Thursday, September 5, 2013

E. W. King Forbids Alcohol and Vegetarianism Because He Is Now A Kind of Zadok the Priest or Something.....

Eric King had a nightmare the other night.  In that nightmare his god came to him to reveal new hidden knowledge. Kind of in the same vein as the  nightmare that Loma Armstrong had decades ago that led HWA to turn religion into a business.

In King's nightmare, it was revealed to him that as the "porter" of the new and improved Worldwide Church of God he is also a type of Zadok the priest.  As the Zadok "porter" of the WCG he has to set the example and swear off alcohol.

What is with these idiots calling themselves "Mr." all the time?

This Revelation was received on July 5th of 2013 and is now given to ALL COGSR members and students. Please do not take this instruction lightly but with prayer and fasting.

As many of you know we here at the true Worldwide Church of God do not believe that it is a sin to drink alcohol in moderation. We are against the use of tobacco and the eating of unclean foods. As of July 5th 2013 I myself have stopped all use of alcohol. Why? During this 7th Church Era God is revealing “seventh church time revelation”. God is calling us to become a Holy Nation. Jesus Christ is the King of the Zadok [Melchizedek]. We read of the Zadok; “No priest shall drink wine when he enters the inner court.” [Ezekiel 44:21] Those “gate keepers” of the “outer gate” will not feel called to obey this commandment. But the “porter” of the inner gate [the Zadok] will not drink alcohol.
We read that in Acts 10:9-28 the apostle Peter received a dream while he was very hungry. In the dream God presented a “great sheet” coming down from heaven which had unclean animals walking on it. God commanded Peter to “kill and eat”. Peter told God that he had never eaten anything unclean. This shows that while Jesus was alive in the flesh He never instructed any of His apostles to eat unclean foods. So what did this VISION mean? We read that after Peter awoke from this trance: “Now while Peter wondered within himself what this vision which he had seen meant…” [Acts 10:17] You must understand, Peter knew that God did not mean to eat unhealthy foods…so what was God trying to tell him?
Damn!  You mean I am not supposed to be eating bacon???????

God was telling Peter that the gospel could now be preached to the Gentiles [non-Israelites]. The Gentiles were understood as “unclean” because they were not of literal Israel. Cornelius was a Roman centurion, a Gentile [of the nations], who had been praying that God would allow the Gentiles to receive the gospel of Jesus Christ. God had heard the prayer of Cornelius and had informed Peter through the vision that God had now opened the “door of salvation” to the Gentiles. Peter finally understood the vision:

“But God has shown me that I should not call ANY MAN COMMON OR UNCLEAN.” [Acts 10:28]
Eric's god also told him that besides swearing off all alcohol, he is to be strictly kosher.  But more importantly he and his cult are NOT to be vegetarians (like Adam and Eve) because vegetarians are dirty, filthy, unrepentant, pagans

So not only are the Zadok not to drink alcohol but they are also to strictly follow the CLEAN DIET [food laws] of God [Leviticus 11]. Our bodies are the “temple of the Lord”. Now many who study with us will struggle with these commandments of the Lord but with God “all things are possible”. If you want to be part of the Final Remnant of God’s people and become part of the Holy Nation you must be obedient to these commandments. Otherwise you will be Laodicean.

Also, we are not to be “vegetarian”. The pagan doctrines of vegetarianism must be avoided! Many today are commanding us to “abstain from meats which God created to be received”.

The pagans are “…commanding us to abstain from foods which God created to be received [clean meats] with thanksgiving by those who believe and know the Truth. Every creature of God is good, and nothing to is to be refused [meat is okay to eat] if it is received with thanksgiving, for it is SANCTIFIED BY [through] THE WORD OF GOD  [Leviticus 11] AND PRAYER.” [1st Timothy 4:3-5]

Please understand, God is calling us to be Priests and Kings. We are to take very seriously our calling. Please pray and follow God’s command.


   “Christian Reality…the spin stops here!”
 Which translates into: Christian Stupidity...Where the Bullshit Never Ends


Anonymous said...

Well. We've had Joshua, Zerubbabel... I guess we can fit a Zadok in there too.

Of course it's Old Testament vision, as it always seems to be with the COG people. It's never, EVER about Jesus Christ is it? It's always some sort of Old Testament vision or Old Testament character that is emulated every single time, seemingly.

But the "Porter of Zadok"? This is sounding more SCI-FI all the time, it seems.

All we need now is Captain Picard or Captain Kird to recognize "Mr." E.W. King as a Zadokian Porter. Perhaps they can be a full member of the Federation?

Anonymous said...

this illustrates the pitiful condition of think that anyone would follow someone like Mr. King makes me sad sad sad.

Anonymous said...

"As many of you know we here at the true Worldwide Church of God..."

Oh yeah. Sure. WCG was a bogus cult founded by a child molester. I can't get enough of how this guy claims to have founded a "true" version that's a sad copy of an original that was bogus to begin with. How anybody can follow this guy at all (and I am not saying he does have followers) is beyond me.

Byker Bob said...

(Sigh). More weirdness. In the case of these tinfoil Armstrongists, it would actually be more newsworthy if one of them did something mainstream, normal, or contemporary.


Anonymous said...

"Well. We've had Joshua, Zerubbabel... I guess we can fit a Zadok in there too."

Yep, this is as newsworthy as the "news" of those crazy Christian TV preachers who don't know their asses from their noses.
They like to throw in a new "word" to make the True Believer's 'spidey senses tingle'.

(Reminds me of TV preacher con man Perry Stone, who throws out lots of unusual biblical names and unusual theories to appeal to the "crazy stupid" of True Believers.)

I remember a conversation I had with a Christian woman, and I mentioned something I'd read recently in the Bible's Book of Habakkuk, and she laughed and said I was just making that up and there was no such book in the Bible!
I guess she didn't have the Holy Spirit.

Anonymous said...

Show God's servants more respect. It's Mr Jesus, Mr Paul, Mr Peter, Mr Moses. If HWA gets the Mr treatment and your minister does, then we have to say Mr Jesus too. But even that is dumb, you wouldn't say Mr Herbert, so you have to say Mr Christ not Mr Jesus. Otherwise you put Herbert and your local minister above Mr Christ. It's all in the Bible because HWA always went by the Bible. Mr Christ is in there somewhere!

Stop calling your minister Mister and they will probably kick you out and into the lake of fire for disrespect. But they will never say Mr Christ. What a farce.