Sunday, August 3, 2014

Pasadena Campus Construction Pictures

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 Maranatha High School owns the Hall of Ad, Student Center, track, gymnasium and Grove Terrace.  The recently changed the track to be a regulation size football field.  
The track was dispensed of and a new field surface was installed. 
 New flood lights to the field were installed 
and it was painted this week for its upcoming football season.

 This picture looks south towards where the Custodial Dept. used to be between 360/380 dorms.  Building in background is new million dollar condo's sitting on the former site of the grass lawn in front of Manor Del Mar

This location was where the bougainvillea vine used to be by the Health Center.  
The white condo in the background sits a few feet from the front patio of Manor Del Mar.

This view of the million dollar condo's is on the site of the Del Mar Gardens, the original gardens of the Merritt family.

 This is my favorite picture right now.  
They have planted a tree smack dab in the center of the Hall of Ad driveway.

Where once hand weeded dichondra lawns rolled gracefully is now dried out and dead, 
much like the COG's

This is looking towards the location the 12 Trees were planted.  Another legacy dead and gone.  This is the temporary staging ground for all the trees and shrubs from the Academic Center complex area as they prepare to build the million dollar condos.

 Planted in the driveway to block the flow of HWA's message to the world.

 Looking from the Hall of Ad front lawn up the hill to where the TV studios once were.

The driveway down to HWA's private parking spot.  Soon to be bulldozed over.

At the gumby fountain up by 380 dorm.  
This is sitting on the lawn area that was directly in front of the old library.

Another view looking West in front of the library.

 This view is of the building sitting on the site of the Library Annex building and is also a few feet from HWA's back patio of his mansion.

 Looking at the new condos from the sidewalk between 380 and 390 dorms.

Looking up towards the old library location from stream.


 Looking up the old steps of the library to new condo's

 Location of old library, the Fowler Estate that the church ruined by remodeling it so much over the decades, and was never maintained after the library moved out, so it had to be torn down.  The original building of the college.

This view is from the lower gardens looking up to where the lawn used to be between the library and Mayfair.


Anonymous said...

I for one am delighted to see this place being bulldozed to the ground. Anything that can be done to further wipe Armstrongism off the map the better! My roommate at college was sexually abused by a minister in Pasadena and other ministers covered it up. They now sit in lofty positions in Cincinnatti and Charlotte. This is a vile, filthy place that was not Christian in in away shape or form..

Ed said...

My hope is that of all the buildings that I would like to be torn down on top of the list I would put the hall of administration.

Think of all the control, abuse and disgusting hipocracy that has seeped out of this building.

The campus was beautiful but what was done there was vile, filthy and discusting.

Allen C. Dexter said...

Many memories there but like all of us, very temporary. Soon, there'll be very little left to remind any of us of what once was. Just as well. I saw most of it built, worked there and was married to my first wife in those lower gardens. That too fell apart.

Byker Bob said...

The best memories I have of the place are of the fun we were not supposed to have. The "balanced and mature" Ambassadors, of course, missed out on most of that. There were some good people whom I met there that I actually liked and trusted along the way.

For those who never went, the most striking, and unnerving difference between class at AC and class in high school or other colleges was that at AC, you were always on review. It wasn't just about intuitive thinking or being properly prepared for class with the correct answers, it was as if every little sentence you uttered, or every move you made were being evaluated in such a way as to affect the rest of your life---whether you got to remain there until you got your degree, whether they were going to make you be a minister, whether you got to go to Petra, etc. Believe me when I say that that approach caused considerable paranoia. But, that was at the core of how they believed their God behaved, and the primary example they chose to imitate.

Personally, I enjoyed the secular courses such as Etymology, Typing, Literature, and French. Unfortunately, the belief system really screwed up what could have been cool science courses like Botany and Zoology, and affected Music Appreciation, and biased Psychology as well. The Bible classes were quite predictably speculative and biased, though they were taught in a very matter of fact way, not subject to real discussion or debate.

The proper approach for students was to be in awe, and gaga over the unique collection of knowledge available exclusively at "God's" college, and the people who taught it. It was immediately noticed if you were deficient in one of their "norms", lacking in the proper level of enthusiasm. The faculty's ideal student was what I called "Joe Gung Ho AC", happy, happy, happy.

The offices, imo, were for when they suddenly swooped down on you, and called you on the carpet. Therefore, I had an aversion for any of the buildings in which I knew that people of rank and authority had their offices. Frankly, I didn't even like passing by the windows of those buildings. I hated the Library building, the little administration building between it and HWA's home, the Leishman building, and later the Hall of Administration, because those buildings were the bases from which emanated horribly flawed administration of authority.

The best news possible would be if the demolition and recycling of the campus meant that the garbage and evil that were taught there were no longer being perpetuated or practiced anywhere on the face of the earth. Unfortunately, flock fleecers and wolves who aspire to be HWA, Jr. are teaching the s.o.s. and even worse at their own imitation cookie cutter campuses. A pox on all of them!


Redfox712 said...

Good on you, Anonymous 3:45 pm for sharing that story. What a terrible crime.

That reminds how one time I heard Meredith say in a sermon that while HWA was alive Ambassador College was not blighted with sexual assaults and rapes, but as the Tkach changes got underway then such crimes began to arise in Ambassador College. What nonsense! How conveniently he forgot about Garner Ted Armstrong's numerous adulteries. And no doubt other shenanigans occurred as well.

Also David Robinson wrote in his book that Raymond McNair, in order to demonize Garner Ted Armstrong and the so-called "Liberals" he would claim that Ambassador College was plagued with sexual immorality.

It is amazing what those privileged "minsters" play with peoples' memory of what happened at Ambassador College for their own advantage.

Redfox712 said...

The Painful Truth blog has broken the news.

William Hinson's 1977 book, Broadway to Armageddon is now online.

I have read this book. This is one of the most important books about HWA's WCG ever written.

The author's son died due to HWA's anti-medicine ban. And it exposes what really happened because of HWA's anti-medicine superstition at great length.

Also contains a letter by Roderick C. Meredith instructing WCG ministers in detail on how to enforce HWA's divorce and remarriage rules that destroyed so many marriages. It is on pages 150-6, or pages 76-80 on the host website.

Even if you have been out of the COGs for years I would still recommend that you read it if you have not yet done so.

Anonymous said...

I grew up an hour away from AC, and had become interested in HWA's message while in junior high. Dad got laid off (the aircraft industry was going through very hard times) and we moved to the Midwest U.S., where I actually went to a Big 10 college. I have never followed the profession for which my degree was intended to take me, but I credit the experience of college for developing me well enough that, when the time came, I left the Armstrong world without being afraid. Oh, what if we had stayed in California? I thank God for looking out for me.

After nonetheless surrendering my life and my brain to Herbert, I went through a brief period of wanting to go to AC. One had, of course, to have a minister's blessing even to apply. Better said, those who kissed up to the local minister were those who got serious consideration. And, the excuse-for-a-pastor in the area was enraptured by the "spirituality" of one David Hoover, later to become David ben Ariel, the one-man splinter whose online antics have been commented on here at Banned. Someone so way out that even Flurry and Pack couldn't abide him.

Funny, David was a perennial applicant to AC, and thought by some to be a shoo-in for acceptance . . . which never came. Does this fit in, somehow, with what an evil, perverted place AC was? Well, anyway, I thank God for looking out for me -- He never let me have an opportunity to jump into that cesspool.

old EXPCG hag said...


Shanie "Can me have some moor bubble gum mommy?"Granger, is this guy>>>>"Joe Gung Ho AC", happy, happy, happy.


...accuse my son of cheating and never apoligized either...soooooooo Christian!

old EXPCG hag said...

All that member and co worker money down the drain.

I guess Herbert W. Armstrong never made it understood to the co workers...THEY WON'T INHERIT THE KINGDOM OF GOD NO MATTER HOW MUCH MONEY THEY GAVE HWA.


Gerald Flurry is copying Herbert W. Armstrong...("Prophesy Again" Revelation 10:11),>even though HWA said he already fulfilled that scripture<.

I wonder if all those wealthy people in Edmond and around the world that Gerald Flurry is trying to attract...(JUST TO GET THEIR MONEY SO HE AND HIS CAN LIVE LIFESTYLES OF THE RICH AND FAMOUS),understand the thinking behind GF's plan? Obviously not.

Yea, warn those Laodiceans you better get over here with my group so we can use and abuse you, OR ELSE!

Anonymous said...

David Hoover was crazier than hell!

Allen C. Dexter said...

Anon at 3:50, you haven't grown past the delusion that happenstance is somehow guided by your illusory god. I'm glad you got saved from going headlong into that perversion of everything, but no god had anything to do with guiding any of it. It was plain dumb luck!

Anonymous said...

None of this was ever for the average member.
It was all for the super special privileged ministry and their pets.
We common folk just paid through the nose for it all for them.
Then they stole our tithes for their personal use.

Glenn said...

It was all for Herbert and his ego.