Monday, April 20, 2015

Are You Captive to a Religious Cult?

Are You Captive to a Religious Cult?

All captives to religious cults never believe that they are in a cult.   They always see themselves as being the "true" church of God on earth and that they are being "persecuted" when others try to see them set free from their religious captivity.

Amazingly, we read that Jesus came to set the captives free and yet no one in a religious cult sees themselves as captives, or religious prisoners to those who control their minds and their thinking, their time and their lives, and what they believe.

Religious overlords indeed rule over their church slaves.   They cause their church slaves to live in lifelong fear of losing their salvation for non-compliance to specific rules and regulations, obedience to legalistic doctrines, and the keeping of days and times.

Never mind that Jesus Christ fulfills all the law or laws of the past, because legalistic minded religious overlords insist that God requires compliance and obedience to a set standard of rules, which determine whether an individual will have eternal life or not.

Well folks, God cares nothing about your own self-righteousness, because all that matters to Him, is "do unto others as you would have them do unto you", "love your neighbor as you love yourself", "blessed are the peacemakers", "blessed are the merciful",  "blessed are the meek" and so forth, which is proof that going to church, tithing, observance of days and religious rules of legalism, mean nothing to God.

The claim that the teachings of the "apostle" Paul supersede the teachings of Jesus Christ, is one of the major problems with the church world, because Paul was NOT God in the flesh, never replaced Jesus and his teachings are no more important to God or humans, than that of Shakespeare. Paul was not Jesus Christ, and he never knew Jesus Christ, was never taught by Jesus Christ and he never saw Jesus in the flesh.   Therefore Paul was no different than Herbert W. Armstrong, who appointed himself as God's representative on earth.

All religious cults on earth are ruled over by self-appointed "gods", who present themselves to the naive, the gullible and the simple minded as representatives for God, because by doing so, the naive give them free $money, which the overlords use primarily for their own benefit.

How do you know if you have been seduced by a cult church group? The answer is simple and you know because the preacher pretends to have "authority" from God, which is a false authority, because there is no mediator between God and humans, aside from Jesus Christ.   Therefore 100% of all "pastors" of churches on earth are fake, fraudulent, false, heretical, self-appointed and preach for no other reason than personal vanity, ego, pride, the love of power and control and above all---free $money.   And they all proclaim they preach because they are "called" and "ordained" by God to be preachers.   Supposedly they "watch" for your soul and your salvation, while in reality they watch for your $cash.

Van Robison


Anonymous said...

Their error is the same as Muslims who think the latter Quaran verses take precedence over the earlier ones: i.e., since Paul's "inspired" writing came after Christ's and was canonized, it somehow supersedes Christ's statements whenever a perceived difference arises.

Anonymous said...

So what Van is saying is that Paul was a cult leader, what rubbish, our that Jesus never taught him when it says in Galatians he was taught by revelation of Jesus Christ.

Monnie said...

Paul claimed to have been taught by Christ, just as Armstrong claimed to have been inspired by God. How would you assess the accuracy of the latter? I certainly now disagree with the latter, and have no proof of the former, either.