Thursday, January 17, 2013

E.W.King: It's Now Time To Withdraw Your Chidlren From Babylonian Public Schools and Homeschool Them

Poor E. W. King.  Such a world class prophet and no one pays any attention to him!  The world is going to hell and people are not interested in his message.
*We are living in interesting times. Times of stress and great anxiety. Some things we see happening in school’s today…the violence and drug use. Has any pagan noticed that the violence is with children? This means there is something wrong with the parents. If you own guns in your homes with young children, shouldn’t you have the guns locked up in a safe place? Children are a reflection of their parents. Then you have idiots like Piers Morgan on CNN [Communist News Network] attacking the United States Constitution. Indeed, there is only one true REMNANT left of God’s people. It is time to stand up and speak out! For true Christians it is time to speak forth the true Commandments of God. It is time to return to true doctrine. The pagan religious systems are destroying this great nation. [It started with latter-day Rome]
I have warned for three years now and will warn here again: True Christians please Home School your children! Get them out of Babylonian public schools!
Living in the mountains I have learned to take care of myself. Most people today couldn’t survive if the banks shut down or all electricity was shut off. They would panic. Are young men today taught how to kill their own food? Take care of their own families? No! They have no true survival skills. They would panic if they could no longer use their cell phone. They would panic if their ATM card no longer worked. This is the frightening world that we are living in.
Isolating ones self away from civilizations also causes many men to go crazy.  Case in point.....

According to King present society is all on drugs or addicted to their computers:

*People have relied on electronic devices to the point that they no longer have natural skills of survival. These people who write all these ‘New Age’ books sit in front of their computers drinking coffee [or an ‘energy drink’] and come across like they have ‘all the answers’. They would cry like little babies if their computers were taken away from them or even their cell phones. They need drugs and electronic gadgets to live. They know no other life style

Because humanity's too busy drinking their lattes or energy drinks they are failing to see King's extraordinary prophetic warnings and he is NOT happy!

A rude awakening is coming to this nation according to the Bible. People who have not been paying attention are in for a great shock! We are approaching the “Great Tribulation”. The Bible warns about what is just around the corner…but nobody is listening!
I warned in my last year predictions for 2013 : “Air wars will happen with military jets & drones involving more than three countries. These wars [air wars] will continue to become a norm. Militaries will try and rule the skies. America will announce a new ‘space program’. We will see navel battles. The ocean has yet to be conquered! All of this will bring new standards and world boundaries along with new naval technology. Big countries will fight for border definitions. World War 3 will be discussed!”

If you have been visiting this BLOG [COGSR] and have been reading EVERY ARTICLE you KNOW what we have been proclaiming is TRUE! You are without excuse! Why not study with us? LOOK, we here at COGSR take very seriously our Great Commission.
Those left in the true Conservative “parties” will be attacked by the liberals to the point that they [the “Controllers” -liberals] will try and take away our right to “free speech”. 
*Be aware, there are people out there that want to kill children [abortion], destroy marriage [with ‘homosexual marriage’], take people’s right to protect their families away from them [take your guns], and want BIG GOVERNEMENT to control what size soda you wish to buy. These are scary people! Adolf Hitler did this and now, some in the American government are trying to do this. True Christians…please do not give up your freedoms! Stand up and fight for what is right!
May God show His mercy upon you.
Yes, you stupid morons, for failing to listen to my warnings may God be merciful as he punishes you.


Anonymous said...

E.W. You are a god haunted moron. Grow up. Leave people alone and get a life. We don't care what you think and you have no special insights a monkey could not come up with in our day and age.

Anonymous said...

He simply seems to have the same personality the rest of the so-called "leaders" in the little itty bitty COG's seem to have.

"God is speaking through ME! He's speaking through ME! And he has sent me here so I could tell you the TRUTH!!!!"

That quote is from HWA himself, and it seems everyone else has the same ego. Course, HWA was completely wrong, and so are they, but do they see it? No of course not. What's even more shocking is people actually fall for this stuff. But then, so did the rest of us.

Anonymous said...

In a recent talk I heard Mr. E.W.King refer to Bob Thiel as an “implant”. He was put into the “church” to try and disrupt all the so called “splinter groups”. He works for higher officials and tries to stop the true organization of Christ’s church. He does this through arrogance of education.

I hope Mr.King begins to expose Mr. Thiel soon in his theological writings.


Anonymous said...

Have any of you read Mr. King's recent Africa prophecy? Hhhmmmm

Anonymous said...

King's anger at not being taken seriously is quite common to some of the more delusionary COGer's who have set up various websites to "warn the world" in typical HWA fashion. I've occasionally seen a few of them.

M. John Allen is one. And there are MANY others out there in Internetland just like King and Allen - fanatical raving "prophets" without an audience! And eventually they get so pissed because virtually nobody pays any attention to their loony proclamations and baseless assertions.

Questioning their ideologies, though, never seems to occur to them - they just HAVE to be true and accurate. I mean, after all, they're inspired by God, right?

Anonymous said...

King exposing Theil? LOL! An admission of the "wars" between the COG's in full glory.

Throughout the COG spectrum of time: Weinland writing about the others. Pack writing about others. Thiel writing about Meredith. And the list goes on and on and on, splinters fighting splinters, groups exposing groups, COG after COG after COG. Now calling for King to "expose Thiel". How many of you that are still in COG's think all this fighting within the COGs is unity? How many would agree it's absolute division? How many would say there is underlying hatred and competition? Hhhmmmm. I think there's a lot of negativity, darkness, competition, jealousy, ego, power struggles, intrigue, and self-importance that the COG people just do not want to see, or admit to. And this HOPING for one false leader to expose another false leader certainly in my mind justifies and shows the "spirit" if you will that is REALLY controlling the COGs. And some just fall right into the doggone trap like a dog lunging for a bone.

No unity. Just people saying "Ive got the truth, come to me, Ive got the truth, come to me, Im a prophet, Im a this, Im a that, and NONE of them pointing to Christ. IF you don't see something wrong with this picture, then something's more wrong then you can ever imagine.

Anonymous said...

I looked at the King's webpage. I was under the impression that he led a group at least. From what I could tell he is just a dude with a webpage with some of his teachings. Talk about thinking way to highly of oneself. His prophecies are laughable.

Anonymous said...

Amateur psychologists should take a look at E.W. King's blurb about himself. It doesn't inspire confidence.

Painful Truth said...

I predict currency wars followed by trade wars for 2013. EW King predicts what?

Anonymous said...

Mr. E.W. King (and note he frequently refers to himself as Mr.) writes on his site, just to inform potential readers that he's no ordinary preacher:

"I will say that my calling involves more than a common teacher of God's word."

Many of these websites are indeed one man shows, though very frequently the writing on them says things like "For those who wish to become a part of this worldwide ministry" in order to project the impression that a sizable group is involved and backing it.

I know for a fact that numerous such websites are run under this deceptive pretense. Obviously, these desperate prophet wannabes WISH they had a large following. But "wishing don't make it so!" Frankly, I think the bulk of these folks are sincere, but nonetheless suffering from serious cases of narcissism and/or other forms of undiagnosed mental issues.

I personally knew of one guy who had such a website (though I don't think it's around anymore) and on it he unashamedly proclaimed to be THE sole remnant of the true church. Just himself! And the rest of us poor ignorant fools better follow him or they'll be severely punished by God.

These guys are all the same - as they all come from the same kettle of fish.

Anonymous said...

Also from E.W. King's website:

“Christian Reality...the spin stops here!”

Yeah, right, E.W. I'm just sure there's no spin or deception whatsoever to your numerous claims!

Anonymous said...

E.W.'s spoutings sound like something that would come from an odd mixture of Christian fundamentalism, conspiracy theory with some survivalist practices thrown in for good measure.

Head Usher said...

Sounds like any number of right-wingnut religious doomsday preppers. I'll bet he's busy stashing gold coins in various places.

There's so many apocalyptic scenarios being portrayed in movies and tv shows these days. There is some value in having some level of readiness in case the grid should go down. That, of course, has nothing to do with any religion or prophecy.

As for the rest of it, at what point in human history could one not have characterized things in the way that he does? Times of stress and great anxiety? Check. Violence with children. Check. Time to return to "true doctrine." Check. Tribulation is just around the corner. Check.

Does it count if you make "prophecies" that things "will happen" that have already been underway for ten years? Air wars with military jets and drones? The US has been doing this in more than three countries for a looong time already. But my favorite prophecy is, "World War 3 will be discussed!" Not by anyone in particular. Not seriously, just in passing. Hey, it all counts!

Anonymous said...

Navel battles? Is this a form of sumo wrestling or something?

Paul Ray

Allen C. Dexter said...

Of course, home schooling has to be in the mix. Be sure your children are intellectually and socially handicapped for their entire lives so they'll be dumb boobs just like you.

Anonymous said...

This "King" doesn't even qualify as a picture card in the deck of splinters.

Like Mr. King, most all in that ever-expanding deck are Jokers.
(Sadly and of course, like Bob Theil),those jokers can be pretty wild in their assertions.


Byker Bob said...

Unless there are extreme special needs, home schooling can actually do more damage than good. Of course, if one is forced to live in a bad area with bad schools, and cannot relocate, this topic becomes a no-brainer.

Some religious folk have homeschooled because they wish to protect their children against the evil influences present in a fallen world. However, self-defeat can enter the picture through several avenues. Character is built by resistance to fixed points, not by fleeing them. If children are over-protected, then when they are forced to enter "the world" for college or career, in many cases, they are not going to be able to deal successfully with the conditions which they face.

Much has been done to promote a healthy social life for home-schooled children, as there are home-schooling groups which do get together in social settings to help in minimizing the natural cloistering which would otherwise take place. However, the flexibility necessitated by learning to deal with widely diverse individuals, schools of thought, or situations cannot be fully realized and developed when a child is simply removed from the equation.

As one with an intimate knowledge of human nature, I'd also need to point out the natural and often excessive rebellion and resentment which takes place when a "forbidden fruit" situation is set up. This can often become very destructive from a cost-benefit standpoint, in fact, the destructiveness far outweighing the alleged benefits of sequestering, and homeschooling.

Consistency and determination are also major factors. It is rare that a parent would have sufficient of these qualities to provide as high a quality of education as is offered by accredited public or private schools.

Before one simply obeys their self-ordained prophet or apostle on this point, I would suggest carefully thinking through all of the details and logistics. Often false teachers deal in seemingly simplistic solutions, with the blinded or filtered member left flapping out in the breeze, bearing the brunt of the negatives as the fullness of the situation unfolds!


Byker Bob said...

Confidential to EW: If you attend public schools, you may just get to know some of the others attending, form friendships, learn to love them, and begin praying for them. Let God use you to call and help others. Or, you could turn your back, and not be concerned for their pain or safety, well-being and spiritual condition until the 2nd Rez. Yet another reason why Armstrongism is of Satan. HWA's followers make cruel choices, then gloat about being the small group of righteous and elect.


Anonymous said...

Confidential to E.W. King-

Don't be a jerk.
Understand that mainstream Christianity is of Satan.

And have a good day without all that crap.