Thursday, April 30, 2015

Rod Meredith and Ron Weinland Are Exactly Alike When It Comes To Treating Members Like Dirt

Ron Weinland has written another missive from his prison cell, dictated to his Second Witness wife, Laura.

In that letter Weinland talks about how his god has been "cleansing" his church from the filthy apostate members that seem to be part of it.  Scores of members have left Weinland's cult since he went to prison leading Laura and Audra take control.  People can only take so much abuse from these morons till they finally wake up and leave.  Of course the mentally deranged Weinland's claim this is all the doing of their god. 

Rod Meredith does the exact same thing.  He too thinks his group is the ONLY true repository of truth active in this age.  His god is also cleansing the Living Church of God of all its filthy apostate members.  Weinland calls his apostates "harmful, profane and polluting." Meredith also calls his apostates harmful, divisive and profane.

Ever since the Church of God was formed under Herbert Armstrong, the membership have been looked upon with scorn.  Never have they been able to do anything right.  God is always pissed at them for something.  Whenever things spiral out of control and members start voicing concerns, its leaders, Armstrong, Meredith, Weinland and others immediately lash out at members blaming THEM for all the problems.  Of course it is Satan that is causing them to be such "harmful, profane, and polluting" elements in the church.
For about the past three years now, the Church has been living through a very specific prophesied time of the sixth period of 1,260 days in the count to Christ’s return following the Apostasy upon the Church. This period is about the “measuring of the temple” covered in the beginning of Revelation 11.
Like Weinland, Meredith too claims that there are "feigning" members in his group's midst.  That's when the weapon of "Laodicean" is hurled at them.  There can never be any stronger epithet in Armstrongism than to use this against someone. It scares people to death, causing them to think they have lost their salvation and will never make it to Petra.

For some reason the various COG leaders seem to think their personalty cults are "temples."  They assume they are "temples" of God, but their track record proves they are anything but!
This time for the “measuring of the temple” is about a final great cleansing of that temple, as harmful, profaning, and polluting elements are being removed from it. Some of what began to be removed early on and is still taking place to a much smaller degree is the removal from the environs of the Church of those who feign (pretend – falsely live) that they have been part of the temple. This time is also about many within the Church who have been yielding themselves to more fully measure up to their placement in the temple of God. These begotten individuals are cleansing themselves as they work to more fully “dress and keep” what God has placed before them.
Armstrongism, along with Meredithism, Flurryism, Packism, Kubikism have continually claimed the church is in its final year/s.  Strong pushes have to be made to get their message out to the world.  Of course with most of these guys Satan is an mighty advisory who grows stronger as the world comes to a crashing end.  However, that is not true with the cult of Weinland.  They think that the bogey-man they call Satan is being made weak and impotent.  As Weinland grows more powerful as he reaches his release date, his satan is growing weaker and weaker.

Within this time of measuring the temple, and now in this final Year of Dedication, month by month the Church is being made stronger and Satan weaker. In this time of the Church being made stronger and of being prepared for what lies ahead in the next few years, as well as being prepared for Christ’s coming, Satan’s head is beginning to be bruised. Not only is God increasingly diminishing Satan’s power, but also He is preparing to have him completely removed from the presence of mankind for the next 1,100 years. When that time has passed Satan will then be released for a short time in order to meet his destruction – the final bruising of his head.

This adversarial spirit being knows that his time is short and he is striking out at God’s Church in whatever ways he can, but due to the Church being so strengthened spiritually, he is simply eating more and more dust. Yet this knowledge should sober all of us to focus even more so on putting God first in our lives and working earnestly to more fully dedicate our lives to Him and His way of life. God and Jesus Christ have granted us this most awesome opportunity to excel in that quest in the remaining time of this important and exceedingly blessed and special Year of Dedication.
If a Church of God member were really a follower of the Jesus they claim to follow they would know that their battle has been fought for them and that they can rest from that wearisome struggle.  They need not live in the constant state of fear that the Church of God imposes upon them.


Mr. Butts said...

"In that letter Weinland talks about how his god has been "cleansing" his church from the filthy apostate members that seem to be part of it."

Ron, before he gets out of jail, will need a big time colon cleaning to purge the filth from within him.

Now with Rod, well who can tell what he has been putting his in ass all these years.

With all the anti "gay" talk from the pulpit, one can only wonder what filth has come into his mind.

All those COG ministers that gay bash seem to have a mind set for the same acts they themselves condemn.

After all, we're talking Armstrongism here, not physics.

Anonymous said...

Funny, Ron never talks about his prison ministry.

Black Ops Mikey said...

Such are the addicts leading the Armstrongist churches: They are addicted to the dopamine generated by the money they collect and the power they wield. Their psychology follows that of the addict.

On the other hand, the members are all victims of codependence:

"We call him the dependent, because he’s dependent on the chemical for his high; we call you guys co-dependents because it’s actually possible for you to become dependent upon the dependent for your high."

When Herbert Armstrong was all positive, looking good, trying hard, looking great and making promises — we would have our high. When he showed us news of the world which supported his prophetic nonsense, we seized on that because we were dependent upon it for our high. He offered us British Israelism to support our codependence. And, of course, when things went south and he started yelling about how “this WORK could go down!” our attitudes and mood would alter down. This kept us in the nightmare of being subjected to his moods and whims for our highs and lows. We lived on his promises that we would become God as God is God for our codependent high and faced the imaginary reality of the Great Tribulation for our depressive lows, only to be raised to manic levels on the promises of a Place of Safety, to sink back to the lows of the reality of life, only to be lifted again in enthusiasm with the promise of attending yet another “Best Feast Ever!” spending, as it were, 10% of our gross income in 10 days to experience the excessive highs stimulating the endorphin flow from sumptuous eating, drinking, travel and activities that supposedly reflected the addictive highs of being Kings and Priests in the millennium wielding great power over masses of people under us, vulnerable to our own mood swings.

It doesn't matter which ACoG Mafia leader we talk about: They all are addicts and the members are all codependents -- following helplessly the moods of they sociopathic leaders.

And as long as you pay them, they are enabled to hubris to treat the ones supporting their habit with abuse, treating them like dirt.

There's no real reason for this accept that everyone in this sick dysfunctional environment has tolerated it for so long they don't even really notice any more and are too apathetic to do anything about it.