Tuesday, May 19, 2015

God's Most Favorite Evangelist Says His Third Book Will Not Be Published Until The Millenium

God's most highly favored apostle and the Church of God's most highly favored felon has written another missive detailing his creature he calls "Jesus Christ" claiming "it" will return to earth on Pentecost 2019.  This man knows for a fact that"it" will return on that, though every previous incarnation of this "thing" has failed to appear.  Come Pentecost 2019 we will be here mocking Ron Weinerdude Weinland yet again.

As his witless witness #2 wife and Chief Apostle and his money laundering daughter Laura are gallivanting around Europe on the tithe-payers die, Ron has to settle on writing his letter from behind prison bars with Bubba by his side.

We are living in a period that is working to magnify and glorify God’s incredible greatness – more than any other single period in mankind’s history. Indeed, this is very much about the 7th Thunder growing in greater power and intensity the closer we draw to Pentecost of 2019.

God has been revealing some of the most profound and intricate work contained in the time of the Apostasy to Christ’s literal coming, which shows the magnitude and power of His greatness to bring to pass all that He predetermined so very long ago.

It makes the word “awesome” seem so very puny and small because what God is doing goes so very far beyond such a weak description that words cannot convey it.

We have been given a great deal already concerning the unfathomable scale for the mathematical probabilities of so many events and timing to occur as they have been since the 17th of December in 1994 (the day of the Apostasy) to Pentecost of 2019 that it truly staggers the mind to try to grasp it all. As an exercise of your own, it would be good that you review some of these events and their timing that has been covered in previous posts. This time, try to look upon such events in the context of what was covered in the first part of this post concerning the events and their precise timing surrounding Christ’s first coming that God orchestrated. This should be done in the context of seeking to recognize God’s active work, and now also that of Christ’s, with such precision to fulfill all the events throughout this complete period that in reality amounts to bringing to fulfillment all that is contained in the Seven Seals of Revelation.
Weinerdude Weinland then concludes with the following concerning a book he claims he was led by his god to write.   It was to be a compilation of missives from his prison cell.  If Dingy Ron is trying to emulate Paul and the letters he wrote from prison he is in for a big shock!

Third Book
Some time ago, I commented on the potential of writing a third book. Since there are quite a few who make mention of this in anticipation of it being published, this will serve as an update.

It now seems that such a book is not intended for this age, especially since it became clear to me that much of the content was to come from posts I have written while being here in prison. It now seems more likely that such a publication could well be a compilation of such written information that would be more beneficial to those in the Millennium.


Byker Bob said...

Why how spiritual!

Ron is in a world all his own. As if anyone would even have use for his book in the millennium!


Connie Schmidt said...

"The Rise and Fall of the Third Book"

Just like Hitler at the end of the Third Reich, Weinland touts to the faithful the creation of new "Wonder Weapons" that will turn the tide of their collapse.

Weinland is pathetic.

orange 65 said...

Matthew 24:36.....No one knows when Christ shall return, it is not hard to understand!!!
Its this type of nonsensical rhetoric that gives the rest of the balanced COGs ( they do exist) and the Word of God a bad name

Anonymous said...

Ron, writing about his potential "Third Book" wrote: "...It now seems more likely that such a publication could well be a compilation of such written information that would be more beneficial to those in the Millennium...."

If Jesus Christ were present somewhere on earth during that Millennium, that Mickey Mouse Millennium, then why would He want any information from a felon's "Third Book?" Wouldn't Jesus Christ use the entire Bible?

What "new" thing would be in a "Third Book" by some felon that Jesus Christ would think anyone should be interested in?

I suggest Ron is getting his thoughts from some god, but not God, the Father of Jesus Christ.

And if that weren't enough, perhaps Ron in that Third Book should and could explain why Jesus Christ would be on earth for the MMMillennium, because numerous verses tell us that Jesus Christ will be at His Father's right hand until all enemies have been subdued and overcome. After all, death is an enemy. Satan is an enemy, ad both death and Satan will be still be happening on earth after the MMMillennium, after that 1,000 years when Satan is loosed from the bottomless pit?

If Ron can explain how, during the 1,000 years, that Jesus Christ will NOT be at His Father's right hand, as numerous scriptures point out, then maybe Ron will acquire a few more followers.

So far, Ron has given us lie after lie from his previous two books, and I expect the "Third Book" to be no different, but time will tell...


Sweetblood777 said...

A third book! One can berely read one paragraph written by Ron without yawning.

Perhaps Ron meant the third resurrection, if there is one, that he is mistaking as a book.

The book that he 'sees' is the rotten unrepentant story of his miserable life in which hundreds if not thousands have suffered due to him and his ill gotten family.

Anonymous said...

Armstrongists and other fearmongering apocalyptic sects too, are always are careful to reinterpret the "this generation shall not pass until all be fulfilled" passage by reassigning "this generation" to be the one that's around when "things finally start to happen." Ooookay.

Only problem with that is Jesus also told his disciples they would scarcely have time to finish canvassing the towns and cities of Israel preaching the gospel to them before he returned to usher in the millennium. And THAT time frame clearly expired a very long time ago.

Paul also thought Jesus' return was imminent, so much so that he preached that people should not marry and start families because of "the present distress." (Just like in the run-up to another failed 1972 prophecy by HWA...)

But thankfully, there's the Apocalypse of John that christians can use to rationalize away a lying "savior" with the old "this is all a test to mold our character" trope. So I guess fundamentalists everywhere owe a debt of gratitude to Athanasius who campaigned tirelessly for the canonization of the Apocalypse of John, because none of the other early church fathers thought it was anything other than a cheap forgery. Oh, but I can imagine the wheels of supernaturalist rationalizations turning inside the heads of "troo" b'lievers even now...

Fact is, if the bible is inerrant, then the gospels record Jesus fibbing. So if the bible is trustworthy, then Jesus is a false prophet who did not come when he promised. Every generation of christians since then has thought he's all set to return in their lifetimes. And for two thousand years they've thought wrong. And around the turn of "millennia" people tend to get more expectant, don't they?

On the bright side, by definition, it's impossible for anyone to "know" the "day or the hour" of an event that never ever occurs, so, this would be the proverbial hour of the day when the broken clock is right, I guess? Bitter solace, though.

So Ron Weinland is the false prophet of a false prophet.

And his next book won't be published until after Jesus returns?

This sounds like good news to me. NO THIRD BOOK EVER! WOOHOO!

(...unless he finds some rationalization to change his mind..."troo" b'lievers are good at very good at doing that...)

Anonymous said...

Cleaned up the dog's yard today.

Made me think of Ron's brain.

Anonymous said...

His third book will not be published until the millennium?

We will be waiting a long, long, long, time. More like forever. Because there won't be something called a millennium.