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Horror Story Of An Attempt To Cast "Gay Demon" Out Of A Church of God Youth

Below is a story of what happened to one Church of God man who was sent by his family, at the recommendation of a Church of God minister, to an Ex-gay conversion therapy camp that was supposed to be able to cast the "gay demon" out  of individuals.  He has published this story in a book that was recently released.  The story below does not even get into the mental and physical abuse he received at home from his mother and father.

I have to admit it that when I read it the first time I thought there no way that this happened this way, It has to be made up.  However, there are tremendous tales of abuse in numerous ex-gay conversion therapy groups that are spread around this country.  Thousands of lives have been ripped apart by these groups, most of which are run by so-called Christians.  In his conversations on Facebook I have no doubt as to the veracity of his story.

Today, James works to assist homeless kids who have been kicked out of their homes by "christian" parents.  He finds then shelter, food and brings some sense of decency back into their lives.  Things that real Christians should be doing, but do not.

There have been numerous stories over the decades of Church of God men and women who have been subjected to these conversion camps.  This by far has to be the worst I have heard.

Let it be know that James has recently discovered the location of this camp and has also found out the names of those who ran it.  That may be released by him later as he gathers more information.

NOTE: Be forewarned that the story below is shocking and graphic.  If you are a delicate Armstrongite who still believes that the COG never had any evil in it then go back to reading Mystery of the Ages and continue to dream of Petra or your planet you are going to rule.

Chapter 5

I was asleep in my room.  The door flies open and these two men grab me.  Mom and dad are in the hallway.  I didn't know what was going on and was asking who they were and what was happening.  Dad just said go with them James, they are going to help you.  So I did, there was a van in the driveway, I walked up to it in my PJs and bare feet.  There was a woman in the back, I sat in the middle, the two men in the front.  It wasn't like in the movies where they drive up, snatch someone and drive away.  There were no handles inside to where I could open the door.  I asked where we were going.  One man up front turned around and said shut up faggot!  I did.  As we backed out of the driveway I had no idea what was about to happen to me.  We drove through my neighborhood, to the on ramp of I-20 west.  I knew the landmarks from my police chase and the many trips we had taken to Shreveport.  After we passed Arcadia the woman in the back put a black hood over my head.  I asked her PLEASE tell me, what are you going to do.  She said you just don't need to see where we are going.  I started to cry and was scared to death.  I know we left the interstate because the ride got rough.  Finally we stop, she pulls the hood off.  It was dark out and cold.  There was a cinder block building, a fence, a double door with a light above it.  We went into a hallway I would say about 15 feet in there was a door on the left.  There were two men standing in front of it.  We go in, one says strip.  I was terrified but, I did as he said.  There was a shower stall, he said shower now with this soap.  It stunk, was not like the soap we had at home.  So I showered with four men and one woman watching.  He handed me a towel, I dried.  Another said raise up your arms.  I did, then he used a gloved hand to reach into a bag, then he threw this white powder on me.  Said turn and did the same to my backside.  Another man handed me a jumpsuit.  It was tan and had snaps up the front and the back.  We walk back into the hallway to a door on the right, there was a covered walkway to another building.  I am barefoot and shaking from the cold and fear.  One man says once inside you are not allowed to speak to anyone and I mean anyone, you hear me queer?  Yes sir I answered.  He unlocks the door, we walk into what looked like a warehouse.  I am not good with dimensions but it was huge.  Inside were cages made of chain-link, like our fence at home.  Each had a chain link door very similar to a gate and on each gate there was a lock.  There were at least 50 cages and most had someone in it.  They lead me to an empty cage, open the door and tell me to go in.  I could hear crying and I smelled what I thought was a backed up sewer.  Inside the cage there was a cot and some chain that was threaded through the chain link ceiling or top of the cage.  On each end of the chain, there were some sort of straps.  There was no mattress for the cot, no pillow and no blanket.  There were no toilets either.  They close the door then click on the lock.  I sat on the cot and after I heard them lock the outside door.  I asked the boy in the cage next to me.  What is this place?  Well it didn't take long until the outside door opened and all the lights came on.  To my cage they ran.  I was so scared.  They unlocked and opened my door.  A man had a snow white bible.  It was hardbound looked to be leather, I will never forget it because I had never seen a bible that white before.  Dad had one but it was more of an eggshell tone.  Eggshell, oh that just proves how gay I really am!!  I backed up to the wall of the cage, as he ran at me with the bible held high.  He struck me on top of my head, then once across the right side of my face, then the left.  I could taste my blood in my mouth and feel it running down my chin.  I stood up and started to try and fight back.  He screamed OH NO DEMON YOU WILL NOT RESIST!!  I stopped.  Did I have a demon in me I thought?  They pulled off my jumpsuit, then put the straps hanging from the ceiling around my wrists.  Secured them with four zip ties each.  They were very tight.  I was shaking, bleeding, I was able to stand, but, that was all.  I had to have been in shock because I felt no pain at all.  The sun came up, went back down and then up again before they released me from the straps.  I had used the bathroom on myself, number one and number two, I was exhausted.  I was taken back to the shower, I washed myself.  Then was given another jumpsuit.  I had to get help putting it on because I forgot to snap the snaps in the back.  I was taken past the door that lead to the warehouse further down the hall to an office.  There was a man I would guess in his late 40's sitting behind an old metal desk.  Two men stood beside me, one on either side as I sat in a chair.  He said as far as I was concerned he was God and that I had no chance of escape.  He wasn't talking to me, he was addressing the demon inside me.  That everything was a privilege here right down to a single drop of water.  From there I was taken to a room with no windows, there was a claw foot tub in the middle, it was not attached to any plumbing.  It was about half full of water and ice.  I had to take off my jumpsuit and get in the tub.  It was so cold and my feet were already blue from standing so long on the cold concrete in my cage.  This man explained the only way to weaken the demon was for me to suffer physical pain.  So in order for me to be saved, I was going to suffer.  I thought I was used to it, they quickly showed me I wasn't.  The ice baths were almost a daily event, along with prayer, as the staff laid hands on me.  I was taken to my cage, reminded to not speak and was able to get some sleep.  My cot was wet from them spraying the floor from when I had used the bathroom on myself... I was in my third day and had not eaten anything.  I had been given water.  I had no idea what was coming next.  I was taken from my cage to a new room.  There was a large wooden table, I call them moving straps, attached to a come along and the straps were about a foot apart.  I was told to lay on my back, they strapped me down and then had a pretty big wash cloth or dishtowel crammed in my mouth.  I remember it being dry.  There were several men in the room, they were praying out loud.  One was standing by some sort of machine on a rolling cart.  He wheeled it over and was standing at the end of the table at the top of my head.  He was wearing thick black gloves, I could see he had something in both hands.  As the other men held up their bibles and started speaking in tongues, all of a sudden I felt the shock hit my head.  It was awful and I had never experienced anything like this before.  It freaking hurt, I could smell burning hair.  Yes back then I had hair!  I thought I was going to throw up, with that rag in my mouth.  A few moments later, BOOM, it happened again.  Remember I am strapped down and can't move.  He wheels the cart away.  I am dizzy and shaking uncontrollably.  All leave the room except one.  There are no windows and very little light in the room.  He is standing on my left side near my head.  He removes the cloth from my mouth.  He replaces it with an oval ring, it was hard plastic, almost like a small cut of PVC pipe.  I could not close my mouth, just bite down on the ring.  He climbs on the table with me, puts his knees on either side of my head.  Then sits back on my chest.  He pulls his penis out of his sweat pants, then says here it comes.  He urinated on my face, up my nose and in my mouth.  When he was finished he punched me in my stomach to force me to swallow.  I passed out.  There will be more about this room later.  

As I was told everything here was a privilege.  To eat or get water I had to earn points.  Sometimes it was cleaning or they would make us do something to another kid there.  Mostly it was punch or spit on them.  Sometimes we had to have sex with one another. One time I was made to poop, on someone’s head.  I remember there was a boy that was tied to the wooden table.  He looked like he was sleeping, but, he was actually unconscious.  I had to clean up his vomit and where he had crapped himself.  They made me watch as they counted how many ball point pens they could fit in his anus.  All of this happened to me while I was there as well.  

We are still not allowed to talk to each other, several nights a week they would play loud gospel music, plus, keep the lights on to make it impossible for us to sleep.  At least once a week it was a group punishment for us to me sprayed down with a water hose while locked in our cages.  

Past the office where I had gotten my first pep talk, there was a hallway to the right.  There were two doors, one on either side of the hall.  The first one I was taken to was on the left.  There was a chair in the center of the room.  Not like any chair I had ever seen before.  There are metal rings all over it, I am about to find out what they are used for.  Where my hands would go there was a cut out in the shape of a hand.  The rings were for the straps to secure me.  They were about three inches apart and I was strapped in from my neck to my ankles.  The strap around my neck made me look up towards the light fixture.  I was told to open my fingers, I felt them being secured to the cutout with zip ties.  I know it was zip ties because of the sound.  ZIP.... ZIP... etc.  One man was praying, then inches from my face, he would scream at the demon inside me.  Every so often he would hit me in the head with his bible.  Then another came over and pushed his hand back on my forehead.  He shoved this round piece of wood in my mouth like a horse bit.  He did not stop pushing back on my forehead screaming for this demon to leave my body.  I felt someone around my right hand, then pain like I have never felt before.  They used a rubber mallet to pound round toothpicks underneath my fingernails.  Did not stop until the toothpick came through the top part of the nail.  Meanwhile they are all screaming for the demon to show itself.  They did two to four nails a session, either on my hands or feet.  After the toothpicks were pulled out they put a cream on them, covered the nail with a Band-Aid, then I was taken back to my cage.  Sometimes dragged because I could not walk.  One evening two men come to my cage, open the door, then pull me out by my arm.  I smelled whiskey, I know this smell well because of my mom.  They take me to the room where I had been shocked.  They strap me down, I was terrified.  One put the plastic ring back in my mouth.  I struggled, but, there was no way I could stop them.  They both took off their pants, had erections, then by climbing on the table with me, used my throat and mouth to finish themselves off.  This happened so many times.  I can't begin to tell you all of the shame and guilt I still carry around with me to this day.  I wish I could say it was over, but, it was not.  Many times the same two men would bring me to this room, tie me down and rape me.  No lubrication, no romance, just forced entry.  It felt like I was being ripped apart.  I would bleed from my ass for hours.  I now understood why all the children here were so quiet and lifeless.  It was bone chilling fear.  In the other room across the hall, I was to learn a new type of therapy.  I would be tied down naked, someone would tape exposed wires to different parts of my body.  From my genitals to my head.  Then I was shown slides from a projector.  Dog, man and woman, two men kissing.  BAM they would shock the shit out of me.  Kitten, tree, penis and them BAM again.  This went on for hours.  I still have scars on my inner thighs.  Reminders that I was assumed to be damaged and that God would never love me.  Not every time I went into the toothpick room did they take off nails.  Sometimes they would beat me with their bible's and scream what a piece of shit I was along with other catchy little ditties.  I did lose all my finger and toe nails over the 17 weeks.  They all grew back over time, but, they don’t look like they did before.  The final part of the therapy only happened to me one time.  I was taken to the table in the shock room, strapped face down with two large pillows placed under my hips to make my butt stick up into the air.  My legs were spread before those straps were tightened.  I was so afraid of what was coming next.  I thought with five men being in the room I was about to be gang raped.  I was penetrated but, not by a penis.  All the items they did this with gradually got larger until I had a glass coke bottle inside me.  I am sure from the conversation these men were making videos of every disgusting thing they did to us.  

This is all I can type about what happened to me at the hands of these monsters.  My mind simply has to stop.  

I was brought my clothes, told to shower, then dress.  I was thin when I arrived, but, now I was sick looking.  My PJ's just hung off of me.  I was taken back to the office with the metal desk.  The same man who talked to me the first time was going to again.  He said I had a very powerful demon in me and that my parents needed to send me to another place that could deal with it.  A tougher camp.  He said I was putting the other kids at risk because I did not have enough faith in God to be cured.  I was told God and my family hated me.  That all they did here was try to help me, to never speak of the treatment.  That it was me who let God down.  That they would have to bring David here and do the same things to him if I said anything.  Was told I was responsible for my entire family's souls that they would burn in hell forever because of me.  The lady that rode in the back of the van put a hood back over my head, we drove away.  Once back on Interstate 20 East it was removed.   At my house they didn't even turn into the driveway.  Put me out on the street and drove away.  I ran to the door, I guess the parents knew I was coming home.  My dad met me at the door.  Dad said to me, you are not welcome here, that I was no longer his son.  That he had done all he could to save me.  That the 25 thousand dollars he spent on me going to conversion therapy was wasted.  The therapist, if one could call them that, told dad I didn't even try.  That I did not want to get rid of my demon.  He handed me a small suitcase that had some clothes in it, then sent me away.  The first 2 days I did go to a local church that had a soup kitchen for the homeless.  They always had to talk to someone before they would serve them.  When I told the pastor why my family put me out, both times he told me that there was nothing there for me and to leave.  I was starving.  He said he was a man of God, but, didn't act like one.  Years later he was thrown out of his church for touching little girls.  Excerpt printed by permission of author:  Rusted Rhinestones: A Memoir by Ms Fifi Frost

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History of ex-gay conversion groups: Truth Wins Out

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Anonymous said...

This is the most disgusting thing I have ever read. What was done to this young man wasn't just immoral but was also criminal and violated his constitutional rights. I hope these people are prosecuted and are put in jail for the rest of their lives!!

Connie Schmidt said...

Curiosity question... did the shirts on the staff, at the compound say "CAMP MALM" ??

Sweetblood777 said...

Sounds pretty much as a sick made up story.

Anonymous said...

Just for the record, here's a picture of the author - on the right, next to one of his/her friends. Maybe this give the story a little context. Just saying'.

Anonymous said...

somehow I am not prepared to believe this. It sounds like a fun camp for sadists who paid more than the 25 thousand paid by the 'students' (masochists). Perhaps it is where high ranking government officials and religious leaders come for renewal. At least our leaders (HWA/GTAetc.) preferred more normal stuff for their sexual daliances.

Anonymous said...

I am on the exCOG Facebook page this guy is on. I do not doubt for one minute that he made any of this up. Looking up some of the exgay conversion camps I found a lot of them charge even more than what this family paid.

It is funny to read some of the comments here. The little perfect world of so many Armstrongites is shattered and they don't like it. I would love to see the comments made by Tedd Armstrong on those FB pages be posted here. That will send the Armstrong loving pachyderms into a holy shitfest of denial!

Anonymous said...

Maybe the exorcism was a bad idea, since it seems like that gay demon landed in several WCG evangelists instead!

James said...

Didn't HWA lecture GTA about his alleged homosexual activity as reported in the Ambassador Reports?

As a young man I recall that HWA was concerned about his sons homosexual predisposition.

k-baradanikto said...

C'mon, gimme a break. You shouldn't believe everything you read. This is a pretty far-fetched story.

Sweetblood777 said...

Ted was a homosexual? Don't believe that one little bit. Ted was a raging bull that couldn't control his sexual lusts, especially for young women.

Anonymous said...

“Horror Story Of An Attempt To Cast 'Gay Demon' Out Of A Church of God Youth”

They probably wouldn’t have any luck casting out his 'lying spirit' either.

That story reads like a homosexual's sadomasochistic fantasy.

The horrors described in the story are what other homosexuals were like and what they did to him. It sounds like the staff and inmates were all a bunch of homosexuals having a sadomasochistic orgy and then using the story of their partying to try to make the Bible look bad somehow. A novel approach.

This is not to say that professing Christians do not do bad things. Roman Catholic priests have a reputation for molesting young boys. Catholics and Protestants do get into all sorts of bad behavior, but the way they behave has nothing to do with the Bible.

Amicable said...

@ anon 12:32
I agree with you, I also do not doubt that he made this up.

Anonymous said...

At least our leaders (HWA/GTAetc.) preferred more normal stuff for their sexual daliances.

Normal, like serial daughter-fucking?

Byker Bob said...

"The Germans" weren't even supposed to do things this bad to "the Laodiceans"! In fact, I seriously doubt that Ron Weinland is even witnessing this sort of thing in the penetentiary.

If this is a true story, the perps need to be arrested and punished, starting with charges for kidnapping. There is nothing therapeutic or rehabilitative about their activities, their behavior is purely based on hatred and is retaliatory. Anyone who believes that you cure homosexuality by homosexual rape is stupid, sick, and criminal.

One wonders if this is the Westboro Baptist version of an ex-gay camp. I don't believe that even Armstrongite ministers would be this cruel and inhumane!


Redfox712 said...

I know little about groups that promise to make gays straight. But I will say this:

I have no doubt in my mind that this story is true. I believe it.

I congratulate this brave man for telling us what happened.

I hope those responsible for this criminal act are exposed and hauled before a court of justice.

Ed said...

I tend to think this wasn't made up. Why would he do that? I have a lot of questions? What COG group did this family belong to? Was it their minister that refered them to this disgusting reform group? How much did the parents know about the disgusting techniques of this group? And the biggest question of all, "How could a religious group that claims to rid people of the demons of homosexuality use perverted acts such as sexual, physical and emotional abuse in their process of exosism? Isn't this extreme hypocracy?

Anonymous said...

This is highly likely to be true. The abuse of gay teens by fundamentalist parents and abusive religious groups is no doubt much more common then most people think. This is just the tip of the iceburg. This is something the DOJ should investigate instead of spending their time going after cops that are tryng to make our cities safer.

fred said...

Did the guy pursue legal action about this? Child abuse charges against his parents? If not why not?
Surely there are others to corroborate his story and the police would have heard other stories along the same lines.

Ron said...

I checked out the Amazon page for James' book. So what if he's a cross dresser. That story was abhorrent. There should be no expiration date for prosecuting those who performed that shocking torture. I doubt James needed to embellish. I also wouldn't be surprised if the perverts who did the acts to him paid for their participation.

I hope he and the law follow through on this:

Let it be know that James has recently discovered the location of this camp and has also found out the names of those who ran it. That may be released by him later as he gathers more information. - See more at:

Anonymous said...

Judging by the terrible things done to this man one would think that this camp was run by ISIS. But no, this camp was or is being run by people who take Christian fundamentalism to the next level. This isn't much different then Muslim fundamentalism is it? Isn't radical Muslim fundamentalism Muslim fundamentalism taken to the next level? A lot of similarities here. As with radical Muslim fundamentalism it seems that this group has a "the end justifies the means" type of thinking no mater how sick and perverted their method is it is justified in a sick and perverted line of reasoning.

When Pat Robertson ran for president he mentioned that he would make Christianity the state religion. Never mind that that would have been clearly unconstitutional,but would that have cleared the way for many more camps like this?

Imagine a Christian theocracy set up in this country. Would that be any different then The Islamic state set up be ISIS in the middle east?

Anonymous said...

Ed wrote, "I tend to think this wasn't made up. Why would he do that?" Because he has deep resentments toward ex-gay groups and wants to shut them down. There is no way I can know for sure whether the story is true or partly true (embellished) or just made up. When I saw the Southern Poverty Law Center ad at the bottom of the page, I couldn't help but have doubts about the story's authenticity.

Black Ops Mikey said...

"I knew the landmarks from my police chase and the many trips we had taken to Shreveport."

I would be very wary about stories like this with embedded statements quoted above.

This story very much looks like something lifted from "Criminal Minds".

There are many psychopaths out there looking for games to play and this story is the sort one would make up: It's great fun to get attention from people who are so wanting to help the downtrodden.

It isn't possible to know from this excerpt. It would be wise to find verification before making any assumptions.

Anonymous said...

If you read his book you will see that he took his parent's car for a joy ride and they called the police on him. Those of us on Facebook where he talks about his life know he is telling the truth. This is what pisses so many Armstrongites off. Their perfect world of Armstrongism is shattered once again by the horrendous actions of his "church" parents.