Monday, August 7, 2017

God's ONLY True End Time Prophet Likes The Idea Of "Burkini's" For Women

Why is it that so many of the ministry of the Church of God are sexually titillated by women in such a way that they need to have women cover up every bare inch of skin so that they, the holy men of God, cannot be tempted.  Are they that weak and immature?  Why is lust such a problem for COG ministers?  It's not like many women would be lusting after these men!

Today, we have God's most knowledgeable right-hand man/boy prophet, approving of the burkini's that many Muslim women wear tot he beach.

Almost-arrested and jailed, Elisha, Elijah, Joshua, Habakkuk, Amos, doubly blessed, apostle, prophet, future martyr, bitter "son" of the late Rod Meredith,  and Chief Overseer, Bob Thiel, has a posting up today about Germany attacking France, because France refuses to allow burkini's on their beaches.

Elijah Thiel wrote this:

The following was reported by the German press:
7 August 2017
A Muslim woman was barred from using a swimming pool at a vacation home in southern France because she wore a burkini bathing suit, the Collective Against Islamophobia in France (CCIF) said on its website. …
The owner of the vacation home told the family that the pool needed to be drained and cleaned since the woman had used it. He then reportedly withheld the family’s 490-euro ($577) deposit in order to pay for the cleaning fees. …
The CCIF dismissed the house owner’s claims that the woman’s suit was unhygienic, as burkinis are made from elastic synthetic fabrics used for wetsuits and other types of swimwear. Burkinis cover all areas of the body except for the face, hands and feet.
Controversy over the full-body swimsuit erupted in France last summer when several communities along the French Riviera banned burkinis on public beaches.
The bans were eventually struck down by France’s highest administrative court, which said they constituted serious and illegal violations of fundamental freedoms.
And then had to add this:

Women should be able to wear full body bathing suits when swimming, etc.
Notice something that the Apostle Paul wrote:
8 I desire therefore that the men pray everywhere, lifting up holy hands, without wrath and doubting; 9 in like manner also, that the women adorn themselves in modest apparel, with propriety and moderation, (1 Timothy 2:8-9)
The idea that women need to be almost totally naked to swim in a pool is wrong.
Promoting lust is wrong, promoting modesty is not. 
Many ministers in the Church of God have had profound issues with lust. They have stalked, molested and raped COG girls and women.  Their hearts have been filled with depravity.  Apparently, Elijah Thiel has some issues he needs to deal with in order to over come the pollution of his heart.

Mark 7:21-23The Message (MSG)

20-23 He went on: “It’s what comes out of a person that pollutes: obscenities, lusts, thefts, murders, adulteries, greed, depravity, deceptive dealings, carousing, mean looks, slander, arrogance, foolishness—all these are vomit from the heart. There is the source of your pollution.


Anonymous said...

Almost Arrested for Mail Fraud Bob thinks boobs are icky, and prefers to look at a man's well-sculpted chest.

Anonymous said...

What's wrong with not being arrested?

Anonymous said...

I had a look at Bob Thiele site. He's claims he's being unjustly picked on by Banned and that it looks like (not definite) God has chosen him as a end time prophet.
What members need is spiritual meat rather than the spiritual milk that the ACOGs have been dishing out for decades. We don't need no lousy prophet. Don't quit your day job Bob.

Hoss said...

There was a schoolboy joke about the priest at the beach; a girl in a bikini came up to him and asked, Don't you recognize me, Father? I'm Sister Mary.
Then in contrast, Seinfeld asked what men thought was 'hot' in primitive cultures where women wore only nose rings.

Anonymous said...

According to his site, he was 'almost arrested' for keeping the day of Atonement when in the armed forces. Then his superiors changed their minds, and gave him permission, so no 'arrest.' personally, big deal. Many members 'almost lost their jobs,' every time they applied for leave to attend the F.O.T. They did this year in and year out.

RSK said...

You keep asking this and we keep answering. Check previous threads.

Hoss said...

Anon 150 - Quick references like HWA, GTA, Six Pack, Packatollah, Ike, JFK, LBJ, Dubya... It's something people like to do. And alliteration, like Almost Arrested, rolls off the tongue.
May I suggest that you offer an alternative? And perhaps choosing a moniker to distinguish yourself from another anonymous again asking already answered, um, questions?

James said...

Women should be able to wear full body bathing suits when swimming, etc....

Well, what does Bob's wife wear when or if they have sex?
A COG prophet designed burka? A tent?

Opinionated said...

Ever since wade cox started preaching his brand of christian muslimism, the cog cults are slowly but progressively leaning towards Islam. Anyone else notice that?

Hoss said...

Some years ago in Australia, the opposite problem was reported: Muslim men at the beach abused girls for "inappropriate dress" (bikinis) and "being without their husbands" in public. This apparently resulted in a two-day rumble between Australian and Muslim men, which became so violent the police hesitated stepping in.
Australia changed in the 1970s from a racist immigration policy to a form of muticulturalism. About 20 years ago, a female MP complained about "too many Asians"; yesterday I heard a BBC report of another female MP complaining about the Islamification of Australia.

Anonymous said...

"The idea that women need to be almost totally naked to swim in a pool is wrong."

personally, I prefer to swim totally naked...try it once and you'll never go back to swim's the most logical way to swim.

I guess some folks can't differentiate between naked and sex....the only reason to be without clothing is for sexual activity....I feel sorry for them.

when Paul says women should dress modestly he means not to dress like a harlot...

acceptable clothing varies from culture to culture....what one finds acceptable, another finds scandalous....

clothing is about is trying to hide ourselves from God anyway, because of sin.
(I know that weather extremes factor into it as well...that's why God made clothing for Adam & Eve, life outside the garden wouldn't be a nice as it was inside)

Anonymous said...

11.18 PM
Wonderwoman and other female superheroes dress like harlots. Yet no one seems to mind. Hmm, the apostle Paul will insist that these movies be banned. Watch them while you can folks.

Byker Bob said...

Of course Thiel would approve. We have to remember that there is commonality amongst religions that would yank human culture back to the Bronze Age. They don't
fantasize about their Millennium being like the Jetsons. They see their reward as framed by the culture of the second temple, just as Muslims visualize returning to the times of Mohammed.


RSK said...

Have you seen working harlots in real world? They tend to go with sweatsuits; its easier to do their business and get it back on before any nosy gendarmes show up.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:07 wrote "..What members need is spiritual meat rather than the spiritual milk that the ACOGs have been dishing out for decades..."
Spiritual Milk is okay for awhile, but there comes a point of time when that weaning comes to an end.
Not only does that milk not cease, but the xcog leaders then provide us with Spiritual Junk Food masquerading as strong Meat, such as their "another Jesus" that is 100% man Plus some fraction of God, sometimes referred to as some "God in the flesh."
Such as "another gospel" where members compete with one another for future Kingdom positions and offices...and strive to beat out elderly effectual fervent praying widows also competing to Get some top position.
Then there is the Junk Food of "soon coming" Great Tribulation, 10 kings/nations, their Jesus, their Mickey Mouse Millennium, their this and that.
Junk Food can taste really good, but there is virtually no worthwhile nourishment. It is fake food for the most part.
Then there is "Spiritual" Bob Thiel masquerading as fill in the blank, but time will tell...


P.S....oh, those Bob Thiel blanks just keep on a coming, b/c for him and the xcog fake professing churches time is by day

Former CoG idiot said...

Bob would not attract women at all. He is lucky he found someone to marry him.Most of the ministry of the CoG's are.

Having said this, modesty to Bob means covering up women head to toe but I am sure that, like Dave Pack, he himself would trot around in bathing trunks without a shirt and with scrawny, hairy legs and barf inducing dough belly over hang exposed for comic for all the world to see.
There is nothing immodest about women's bodies at all and burkini's are dangerous to swim in as being fully clothed in water is dangerous for swimming.
Many pools ban them for that very reason. In the old days, women in the West wore long cumbersome suits and stockings that dragged them down in the water.
Long dresses and layers of underclothing made exercise impossible.

The churches of 'god' are sexually disturbed. From spanking(which has sexual implications and if you read up on that you will find this out) to controlling women through hair length and clothing it is a sexually repressed organization.
Modesty is nice and important but has nothing to do with bikinis or swimsuits.
Requiring dresses and skirts do they can hobble women and keep them sexually available rather than encourage pants that truly are modest especially in today's society of climbing in and out of cars, etc.
Ignore the CofG and Bob dough boy Thiel.

And Bob.. the tribulation was in 70AD just as Christ and his apostles said it would be: in their lifetime.
The apostles weren't wrong.You are. Isn't that a novel idea? You being wrong and the Apostles being right? Hmmm.

Anonymous said...

Yes Boob Theil it is what comes out of a person that pollutes.
Like staring at a woman's breasts,God given for nourishing children as drooling over them as sex objects.
Or like making her legs into sex objects, or her belly or etc.
Nakedness is not immodest. It is the mind which interprets the body that is immodest Bobby boy.
And by the way, don't show your bare chest or your belly until you have a sixpack loser.

I served Thiel pork in LCG said...

Thiel has always been prudish in his actions when he was in LCG. Some said he would make a good Isis member considering how he wanted to cover up all the women and girls in the church. Bare skin seems to be titillating to far too many church ministers.

Anonymous said...

In reply to opinionated comment at 5.57, that is very interesting comment, I will certainly be on the look out for any such leaning.

nck said...


Me thinks opinionated is mixing Armstrongist Victorianism with Islam even if the late 19th century founder was battling that culture in his own manner. (through MDSx, female admission college etc...)

I have written extensively before that the roots of COG ism and Islam do intersect.
The very meaning of the word Islam means to submit to God. How many times do you hear "to submit" in a COG as compared to Jimmy Swaggart's preaching.

The roots of both Islam and COG intersect at the early christians having fled the Holy Land and find refuge and employ among the orthodox jews in the Arabian lands.
Muhammed did not just "invent" a new religion in a vaccuum you know. That just doesn't happen.

Exactly in the same manner, many believe Buddha statues to be "Eastern", while in reality the first known Buddha statues are inspired on Hellenistic statues brought along with Alexander the Great.

And guess what. Many people believe Nazareth to be some impoverished mountaineous village inhabited by poor carpenters. While in reality it was strategically located next to one of the Capital Cities of the Roman empire along the main trade routes EAST and West. Many assume Dr Hoeh was "strange" in his leanings and introduction of Buddhist thought into WCG culture and doctrine. While in reality Jesus's own philosophy might have been heavily influenced by the traders he MUST have encountered in that important city he had learned to impress the temple scolars of his day on a very young age.

DD knows the name of that huge and important city next to Nazareth and it is not mentioned ONCE in the bible.


Anonymous said...

@ 1:42 AM

As a craftsman, Jesus would have found much more business in the bustling regional capital Sepphoris than in his sleepy hometown of Nazareth.

nck said...



Regional capital city along main routes of trade and intersection of peoples and philosophies of the empire and especially from outside the empire.

That is why the temple priests were surprised at the depth of thinking of this "young lad from the hills."