Thursday, April 30, 2015

Felon Ron Weinland Is So Powerful He Is Able To Diminish Satan's Power And Make Him Eat Major Dust!

For 2 1/2 years now failed false prophet Ron Weinerdude Weinland has been sharing a prison cell with Bubba.  During this time Weinland's circus barkers, Laura and Audra,have been purging members from their money-making personality cult.

Now that Weinland is in his home stretch of imprisonment, he is now zeroing in on brain farts that he claims are prophecies.  Of course things are winding down in a whirlwind because that big bad meanie Satan is out to destroy the true chruch.  However, Satan has met a strong adversary when he started dealing with Weinland.  Weinland is making him eat dust!  Ever since Satan was cursed in teh Garden of Eden he has had to crawl on the ground eating dust.  Now Weinland is forcing that dust down Satan's throat.

We can expect that when Weinland is finally released from prison in a years time that he will let both barrels loose and start his end time push.  This of course will be his third, fourth, fifth, or whatever final push he is up to now.  Just like Meredith, Flurry, Pack and Kubik, the end times has failed to come when they have predicted it.

This adversarial spirit being knows that his time is short and he is striking out at God’s Church in whatever ways he can, but due to the Church being so strengthened spiritually, he is simply eating more and more dust. Yet this knowledge should sober all of us to focus even more so on putting God first in our lives and working earnestly to more fully dedicate our lives to Him and His way of life. God and Jesus Christ have granted us this most awesome opportunity to excel in that quest in the remaining time of this important and exceedingly blessed and special Year of Dedication.

There is yet one more prophetic verse that is now beginning to be fulfilled. It was recorded by Paul when he states, “And the God of peace shall bruise [KJV quote – the actual Gk. means ‘to break, shatter, crush’] Satan under your [the Church's] feet shortly” (Rom. 16:20).

This is part of what is now beginning to take place in this year and will continue through the seventh period that follows. The word translated “shortly” is not a word that means it will happen soon, but is a compound word that means, “When it is time for it to happen, it will happen relatively quickly or over a short period of time.” The next few years is indeed a short period of time when held up to the past nearly 6,000 years of Satan’s work against mankind, and short compared to the nearly 2,000 years of his fighting against God’s Church. So indeed, this time spoken of by Paul has begun and will continue to accelerate until it is complete.

The more that Satan fights against God’s Church, the more his power will become diminished and shattered. This will continue up to a crescendo when the 144,000 return with Christ and he binds Satan for the next 1,100 years. At that point, Satan’s power and influence against God’s Church will be fully crushed, broken, and shattered, as he will never again be able to harm it!


Anonymous said...

With all that power, you'd think Ron would have been able to get out of prison by now.

Saddam said...

Satan is not attacking Weinlands family tithe farm, he's controlling it!

Hail Satan!

Anonymous said...

he claims such detailed understanding of prophecy, but doesn't understand that that Satan becomes ashes under the feet of the righteous (along with the rest of the wicked)at the 3rd resurrection....

it's so easy to spot the frauds when you know what's in the bible...