Sunday, November 23, 2014

How the Churches of God Operate


Lake of Fire Church of God said...

In a nutshell, your cartoon is point on!

Lake of Fire Church of God

Anonymous said...

Good point about the message vs. the messenger.

Recently, I read the following:

"...That’s the way it was some two thousand years ago. Do you think that people followed this “son of a carpenter,” or some “unlearned fishermen,” or even a “wild” man in the wilderness because they knew and liked the person? They did not know the person. They liked what they heard. They were drawn by the message. They followed the message.
You are now receiving a message---without the distraction and influence of a personality that you may or may not approve of or be swayed by. That is why I have NOT told you my name. I am bringing you the message first. If you are only interested in following a man---a hireling personality---because that is what you are comfortable and familiar with, please go do it. But, if you want to follow the message, be sure to take the time to prove it first..."

However, we are still faced with all sorts of messages out there...


Anonymous said...

that cartoon describes TBN exactly!

old EXPCG hag said...

I'm still trying to figure out why the leaders of the splinters never get disfellowshipped.

Black Ops Mikey said...

They lie to you
and then they take your money.

Anonymous said...

That cartoonn describes Gerald Flurry and David Pack exactly!

Anonymous said...

That's the essence of the thing in just 12 words. Nice.

I'm not sure about the Eastern traditions and philosophies, but to me that describes potentially as much as 3500 years of Temple Judaism followed by christendom, especially Roman christendom.

The "good news" is, you give *me* your money now, and *someone else* is going to complete the transaction after it's too late for you to tell everyone else it's a scam! It's "good news" for the scammer, but it's actually "bad news" for everyone else.

That describes the Levitical preisthood and the catholic preisthood. Whoever came up the idea of selling indulgences was an evil genius in his own right. The only time people had a serious problem with it was when the indulgence met Gutenberg's printing press, otherwise the reformation would have happened later. The catholic church never repudiated the doctrine though and you could still buy plenary partial indulgences today.

Along comes Joseph Smith, and it's just the whole thing all over again.

And for our purposes, along comes a washed up advertising exec, and it's the whole thing all over again. Then multiply that by 700 splinters.

I'm not sure if prostitution is the world's oldest profession or not. If so, the religious scam is the world's second oldest profession. It's the best ponzi scheme ever because you don't have to fund the payouts, so it never has to collapse.

Anonymous said...

Why are these crooks allowed to operate, and rip people off. They don't even have a good lobby to bribe politicians.

Marge Dieter said...

TBN, Pat Robertson, Oral Roberts, all of them millionaires on the people's money.
It is always the same.

Anonymous said...

Please stop knocking TBN's money-grubbing ways.

After all, SOMEONE (or perhaps more accurately- many people) are needed as donors to have Jan Crouch's big Christian hair perennially and perfectly coiffed.

How could any person fault a godly lady who cries about Baby Jesus as much as she does?

In The Kingdom, Jan's hair will be pure gold, with Holy Spirit Spritz on it, while Jesus combs out the tangles and Popsy God gets excited watching and wonders if He missed her profile on Christian Mingle.