Thursday, December 8, 2011

Lying For God: What Adventists Knew And When They Knew It!

As much as the various harlot daughters of Armstrongism deny it, the Church of God is an off shoot of Adventism that was tied into the false prophecies of William Miller.  The COG and Adventism are both harlot daughters of Millers utterings.

The 227 page book is here:  Lying For God: What Adventists Knew and When They Knew It

Some excerpts:

Every Saturday, a goodly number of SDA pastors preach sermons about things they know could not possibly be true. Every Monday through Friday SDA University professors of history and religion teach things they know are nothing more than fairy tales. They understand that they would be fired if they acknowledge what they know. For example, no Adventist Hebrew scholar would dare to teach his students what Genesis 2, Exodus 16, and Exodus 20 have to say about the origins and proper application of the Sabbath concept.

Sabbatarianism develops when a proof-texting approach to Bible study is utilized that ignores the major themes, concepts, and principles of the Bible. Its greatest single cause is an unfortunate ignorance of the nature of God's Law and the way New Testament writers, and especially St. Paul, thought and wrote about the LAW. For this reason your authors have spent a lot of time researching and presenting a biblical view of the Law as it would have been understood by St. Paul. Additionally we demonstrate that a few SDA theologians have betrayed their awareness of these principles by mentioning them in their own work.
You are about to embark on a theological adventure that is stranger than fiction. Like the J.R.R. Tolkien epic series, The Lord of the Rings, explores the self-destructive nature of evil, Lying for God examines the nearly unfathomable mystery of how a long string of men and women who appeared to be honorable in nearly every other way could stultify their consciences and place the good of the institution of Adventism above truth itself– deceiving themselves and others into believing that the end (preserving the Church) justified the means (deception). Whether reading our book leads you to renounce Sabbatarianism or not, you will at least be led ask yourself why “truth” has to be shored up by a vast web of tightly woven lies.
The last place on Earth you would go to look for the TRUTH about the Sabbath is the Seventh-day Adventist Church itself. Since its leaders and workers depend on the Church for their income, they are only interested in preserving the belief model that helps them to continue to receive their denominational salaries. Going to the Church would be like going to the manufacturers of artificial tanning equipment or the owners of tanning salons to get the truth about the dangers of artificial tanning.


DennisCDiehl said...

"Every Saturday, a goodly number of SDA pastors preach sermons about things they know could not possibly be true. Every Monday through Friday SDA University professors of history and religion teach things they know are nothing more than fairy tales."

The Adventists did not invent this reality. Happens in all churches of all denominations in all seminaries every day.

This is very often the definition of religious instruction.

Byker Bob said...

On another forum Gary and I both participated in, we had an old guy who was constantly proof texting on his theory that Jesus did not pre-exist as God with God. Though this belief is certainly not rooted in Armstrongism, probably, if he had never been exposed to Armstrongism, this gentleman would never have learned to manipulate and twist to get around the obvious meaning of scripture to "prove" his one God theory.

What occurred to me as I read his posts, was all the things which we lose from Christianity if we believe that Jesus was a created being, rather than having pre-existed with God. So, ultimately, although this was not his intention, this gentleman ended up strengthening my faith rather than changing my opinion! Sometimes you learn a much more powerful lesson by appearing to take a very key ingredient away, thereby demonstrating what is sorely missed as a result! Armstrongism did this same thing through its denial that the Holy Spirit is an interactive being with feelings and personality.

The ultimate consequence of Armstrongism is that one is left with physical legalism, and very minor personal interaction with God on a spiritual level. Therefore, it never delivers, people end up feeling ripped off, or part of a bogus experience which somehow never delivered, and conclude that belief or Christianity is a total sham.


NO2HWA said...


No one ever has gotten through to him about his 'created creature" he claims to follow. All of his proof-texting and seminars with the One God folk still cannot give him any credibility.

There are some on Facebook WCG Survivors group that are spouting Armstrongite catch phrases a lot lately. "Truly converted" people would not be keep Christmas. "Spiritually mature" people would be sabbath keepers. On and on the list goes. They are tiring to read any more. They can only find information on the web that supports their view and will not consider any other information refuting it as valid.

xHWA said...

Oh... Tell me about it, N2!

Byker Bob said...

One of the nagging questions I had about the ACOGs as I re-examined and returned to belief was, with all the things we know were wrong, what if they were actually right about the sabbath? Because of this, I've read a number of papers over the past five years, none of which were completely satisfying.

Although "Lying for God...." seems at time to be unneccessarily repetitious, this paper does contain information which I found to be new and fresh, and for those who have nagging questions such as the one I've expressed, I believe you will find resolution to the sabbath issue.

It's a must read, and the final coffin nail to the false teachings of Armstrongism! As Paul always said, there is much freedom in Jesus Christ!