Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Apostle Malm: FOR SHAME Those of You That Packed Your Suitcases On the Last Great Day!

Apostle Malm is back from celebrating his Feast of Legalism and is pissed once again at those who defiled his Feast of Law.  You sinning morons that started traveling on the "eighth day" or paid your hotel bill are spitting in the face of God.  You bad, bad people!

The Eighth Day, which is the first day AFTER the Feast of Tabernacles:  Is a High Holy Day,  Lev 23:36.   It is a Holy Convocation. You shall do no servile work (work of any kind)  therein.

For generations now, The Church of God has made it a practice to hold services early, on the Eighth Day;  to facilitate the travel plans of their members.  People claiming to be converted Godly people:  have paid bills, packed belongings, cleaned their temporary dwellings and traveled on this High Holy Day.  And their ministers have encouraged this in word and deed.

FOR SHAME:  This is a DISGRACE and a blot on your garments.  The Eternal will not hold you guiltless for defiling His Holy Time.  Repent quickly and turn from this wickedness;  lest ye be corrected.

Church people even purchase goods and services on Sabbath and Holy Days, especially in restaurants.  


Douglas Becker said...

Yes, you should have your mind cleared for all the false prophecy and heresy possible, without having to worry about getting home.

Assistant Deacon said...

Malm is an ink blot on my garments.

Anonymous said...

For years WCG never understood that people need to get home and back to jobs they somewhat worried about having when they got back from the Feast. It is one thing to have a service near home and another to spend 8 days in a galaxy far far away. I appreciated the one service on the LGD and then folk could head home instead of spending yet another night and another day away from work. Ministers at the feast, of course, could meander home and kill off the rest of the week as Sabbath was their next responsibility and no one wanted a visit the week after the feast.

Malm is an idiot who gets too much press. I want a picture of the man to see who we are dealing with.

M.T. Drawers

Byker Bob said...

Yet he never says a thing against farting on the sabbath! I just don't get it.