Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Dave Pack: My HQ Will Soon Be The ONLY Headquarters On The Entire Earth

I was sent this today by a  former Restored Church of God member. Its supposedly a new video from Dave Pack telling how his church is the most superfantabulous Church of God ever to exist and that his headquarters will soon be the ONLY headquarters for the ENTIRE Church of God.  He mocks leaders from a couple other Church of God's that their prayers are fruitless.  Their groups will NEVER be as superfantabulous as his.  Only his god hears his prayers while it ignores those of other COG leaders.

The church and the world is soon to be entranced by the most mind boggling landscaped campus ever built in the existence of humanity.  No campus upon this entire world is as "staggering" beautiful as his.

He claims 100 more employees will soon be jumping ship to work on the most important campus on earth that is doing the ONLY true ministry since the creation of man.

The narcissism and arrogance of Pack is so sickening that it almost clogs your computer up watching this video.


Steve D said...

Are his hand gestures a bit overdone and unnatural? Did he learn this awkward speaking technique in Ambassador/Spokesmen's Club? You are right, he is very difficult to watch and listen to.

DennisCDiehl said...

Dave has learned well from the many Dave!. This time around there is nothing to point to but it will make itself clear. He doesn't have to come up with anything but it will be obvious to everyone. God is responsible to make it clear and will. If it's not clear then it's God's problem, not his. Obviously Dave got burned in his last adventures in the prophetic abuse of scriptures. Dave's idea of clear is the definition, in the thinking man's mind, of mud. Dave is a master at making the Bible mean what it never meant or ever could mean and doing it muddy fine...

PS His sermon on Evolution which no man could question was questionable.

Anonymous said...

“He [David C. Pack] claims 100 more employees will soon be jumping ship to work on the most important campus on earth that is doing the ONLY true ministry since the creation of man.”

This raises all the usual questions, and many more, such as:

1. Does this mean that high-staff-turnover Dave is about to fire another 100 old victims to make room for the 100 new victims?

2. Will these 100 new “employees” be required first to donate enough money to pay their own wages for at least the first year?

3. Will these 100 new slaves have to be flexible enough to work inside and outside too on the grounds like the last batch?

4. Will these 100 new sub-humans have to write and sign lengthy, embarrassing documents that will totally humiliate them and that can be used against them for the rest of their lives and be to their everlasting shame?

5. Will these 100 new intellectually challenged people be morally compromised by being required to claim to have proved from their own Bible and to firmly believe something at this time that Dave will later totally change and expect them to go along with, or will they now just be told from the start that they are expected to go along with whatever doctrinal changes strike Dave's fancy in the future?

6. Does this mean that there are 100 more masochists out there who need to be warned about raging Dave the Apostle, Joshua the High Priest, Elijah the Prophet, and That Prophet (not to mention liar, thief, and butt-hole) because they have not bothered to do their own due diligence before jumping into his trap?

7. After Dave works these 100 new zealots-without-knowledge hard, takes all they have, fires them, and leaves them destitute, will they then use this as an excuse to reject God and the things that the Bible really does say?

Anonymous said...

Attention Wadsworth Giant Eagle shoppers:

“A vast library of literature, cutting edge web sites, initial staff and ministry, headquarters campus, buildings, immense infrastructure of all kinds and more;
an amazing campus, so stunning, so visually beautiful as to stagger the imagination has been built. This truly magnificent campus is almost complete- at just
under a 100 acres, its central features parallel Pasadena and Big Sandy with even some reminders of Bricket Wood: it can comfortably handle over 100 more employees

An extraordinary video filmed last Fall introduces what will soon be everyone’s headquarters- as gorgeous as the campus was then, it has advanced far beyond what
the video reveals. The last polish phase should be done in a couple months; any final buildings would come later.”

There you have it...


Connie Schmidt said...

Dear Dave:

Its now 2016. There are lots of electromagnetic devices around.

So, sorry Dave, but God has my telephone number , Im pretty sure about that, and he call me direct any time he wants to. He can tell me personally what he needs me to know , and he has no need for you to be the intermediary for the information.

Minimalist said...

"...any final campus buildings will come later..." - or more probably NOT

If it wasn't for us - the prophesied End-Time Scoffers,
there would be a much lower hit-count on these Slick Videos

Anonymous said...

And here I thought it all became clear when Dale Schurter joined the RCG. Damn.

Anonymous said...

Why should God want to unit the churches? When the church was a monopoly under Herbie, the ministers could get away with treating the members like super dog crap.
With the break up and competition for members, ministers can only get away with treating members like plain dog crap. Ah, for the good old days which Dave and fellow ministers crave. A Christian is one who follows Christ. No united monopoly church is required.

Byker Bob said...

Whoops! Looks like Dave's been playing mud pies again!


Anonymous said...

Dennis said "This time around there is nothing to point to but it will make itself clear. He doesn't have to come up with anything but it will be obvious to everyone. God is responsible to make it clear and will. If it's not clear then it's God's problem, not his."

Yep, you are right Dennis. He has cast a much wider net this time rather than the old typical "...I'm chopping wood to let others know that I'm chopping wood..."

Black Ops Mikey said...

I want to know where Dale Schurter went.

Anonymous said...

Dave could write the book "How to be a religious cult leader for Dummies."

Anonymous said...

Well, at least Dave is clear.

Well, maybe sort of clear.

Could Dave hold up Scientology's "clear" as a benchmark to be attained?

But, oops! Both Restored's and Scientology's definitions of "clear" aren't exactly clear.

And also, clearly, Scientology kicks Dave's ass in the arena of brainwashing.
Dave's a rather muddled bloke.

Best of luck to those who leave Davey's 'Restored church'.

Connie Schmidt said...

In the past 6 months there have been more sightings of BIG FOOT and UFOs in Ohio than there has been for DALE SCHURTER!

Where is Dale? NCK- is this is the ultimate conspiracy theory? He is the MIA of the COG! Does Pack have him locked in a basement dungeon at one of his new glorious campus buildings?

Now official .... BANNED is offering an award of a FREE lifetime access to this website in exchange for information leading to the finding of DALE SCHURTER and his current status.

Anonymous said...


Apparently he was eaten by a genetically modified soy bean inserted by Monsanto ushering in their version of agricultural Utopia.

On the other hand. He disappeared at about the same time a lot of my postings here disappear. Perhaps he will reemerge if my answer on the "negativity" thread appears. So I am really in need of that free subscription price you offer.

On a serious note since I would not want to lead a woman with questions astray.
Especially not since you are the only UFO I know. (Unidentified Female Object)

As a matter of fact I was just in contact with the FBI. (really) This inspired me to do some research of my own. Dale's linkedin profile indicates he is still connected with RCG key personell. I have doubts this would be possible if he is not still in good standing with them. On the other hand I may have discovered something the COGCIA may have overlooked.

If any new information surfaces rest assured I will collect my award.
And remember. "Don't be a puppet." Thank you!


Packattack said...

No Mr. Schurter and his wife "moved "away and the next week in services we had a sermon about how the both of them were having signs of dementia, like in his sermons he was teaching things he learned in United and he would go over time In his sermons and then Mr Pack said he put goldfish in his pond on the campus on "accident" and ruined some trees,the whole thing was just strange.

DennisCDiehl said...

Dave has often said "it" is perfectly clear when "it" ultimately proves to be perfectly wrong again... He's about run out of bullets for his gun laps, titles for his ego and "send it in" types who can only send it in once and did.

Anonymous said...

Now Mrs Schmidt,

Lest you conclude from the above exchange like an INTELLECTUAL, that ANSWERS were provided through the process of HEGELIAN thesis - anthi thesis - syntheses. You must REALIZE that my AUTHORITY rests in TWO foundations.

First I PROPHESIED that an answer to your question would EMERGE at the very same time another of my postings at the "negativity" thread would MIRACULOUSLY re emerge. This is no COINCIDENCE only those with eyes to see will recognize.

Second foundation is my EXCESSIVE use of CAPS. I'm sure you'll SUBMIT to that truth

Now Mr Packattack shed some MORE light to this ISSUE. Goldfish were involved. Has it not been LONG established tradition that only KOI (ancient ways) CARP is to be used as a sure sign of the ICHTUS.


DennisCDiehl said...

Just a reminder of why Dave knows what he knows and how good he is at knowing it.

2013 is IT.(Repetitive points left out.. # 15 ia my personal favorite

1) ..........Think this through. One does or does not agree with the remnant. God does not—and we do not. The time is now!

2) .....Try to imagine God saying, “Consider your ways, but take your time. There’s no hurry. In fact, take years to think it over—even though you have been out of My Church for 20 years! You don’t have to DO anything now.”

3) Also related, if God waited 2,500 years to reveal the prophecy’s meaning (3,000 years when various related much older Psalms are considered), is not His waiting done? .....

4) Next, why would God wait longer? What would He wait for? The remnant is absolutely ripe for deliverance.

5) ..... Why would God notify His Church of the prophecy’s existence at the very same time our staff is ready, our websites are ready, our literature is ready and even God’s college is ready for more students if the prophecy were not imminent? Why would God notify His Church if HE were not ready?



8) Maturing interest from many in the world due to one year of explosive television expansion requires many more laborers in the ministry by this autumn.

9) The Restored Church of God is experiencing an AWESOME period of growth and development at this time—in the runup period just prior to the prophecy’s fulfillment....

10) If the prophecy did not happen this year, the remnant would remain another year (or more) undergoing ever worsening false ways. Worse off, they would have a commensurate shorter time to spiritually recover before the Tribulation. Think worse condition, less time to recover.

11) If reunification occurred next year (or any year after), those with God’s Spirit would have one more year cut off from God’s Church. This carries the potential for more to quench the Holy Spirit (I Thes. 5:19) and lose salvation.

12) The readers of the Haggai prophecy announcements (this is #21) who believed them would be the most disillusioned and the biggest candidates to QUIT everything if God did not return His people to one House this year! This would work directly against what God is doing—directly opposite His overall purpose.

13) Further desolation (Hag. 1:11; 2:16-17) from God of the splinter “houses” would practically wipe out the few remaining senior leaders in them. This includes pastors and elders, all of whom are NEEDED TO CARRY OUT THE BIG WORK!

14) The onset of all future years would never come with clarity—with any certainty! Would God leave thousands who are now aware of this prophecy in such a condition? Hardly.

15) Next, for those who will see the value of how to pursue spiritual matters, there is this: After fervently seeking God about it, not one reason the prophecy is off this year ever emerged in the minds of even one of our 16 Headquarters ministers! I (we) have NEVER prayed about, studied over, meditated on, fasted about and counseled with other ministers regarding a subject more than this one—in fact no other subject is even close!



18) Since the apostasy, God had not wanted the remnant back in His Church, but now He does.

19) Imagine God not revealing the year the remnant is coming—but only the day and month. Vast amounts of time would have been wasted by His leaders studying and preparing for something that was not imminent. Would God put His Church in such a position?

20) Of interest, God revealed to me during ELUL four years ago my role as the modern Joshua.

21) Also of interest, I and The Restored Church of God learned about the New Testament remnant last ELUL (August). Let’s ask: Would timing of when we were shown the prophecy not be tied to its unique timing of fulfillment during the very next available ELUL?

22) .

23) With God’s people split up, it is now almost impossible to do a powerful Work....

24) World conditions cry out for a big Work NOW!!!—not one or more years from now.

I repeat: There are many more reasons for a 2013 fulfillment

Mark said...

Dave should read Freud. Maybe then he would tone down his use of words such as: huge, immense, impressive, magnificent, amazing.

Byker Bob said...

Point #20, so Dave is sitting on the John, taking a crap as he daydreams, and all of a sudden this revelation of his life's destiny floods his brain. Rather than thinking, "Oh man, that would be just too outrageous and self-glorifying", and rejecting it based on pure common sense, he embraces it, widely shares it, and of course, it fails each successive Elul.

But that's what happens to people who are still intoxicated on Armstrongjism! The drunken "leaders" make outrageous statements, and the drunken masses enthusiastically embrace it all. You could understand people in Haiti and North Korea looking forwards to the Armstrong tribulation as the pressing of the reset button to end their misery, but there is no sane reason to be eagerly anticipating the worst acid-drenched horror movie of all times to be playing out here in the best country on the face of God's green Earth!


R.L. said...

@SteveD: I'd invite you to compare what he does to what the reporters on "Good Morning America" do in the studio over a week. Some of them clearly have been told to gesture early and often - and they make Mr. Pack seem modest.