Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Obedient Church of God Says God Has Been Crying For 6,000 Years

Here is another Church of God crackpot that has his own video program.  This guy is just as creepy and dumb as Steve Gilbreath.  Did you know that God has been crying for 6,000 years? Armstrongism's god has to be one of the most impotent gods to ever have been created.  He is such a wimp he cry's for 6,000 years.  It also is such an incompetent fool that it lost "the truth" for 1,900 years till Herbert Armstrong discovered it in an old library.
If his god really is crying its because of this idiots singing!
Armstrongism sure has produced a lot of morons that think they are preaching God's word.  Every single one of them are liars. 


old EXPCG hag said...

Oh brother, can we strangle this guy? LOL

...and I barely watched past the quarter inch mark.

Connie Schmidt said...

The one bad thing about technology, such as YOU TUBE and the INTERNET , is that it has given rise to every "wannabe" preacher to have a voice.

I would best call it "Church of God Karaoke" or at least a modern version of the "GONG SHOW".

Anonymous said...

Yes Connie, there used to be gatekeepers at different levels to prevent not only preachers, but other "creative types" from reaching the audience they wouldn't otherwise have. Democratizing the control of information certainly hasn't helped the quality of what's being put out there.

Anonymous said...

If his god really is crying its because of this idiots singing!

Gary, I like that you don't pull any punches in your descriptions of these people.

Old EXPCG hag, what ? Maybe the next quarter inch was super-truthy.

Connie, I'd also include TV as a "bad thing about technology" regarding preachers, after having seen the many slick liars on TBN and Daystar.

Anonymous said...

This guy comes across as a self righteous above everyone else bozo. Its as if I'm hearing blah, blah, blah with no real affect. Where do these guys come from who set themselves up as Gods anointed, God didn't anoint them they put themselves in charge. I think Connie has it right, Church of God Karaeoke, modern day gong show as well but he would have never made it to the end without being bonged.