Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Van Robison: "Noah's Ark Found On The Moon"

Noah's Ark Found on the Moon

Biblical archaeologists traveled to the moon and discovered Noah's Ark, while scratching around.  WCG splinter group heads are elated over this discovery and have purchased tickets, for a flight to the moon.    It could be that this phenomenal discovery will unite all the WCG splinter groups into one unified group, which will be headed by the resurrected Herbert W. Armstrong, who is highly favored by Yahweh.  That is bad news for the splinter group religious executives, who will have to take a back seat to Herbert.

Well of course this is all a fairytale, just as all WCG splinter groups are man-made fictional groups also.  They have no clue about the "World Tomorrow", have zero understanding about "end times" and have no clue what truth is.  They don't know why you were born, what the past or the future was or is.  They don't understand the bible, even though they proclaim they do, but then no other groups do either.  They do take your $money, your estate and your time, if you are willing to bow down and worship them and follow their nonsense.

They will gladly indoctrinate you and your children at no charge for their glossy booklets and literature, but once hooked they demand your $cash, as if it is a God thing.  Each WCG splinter group head is his own self-appointed Pope of his little tiny religious kingdom.  Among the most shallow-minded human beings on earth, are the followers of these pope-like dictators of WCG splinter groups.  It is simply appalling that there is even so much as one human who submits to this fantasy world of WCG splinter group make-believe.

God/Jesus Christ never appointed HWA to anything and neither has He appointed or ordained any WCG splinter group head.  The world is of  course inundated with self-important, self-appointed religious rulers of  men and every town in the U.S. of A. has them on every street corner, dwelling in man-made temples of worship.  The man-made bible as interpreted by these priests of false religion,  is the forever means of keeping millions of human beings captive to those who deceive others for their own benefit.

Van Robison


Anonymous said...

LOL, this reminds me of a biblical tomb that tends to be "found" every year around Easter season.
IIRC, last year a gullible person posted here to give us a "head's up" on the big impending news!

Corky said...

I found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow...chased it for years and finally found the end of the rainbow. Quite an accomplishment and I was rewarded greatly for it too.

Some people chase the end of the rainbow all their lives and never find the pot of gold when it is right there before their eyes all the whole time. There's a reason for their failure. They are chasing someone else's rainbow and searching for someone else's pot of gold.

That's the way it is for people seeking the truth and wanting some other person to tell them "the truth". And, they will, even if it's a lie. The truth is: there is no "the truth".

There is no end of the rainbow and no pot of gold. The rainbow is your life and the pot of gold is the purpose and happiness you found in it.

If you think that the purpose of your life is an 'after life' as a reward after your death - then you will have neither a rainbow nor a pot of gold.

Head Usher said...

My interpretation is, the "rainbow's end" is the perfect analogy of life in Armstrongism. The end of the "rainbow" is "what god expects of a 'troo christian' so that said god will reward said 'troo christian' with said 'eternal life'" and the "pot of gold" is the "eternal life." Armstrongism is "magically delicious"!

Good luck if you can figure out what the deity wants. When you're over here it appears to be over there, when you're over there it appears to be over here. It would be easy if said deity came to you and me like he did with Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Joshua, Samuel, Saul, David, etc., where he just, I don't know, tells you exactly what he wants you to do! That takes all the guesswork out of it. Does this deity not know how much easier that would be? Instead, he treats us all like Job--fucked up shit is going to happen, and I want you to guess what's wrong--and then I'm tell you how you guessed wrong. As though there was a point to such guessing games? It was only a matter of time until I was bound to figure out that "what god expects of ye Olde Testament christian" is a wild goose chase, not unlike chasing a rainbow expecting to find a "pot of gold."

I think Job must have been written late, when Jewish leaders were realizing that some were figuring out that the whole thing was a wild goose chase invented to con people out of their hard-earned shekels by using stories of a deity who was "real" and actually did stuff, like telling people what he wanted up front, and then giving them cash & prizes like victory in battle, pirate booty, real estate, and other cool stuff. Job seems designed to counteract the obviously mythological flavor of those stories in which the deity actually interacted with people (no, really) with another story of some other guys who tried super hard to be good, but since the deity didn't tell them jack squat, but instead lets them guess at everything, and sooner if you're lucky, but more likely at the Last Judgment (when it's too late to learn anything from this new information) he'll tell you to "gird up your loins" because guess what, you fucked up and guessed wrong. As for the "eternal life," part, it's just as real as the rainbow's actual "end." Since from the air every rainbow is a full circle, the deity knew he was messing with your mind right from the start. Haha, suckers! Rainbows don't have any "ends"!

COGers are afraid of being persecuted by people who are after their "lucky charms," lucky charms such as British Israelism. Armstrongism is indeed magical with it's frosting and various lucky charm-shaped marshmallows. Sure, it's part of this complete breakfast of life, though, that "complete breakfast" was invented by lying advertisers (HWA), since all the nutritional content comes from the stuff you bring to the cereal, like juice, milk, toast, etc. (tithes, offerings, volunteer labor, etc.). General Mills (Armstrongism) just sells you the "entertainment" content, which humans obviously "need" in order to sit down and "eat breakfast" (live their lives). Whatever. "Delicious" is a matter of opinion I suppose, but the "magically" part is certain. It's a perfect analogy.