Sunday, January 27, 2013

Prophet Thiel In Church Wide Sermon Preaches Against Silly Atheists

Here is the prophet with his latest sermon.  Get a load of his simplistic explanation of evolution as he pours water on a rock in an effort to make fun of atheists.

I still am in awe of his amazing sermon sets.  Love the ragged Greek Interlinear bibles and commentaries in the back ground. Yes Prophet, you are EDUCATED!  Woo!


Anonymous said...

What a fool. Any kid can watch good science well done on YouTube and put this jerk to shame. I am usually a fairly balanced, live and let live guy, but this jerk is beyond ignorant of paleontology, evolutionary studies, the origin of life and human beings.

The problem is they get to give the sermons and won't take quesitons.

DennisCDiehl said...

It is painful to watch this ignorant fool

Anonymous said...

Oh my! Look at that book case!

This guy will go to any lengths to make himself look credible! It's really very amusing! If he really was confident on what he thinks he knows, he wouldn't go through so much to change the books in the bookshelf! Check out all his videos and look how the bookshelf changes. Why do you think he feels the need to do that? Because somehow, he has to have something to make himself look scholarly because, well, his words alone just aren't cutting it.

I need to hook up my camera, go to the local library, get a ton of textbooks, get that exact bookshelf, dress up in like "Q" in Star Trek, and
make a satire channel on Thiel. I could call it "The Continuum Church of God". LOL! That would be too much fun.

Someone needs to submit this stuff to one of those sites that make this stuff popular and watch the real critics and the real educated people begin their "evaluation" of the video.

Anonymous said...

any theologically trained human being would simply be left with "WTF?"

Anonymous said...

"One of the reasons God is so great is that he gave up his son..."

Ummm, for a weekend. Aren't sacrfices supposed to stay dead?


Anonymous said...

And if God doesn't exist, then there's no reason to give money to preachers.

Of course, even if God does exist, there isn't any good reason to give money to preachers if they are heretics and provably wrong.

And especially if they give sermons where the either the camera is on tilt or the speaker and his bookcase are. Where is this, his living room. Acoustics are terrible. And if he were in spokesman club, the Overall Evaluator would tell him that he needs to lower his voice and use more masculine gestures and maybe even suggest that he is not an appropriate man to give opening and closing prayer at services -- an evaluation suggesting something like low T.

Anonymous said...

Bob Thiel

"an eternity that shall last forever."

Lol...I hate it when eternity lasts for just a few hundred years!!!

What a dork

Corky said...

If we lived on a spherical earth, people on the bottom would be standing on their heads or walking around upside down. Trees would grow upside down, perhaps with their leaves in the ground and the roots in the air...

Away with this heretical idea of a round earth, it's a physical impossibility for people to be living upside down...the antipodes would fall off the earth into the sky.

Brought to you by the brilliant conclusion of the Catholic church before Galileo and Newton.

Corky said...

This guy is so unbelievably ignorant of what evolution is that in order to have anything to knock down he has to just make up stuff and drag strawmen out of his a$$.

This nut thinks that atheists believe these strawmen he just makes up out of thin air. And, that's just the first 5 minutes of the video, I couldn't listen to it any longer than that.

Atheists have no purpose? Wait 'til I tell my 5 kids that they're not really here...procreation is a purpose, right? Even if the only purpose is keeping someone else from being alone and lonely, in that we all share a purpose.

Atheists believe they suffer no consequences for our actions? Are you crazy? Has anyone jumped off a cliff in defiance of gravity or jumped in a lake without knowing how to swim and think there are no consequences?

Oh, I get it, he means the consequences for not believing in his God. Yeah, atheists should be as ignorant as he is about the world and how things really are, I get it now.

The consequences are being tossed into a burning lake of fire that is just as imaginary as his God and comes straight out of 1Enoch and not out of the OT canon. But, he should know that it is a valley of fire and not a lake of fire as it is in the Apocalypse of John.

Oh, but I keep forgetting, atheists are sooooo ignorant of "God's Word".

But fear, FEAR, my friends, because some 1900 years ago the Pope known as Peter said, "the end of all things is at hand". And we can damn sure see that it was...

Byker Bob said...

Something wonderful happens in one's life when one responds to Revelation 3:20, no doubt about it.

However, you can't simply dismiss everything coming from atheistic sources just because atheists function in an environment where God is not acknowledged or appreciated. As a believer, I recognize that some of the contributions which atheists have made to our pool of knowledge are absolutely critical and essential.
Atheist does not automatically mean evil, and there are many atheists who arrived at their position not due to damage by false teachers, and whose primary goal is not one of destroying the beliefs of others.

Einstein and Newton have oft been cited as being believers. Galileo was also a believer who was simply appalled that his church would persist in error due to man's interpretation of scripture.


Anonymous said...

Bob is an excellent promoter for how stupid the Bible can be when left to the interpretation of fools

Corky said...

Yeah Bob, Rev. 3:20 says that Jesus had already returned - which is the same thing that John says in the gospel of John (20:17, 20:27). So, when next Jesus comes from heaven it will be the third coming, no?

Anonymous said...

"....where God is not acknowledged..."

It isn't our fault, Bob. He is not acknowledged for the same reason leprechauns are not acknowledged (or Thor, or Allah, or Vishnu, for that matter). If a bit of evidence were provided, that would all change. Now appreciated is another matter. Jehovah doesn't get props simply because he exists. He'll have to earn the appreciation, and if the Bible is true then he'll have much convincing to do, given his penchant for murdering babies.

Paul Ray

Redfox712 said...

Regarding Corky's 10:27 comment, I do not wish to offend, yet I will say that it is my understanding that people throughout the Middle Ages knew the Earth was round. But they were under the impression that it was impossible to reach the other side due to natural obstacles.

What Galileo and the Vatican were arguing about was whether it was the Earth or the Sun that was in the center of the Solar System.

The idea that people in the Middle Ages thought the Earth was flat is a modern day myth that started in the 19th Century. It is completely inaccurate.

But alas the idea is so indelibly imprinted upon modern society.

I thought this was true myself. When I learned otherwise I remember feeling like I had been scammed. It was not pleasant.

One time I even read a textbook about Antactica for a course I was doing and it said, most insistently, that Middle Age people thought the Earth was flat. If even our teachers think this, what hope do those of us striving to make a living have in not being fooled?

It seems so difficult for us modern day people to believe that. But it is so. Everyone knew the earth was round in the middle ages, but everyone today thinks they thought it was flat. Any specialist in medieval history knows they knew the Earth was round.

Anonymous said...

These comments cracked me up!
The Holy Spirit came upon me and I rolled around on the floor while the gifts of Tongues and Holy Laughter were upon me.

All I can say is, THANK GOD FOR THE TEXAS BOARD OF EDUCATION, which has been inserting Wonderful Christian Craziness into textbooks, while battling against Satan's tool of critical thinking!

Anonymous said...

Critical thinking is not one of the issues most fundamentalist's and COG types have to contend with.

Corky said...

Redfox, "Everyone" didn't think the earth was spherical. It was argued back and forth for centuries, beginning with Pliny the Elder. Some thought the earth was flat and circular and some thought that the earth was spherical but that it was absurd that people lived in the "Antipodes".

Generally, the more educated believed the earth was spherical from the time of Augustine. However, there were those who called it heresy.

Even Augustine thought it was ridiculous that people could live upside down on the other side of the earth even though he conceded that the earth might be spherical.

The question wasn't finally settled until the circumnavigation of the earth by Ferdinand Magellan in 1521.

See "Flat Earth" on Wikipedia for a good article on this subject.

I'm going to continue to assume that, since it was the "educated" people who accepted the spherical earth theory, that the uneducated didn't. Kind of like today with the theory of evolution, it's the more educated who accept it as true, the less educated deny it.