Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Sign: Deifying A Man

There is a new online movie that is getting the uber-conservative Armstrongites all weepy-eyed.  It brings back the glory days of the empire at it's greatest.  A position that not a single one of the 700 some splinter cults has ever been able to achieve.  Flurry has not done it.  His experiment has placed him on the verge of bankruptcy.  Dave Pack has not done it.  Even with his stupendously incredible web site he is not drawing in new members, other than a few here and there that defect from other COG's.  Meredith certainly has not done.  His group is on the verge of a major internal struggle as his health declines.

The people that are still stuck in the 1980's believe that Herbert was the world's most important man.  So much so that your salvation is dependent on what you think of him.  Herbert has been raised to the same level as Jesus.  Herbert's message was just as important as the one Jesus proclaimed, yet has been rejeced just as Jesus was rejected.

The Sign fulfilled prophecy (not the movie of course but the actual preaching the gospel) as did the Voice Crying Out.

The understanding of this is why many cannot see why some believe in the End Time Elijah. Of course think about those that were alive to see Jesus in person, those that saw the miracles, heard His voice and still did not believe.

If they did not believe Jesus was Christ how can we expect even many of those who once were affiliated to believe that Mr. Armstrong was The Elijah to Come.

Think of all those that were alive to see Mr. Armstrong in person, heard him on radio, watched him on television. Those today in the various organizations that scoff at those that are steadfast in their beliefs, those that refuse to return to their first love, those that were never truly converted to begin with.

The Sign is of great import. Understanding that preaching the True Gospel to all nations after it had not been preached for over 1900 years is very important.

For those not Keeping His Commands, it seems impossible for them to grasp the truth.

For those that have fallen away, sadly the end cannot come unless this happens and it has.

A barf bag may be necessary after  viewing this.


Anonymous said...

Did I hear this correctly? HWA was God's messenger and God would not allow him to die until the mission has been completed. Since HWA has died, did they mean to suggest that the mission of preaching the Gospel is finished and those who are members need to hold fast til the return of Jesus? If HWA completed the mission, why are the splinter groups preaching it 26 years later?

Anonymous said...

HWA failed to understand Paul said the same things about himself and was wrong. Early authors were wrong about themselves and the times they lived in. The NT is full of called disciples and apostles that God was done with and there was more to do and the "soons" were very wrong.

Nice music. Memories of things that seemed right at the time as they always do...

Anonymous said...

I saw The Sign and it opened up my mind!
And I am happy now living without you
I've left you, oh-oh-OH!
I saw The Sign and it opened up my eyes
I saw The Sign

-Ace of Base

Anonymous said...

It's convenient that the creator of this PCG-like propaganda video has disabled comments otherwise I'm sure the points made would be totally refuted by various Christians, including ex-WCG members.

For starters there was no one single "sign" Christ gave in His Olivet prophecy. But, if you want to single out Matt. 24:14 as "the sign" and take it out of context by applying it to HWA then by all means go ahead. But, it wouldn't make you right anymore than if you had applied it to Billy Graham or Jim Bakker or Benny Hinn or even the guy preaching out on the corner of West and 54th Streets each Sunday. The truth is that Matt. 24:14 would more than likely be applied to the future ministry of the Two Witnesses (Rev. 11:3) and/or the First Angel or Messenger (Rev. 14:6) rather than be retroactively applied to HWA and his failed movement.

2ndly, HWA's overseas junkets visiting foreign leaders at WCG-members expense isn't proof of divine approval or fulfilled prophecy otherwise you could use the Catholic Pope doing the exact same thing every year as proof too. He didn't even "preach the gospel" to these leaders anyway. They were simply a marketing ploy by a great salesman to give the impression that he was fulfilling prophecy to his naive followers and as a means of recruiting more members.

3rdly repeating the opinions of HWA in his co-worker letters or booklets to back up the myth that he was fulfilling Bible prophecy isn't proof. It's just plain sad! It's like repeating the mad ravings of Weinland and saying that he fulfilled all the various Bible prophecies he's alleged to have fulfilled in the past 5-10 years! Just because you believe it or want to believe it, doesn't make it so anymore than wanting to believe Obama or Romney's promises of rescuing America.

Finally, the video creator believes that the actions of those who worked closely with and supported HWA in public prove that they didn't really believe God was working through him in private. Obviously they saw through him and his errors, deception, nepotism, deviancy, failed prophecies, corruption and other character flaws to realize that he wasn't who he--or his followers--claimed he was. But, those deep within the cults continue the fraud just like so many insiders within Scientology or Catholicism and other cults know the awful truth about their institutions and the abuse they perpetrate on unsuspecting victims, but don't do anything to expose it or end it otherwise they'll be out of a job tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

I am an ex-WWCG member and a current COGWA member.
HWA did not mislead anyone. He preached EXACTLY what is in the BIBLE. How is that misleading anyone?
"Worldly Christians" say that Tithing is evil and if you Tithe, you are in a cult. Hogwash!! God commands us to tithe.
HWA built a Church- founded on exactly what the Bible says...word for word!!!!
You..need to read and pray on the word of God. Do NOT believe what a man tells you, believe what the Bible tells you. The Bible is God breathed and inspired. God can not lie, neither can the Bible.