Sunday, December 22, 2013


This will be my last announcement for some time. It brings additional aspects of the Haggai/Zechariah prophecy to completion.........
This will be my last announcement for some time. Maybe forever.  I can't stand the heat it brings me and people waking up to me.  It brings additional aspects to the fact I was so wrong and screwed up theologically.  I will be taking a break to recover and try and hold the whole mistaken idea together until Spring where I can bring additional fantacies to light.  Don't miss it. It will leave you gyrating in your seat again and will be equally as foolish of me to think such things about myself.  Not to worry though.  It is what I do best. 


Anonymous said...

Ecc 5:2
Be not rash with thy mouth, and let not thine heart be hasty to utter any thing before God: for God is in heaven, and thou upon earth: therefore let thy words be few.

I guess Mr. Pack of lies never read this verse! Your silence speaks louder than your words.

The video: "What is the True Gospel?" (along with others)have been unlisted and only those with the link can see it. Why? Is it because you know you are preaching a false Gospel, another Jesus?

It's amazing, building a Media Center for the six people to create no new videos.

Silence said...

Translation: I get that you're all angry at me over my false prophecy, so I am forced to admit that I was wrong please don't leave RCG, please stay here and continue to give money until it hurts.

Joe Moeller said...

Nice solstice wish from the Packman!

Too bad that Davey is the "Grinch Who Stole Sanity" !

Joe Moeller
Cody, WY

Anonymous said...

I only made it through the first few paragraphs and then got a massive dose of mental indigestion......same old stuff over and over again, blablabla.

But I am wondering are some people in WCG's actively preparing for the end now? I have had a few facebook "friends" who knew me from WCG who were really getting interested in off the grid living, and self built cabins in the forest. I have lived in such places and was warning them it wasn't all romantic cosiness around the wood burning fireplace, and thank God for electricity, I might not want to live at all without it. I got defriended by some for making such negative comments maybe. Defriended by facebook supposed friends, is that the first step towards whatever is going to happen soon???? Did they actually run into the wilderness somewhere and start raising chickens?
And do they have bald tires and rotten teeth? well I guess I'll be going down with the sinking ship, and I just bought new tires. Now I'll have to make a dentist appointment too.

Retired Prof said...

Dave Pack wrote: "{B]rethren are (falsely) told almost routinely that I teach error. Yet I teach exactly what Mr. Armstrong taught."

What he should have written: "Brethren are truthfully told almost routinely that I teach error. After all, I teach pretty much what Mr. Armstrong taught."

Byker Bob said...

I got the point, of course, by reading the last parargraph. Normally, I'd click on any of the stuff printed in blue to go to the source material, but I don't want to even accidentally visit an RCG site because these guys now dwell on their clicks. That is their new measure, website visits in lieu of baptisms.

The era of measurable results and accountability passed from the ACOGs the minute all of the splintering and bickering shifted the forward progress of the greater movement into reverse. These guys have not taken off like all of "Baby Bells" following the breakup of AT&T.


Byker Bob said...

I'm just wondering if in the hardness of his heart, he doesn't wonder if he shouldn't have listened to us in the first place. Our feedback was available massively from "Clarion Call" forward.

Dave, who are you at core level? What is your purpose on planet Earth? Could you possibly serve that purpose better, accomplish more good, and live more at peace with yourself and others through work in the healthfood industry?


Sweetblood777 said...

The big problem with the cogs is that they have failed to take seriously Yahweh's warning to trust no man, and that above all is HWA.

If you a minister is quoting HWA more than the scriptures, you have created an idol, and the more you do this, the deeper the mistakes become by your misdirected faith that is not on Yahshua, but HWA.

HWA in Hebrew means perverse, evil, and wicked. It is no wonder that the cogs avoid the prophecy in Zech. 11:15 that speaks of an idol sheppard that Yahweh raises in the land that cares not for the sheep, but lives off their earnings, knocking them off their feet due to the amount extorted from the sheep.

A good article written on this subject will rock the cogs if it was well written.

Michael said...

Has anyone viewed the video at
(last of the pictures)?
It's actually pretty funny.
Spine-tingling trumpets blaring and orchestral music behind...... wait for it... ordinary workers laying ordinary concrete for a very ordinary set of buildings which will probably never be fully used.
As usual, WCGers attribute some sort of overblown cosmic significance to what is nothing more than a little group of people building an oversized HQ in a rural part of one of the more rural US states. Because we alone, you see, are doing the Work of God(TM).

And Bob Byker I wouldn't worry about adding clicks to their tally by visiting their site, it's a meaningless tally, and if anything you are simply confusing these megalomaniacs who believe a thousand hits a day mean jackbump.

Lake of Fire Church of God said...

Byker Bob said, "These guys have not taken off like all of "Baby Bells" following the breakup of AT&T."

MY COMMENT - I come from the telecommunications industry. Perfect spot on point, Bob!

Basically, what Bob is saying is that the Armstrong Churches of God movement that we affectionately call "Armstrongism" should have grown following the breakup of the WCG. The analogy breaks down though because unlike the WCG, the American consumer wanted new and better telecommunications services such as e-mail, video on demand etc. There is no real demand for Armstrongism.

To support that finding, I found it very interesting that one offshoot, the Flurry group, set the market at $3 million for the lifetime written works of a dead Apostle which was once the foundation of Armstrongism and a $200+ million annual income stream.


Byker Bob said...

Richard, when it gets right down to it, a church is basically a communications organization. So the application of the analogy is especially appropriate. Many of the WCG people who left the org probably wanted better, more accurate prophecy, more user friendly governance, and correction of some of the beliefs which had been based on inaccurate history, antiquated science, and poor understanding of ancient languages. It would appear that GTA, through STP might have been on track with some of these, but lost any credibility he might have had when he could not control himself.

Also, HWA had already programmed the church to believe that any innovation or change was Laodecean. This is as if telephone customers had been programmed to believe that only the telephone products extant during the lifetime of Alexander Graham Bell were worthy of continued use, and the majority of the Baby Bells had been committed to no additional research, rejection of
new telecommunications science, and zero expansion of applications.


Anonymous said...

Sweetblood I hate to tell you that you are trusting in men when you trust the bible (written by men) and moreover, men (and women) who have provided the linguistic translations and interpretations regarding the "name" of so-called Yahweh, Yashuah, whatever. Lotsa "trust" and "faith" in the mix-up, for sure. And how silly, to use HWA's initials and morph them into a "word" with Hebrew meaning. Silly - and, sad.

Britain W. Stevenson said...
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