or two it took to plan his church?  The way they found out about these people was through loose lips.  Then they sat around the Hall of Ad and the Library Annex talking about these people and what to do with them.  The loose lips of the staff at Ministerial services was appalling when they were located on the first floor in the Hall of Ad.  Laughing and mocking  members problems and trials was an ordinary experience.


Anonymous said...

"Likewise, loose lips that cause division can terribly damage the Church today."

That is why the victims of the lying perverts in the UCG have to be shut up and kicked out as quickly as possible, before they can complain about what is going on in the UCG and point out that it is not right.

Byker Bob said...

It always amazes me that people will make other people accountable or responsible not to let something which they intend to remain secret get out. People do talk! In organized crime, this is often kept under control, but the penalties are pretty strict, too.

Basically, if you don't want something leaked, don't tell anyone. Even trusted insiders sometimes slip up.


Anonymous said...

Apparently, Vic only complains about loose lips when they aren't his or those of the cohorts which have remained loyal to him.