Monday, January 28, 2013

Bob Thiel: Some COG Folk Think Prophet Thiel A Potential Tool Of Satan

Those of us here are not the only ones that think prophet Thiel is off his rocker.  Even Apostle Malm thinks prophet Thiel is bonkers.  That distrust of prophet Thiel extends further into the COG's.

One web COG blog is reporting this about prophet Thiel:

I think Bob Thiel is playing with fire. The only thing that protects him now from receiving false visions and dreams from Satan and his demons, even signs and wonders that come to pass, is God's restraint of Satan.

I am sure Satan would love to use Bob Thiel as a tool to deceive people in the Church of God. I am sure he would love to give him dreams, visions, and messages predicting things that Satan knows will happen, so that when Bob Thiel publishes these messages, and then they come to pass with an accuracy that cannot be explained except by supernatural influence, people will then think of Bob Thiel as a prophet, and he will be confirmed in his own mind and strengthened in his opinion that he is a prophet. Then, once Satan has set him up this way, he will be able to use Dr. Thiel to deceive those in the Church of God who regard him as a prophet, and he can use him to pull people out of any organization that is effectively preaching the gospel and the Ezekiel warning, which Satan hates.

Poor prophet Bob!  He just cannot earn any respect from anyone.  It must be really humiliating and frustrating at the same time, but to then be labeled as a tool of Satan, OUCH! 


Anonymous said...

If there was a Satan it would be a great opportunity to confuse more humans, but no such luck. Bob will have to confuse them on his own and on his own time. He doesn't need anyone to help him make this stuff up as he goes. That's just how it works

Humans are quite naturally capable of doing all their own dirty work without help from beyond.

The only solution is for a more perfect kind of love to cast out the dumbass fear that motivates just about everyone. Fear is the true opposite of love. Hate is just the action fear takes to protect itself.

Louis Cee Furr

Head Usher said...

Out of the entire population of "worldly" and "deceived" people (as the COGs condescend to everyone else) you would think that satan could find a sharper tool in the toolbox than BT. I'm afraid that if there were a lord of darkness, he wouldn't be able to do much damage with him. It's kinda like trying to vandalize someone's car with a pillow. Maybe if you get all the stuffing at the very tip? Nope, not even then.

What a stupid idea "satan" is, too. We've got one god who's responsible for all the good, and another one who's responsible for all the evil. You would think that would get us off the hook, but no. How is this not different from all the ancient pagan religions? Just adjust downward the number of gods, but other than that, it all works exactly the same way.

Anonymous said...

Must be hard times in the Satan world. His hiring standards have really dropped with the acquisition of BT it appears.

Joe Moeller
Cody, WY

Byker Bob said...

Why would Satan skip over Bob Thiel. Satan, after all, has very powerfully used the rest of the Armstrong movement in spreading false prophecy, thwarting the workings of the Holy Spirit through their intrusive and cruel authoritarian method of governance, spreading racial prejudice and calling it "God's Way", killing members through false teachings about the medical profession, fomenting hatred towards the Catholic Church, breaking up good, functional families in several different ways, and preaching a concept of God as being some sort of horrible Orwellian monster.

Armstrongism is doing at least some of Satan's bidding around the world, so why would Bob Thiel somehow be exempted?


Anonymous said...

All I can say is if this is true, Satan better work on a couple of things. Things like Thiele's presentation and speaking ability come to mind.

Anonymous said...

LOL, I doubt Satan is needed to foment hatred towards the Catholic Church.....they've done a good job of it already between helping so many Nazis escape, murdering so many people in the name of Jesus, and raping so many boys.

Anonymous said...

"....preaching a concept of God as being some sort of horrible Orwellian monster."

Uh, that's the Bible, not Armstrongism.

Paul Ray