Wednesday, July 17, 2013

E W King: Sickness and Death Are The Result of Sin

“There is nothing wrong with finding out chemical deficiencies in man and trying to help but God's moral standard must never be rejected. Rejecting God's morals is what got this planet into all the trouble that it is in. There is also the false idea of so called “Christian Psychology”. Did Jesus teach this? I think not. There is a place for medical doctors but not a place for fake philosophy and so called, “Psycho-therapy”. Many have left the true teachings of the Church of God to follow the 500 plus psychotherapeutic myths. Can true Christian teachers [counselors] help people who need direction in life? Absolutely! If these people who need help have some chemical imbalance then science can indeed help. But to dismiss God's perfect moral law and the influence of the true Holy Spirit is blasphemy!

King also still believes that demons cause many physical health issues.  Armstrongism was a mixed bag when it came tot his kind of stupidity.  Some in the church thought it was demons that caused epilepsy. Many still do today in the more right wing nut-job splinter groups.

King also feels that "demonology coexists with scientific medicine."

The Bible often condemns ancient practitioners who relied on pagan gods, amulets, incantations and other forms of magic. The true Church of God continues to reject these superstitious practices. The Church of God does not deny physical principles of healing but this does not mean that there is no such thing as true demonology and that it coexists with modern scientific medicine. In other words, there are evil spiritual forces that can affect physical health. In biblical times the medical arts were indeed primitive by today's standards. The true Church of God teaches that sickness and death are the result of sin. Sin has infected this world. Sickness is both the direct and indirect result of sin. God never intended that man become sick and die. God has included this reality as part of His master plan. This is somewhat of a paradox which involves the Christian doctrine of freewill

If you are a Christian and go to a chiropractor, an acupuncturist, or other holistic therapy, then you are cavorting with demons.  Then a few paragraphs players says some of it is OK to use.

The Church of God condemns a Christian who seeks what might be called the “New Age Healing” processes. There are examples of people going to pagan healers in the Bible, a practice that God condemns.

God does not deny true medical practices. The Bible respects true doctors who use the natural laws which God has placed in static reality. There are a number of references to true physicians, healing and medicine. Exodus 21:19 talks of the beneficial, fully accepted use of "healing arts" within Israel; Isaiah 38:21 gives an example remedy for boils which Isaiah himself prescribed.  "Medical" help (within the medical technology of the time) was not condemned but was actually a fundamental component of the healing process.

In New Testament times we find the women using oils and herbs to assist in the healing process of basic ills. In Matthew 9:12, Jesus states that: "Those who are well have no need of a physician, but those who are sick." This saying is used in a metaphorical sense, but it and other similar sayings give no harsh condemnation to physicians.

True Church of God members will not use drugs, plain and simple.  You are expected to follow the example of Mr. King.  Why do these idiots refer to themselves as Mister all the time?  Davey Pack and King are the two worst offenders.

Having said this please understand, the true Church of God demands that one stay away from all drugs as much as possible and to not rely on pills as the “cure all” answer to medical problems. We suggest getting a complete physical check up to see if you might have a vitamin deficiency in regards to medical issues before anything else. Mr. E.W.King has set an example of this. Mr. E.W.King was at one time receiving chest pains. He went to get a thorough medical exam and found that he was lacking certain vitamins which were effecting is pancreas. By supplementing his food intake with vitamin supplements his illness was cured.  Mr. E.W.King has also, on the other hand, received man made medication in certain circumstances to assist with other issues. The point is, we must try natural resources first.
True Church of God members are to trust Mr. King with their lives as he is able to channel "true understanding."  Mr. King is also a humorous foodologist.
So we see that Mr. E.W.King has a very good and moderate understanding of diet with a bit of humor as far as food is concerned. The true Church of God does not promote vegetarianism. At the same time we do not condemn members who wish to practice it. But please understand, to strictly promote vegetarianism is a sin in the eyes of the true Church. Here is another article written by Mr. E.W.King which talks about the problems of a strict vegetarian diet from a biblical perspective.

Mr. King also dieresis vegetarianism.  He says that vegetarians have been infused with the pagan virus of paganism.

Now, as I proceed in this article many may begin to get upset. Why? Because Satan has began to infuse his pagan virus of paganism into those who are not awake. Please understand, true Christians do not believe in being “vegetarian”. Meat has certain protiens in it that a vegtable diet cannot offer. Humans need certain amino acids that a pure vegtable diet cannot provide.

You will be happy to know that "probiotics" are fit for Christians to use.

Probiotics are a healthy bacteria found in yogurt and other slightly fermented foods. COGSR teaches that probiotics contain altering microbes that could be used to help treat depression and anxiety. The Science of Christian Thought offers this diet supplement to aid depression rather than taking all the psycho-babel drugs offered by psychologists and psychiatrists


Anonymous said...

Job's friends and the disciples of Jesus thought that sickness came from sin (John 9:1-4). Jesus said, neither the blind man nor his parents sinned. We live in a fallen world and we should not expect to remain healthy, etc.

Anonymous said...

It seems that those who think modern medicine is a bad thing also talk of the benefit of vitamins. Way too much, actually. Vitamins are fine, especially if you are deficient but they are hardly a cure for what ails most people.

It is interesting that Thiel and Pack are big into selling vitamins.

Anonymous said...

Sickness and death are a function of either inappropriate cell division or invaders into them. Death is a function of if you agree to show up, you agree to leave. No matter how short or how long, our time on earth is a very small threadlike line in time. Compared to all other life, humans have only been on earth moments to midnight at the end of a 4 billion year old year

All breathers get about the same number of breaths in a lifetime. A mouse takes 3 years to breath as often as a human in 70 or an elephant in 100. Therefore, avoid exercise because it shortens your life lol

Byker Bob said...

This guy is really good at attempting to sell ignorance and superstition as "true knowledge". Well, maybe not so good, or we wouldn't all be laughing.

In our family, if you were to identify the dominant craft, career, or profession amongst the brothers, sisters, and cousins, it would be doctor. Given our family's general attitude towards God, and the Christian life, had demonology been part of their course in study, believe me, we would all have been made aware of that. My family members pray for their patients, and believe that God is working through them in accomplishing His healing.

However, we also live in times when you can watch commercials for medicines such as Zoloft or Plavix, and several months down the line will hear these same drug names mentioned in commercials for attorneys who are seeking damages for the side effects caused in some people by these drugs. You could also take a vitamin supplement, and later find that the overseas manufacturer didn't have the same purity standards as we have here in the USA, and that contamination of the product has caused a permanent health issue. So those two Latin words "caveat emptor" apply as much to the field of healthcare as they do when one is searching for a church.

So far as counseling goes, it takes much more to do this effectively than the ability to empathize coupled with a knowledge of scripture. Most life-long churchgoers have lived a very sheltered life, and have no clue regarding what goes on for some people in real, everyday life, let alone some of the diseases of the human mind which are just as common as the diseases of the human body which they acknowledge and readily accept.

You really have to look at probability and success records to make an intelligent decision, and for a Christian, certainly this will be approached prayerfully. What EW is proposing has been proven not to work effectively. That was part of the Armstrong problem. I also believe that certain ones feel "less than" for not being able to associate the title "Dr." with their own name, which is why they have zero tolerance for people who fail to address them as "Mr.", and why they write articles leveling those who have actually spent the time and money in getting the education associated with a doctorate. The term "overcompensation" comes to mind, and in so doing, they imitate their "apostle".


Douglas Becker said...

The Armstrong virus is stubbornly persistent and recovery from it is difficult: It is the cause of Armstrongism and anyone around British Israelism cultures are at serious risk of infection.

People with the Armstrong virus are sick, have difficulty with mental activity and a few die.

Symptoms include chronic low level depression, reading into every headline and news bite an exaggerated feeling of doomsday coming on, and general malaise wanting to have everything end as soon as possible.

Other symptoms include obsession and poverty as well as extremely irrational behavior deemed by the patient to be perfectly normal.

Most patients stubbornly refuse treatment for the disease and will die with it.

Head Usher said...

Gospel of Health & Wealth strikes again!

I remember back in the day that the Gospel of Health & Wealth would be routinely mentioned in derogatory terms, meanwhile, it's core doctrine would routinely be touted as "truth." It seems that a rose by a different name does indeed smell completely different to an Armstrongist. To me it just smells like shit.

Anonymous said...

Armstrongism/Packism,(etc)love to talk about the kingdom, but none wants to put away hypocrisy, jealousy, envying, pride,and all personal desires to satisfy the self. All these must be put out the window to be a child of the Father.
Luk 17:20 And when he was demanded of the Pharisees, when the kingdom of God should come, he answered them and said, The kingdom of God cometh not with observation.
Luk 17:21 Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you. "Believe him not". Mark 13:21

Anonymous said...

Pack states "The greatest work LIES,...just ahead" The devil has humor!

Corky said...

Practicing medicine without a license.

(start sarcasm) I'm sure some Armstrongite somewhere has a cure-all vitamin pill to push and another has a cure-all herbal drink.

Yep, homemade remedies = good. Pharmaceuticals and doctors = bad.

Jas 5:14 Is any sick among you? let him call for the elders of the church; and let them pray over him, anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord:
Jas 5:15 And the prayer of faith shall save the sick...

Yeah!!! That'll work...why spend money on doctors and hospitals - what a waste THEY are. (end sarcasm)

James said...

The idea of sickness and death for ones sins empowers the priest and makes him rich. No one needs a priest. For the power of sin is the wealth of the priest.

Need a intercessor? Your a fool.

Anonymous said...

One has to wonder. E.W. apparently publishes only his first initials so that everyone will be forced to call him Mr. So, in being equally fair to Bobby Thiel, Jimmie Malm, Davey Pack, Uncle Roddy, and Gerry "six-pack" Flurry, I think I'll just start addressing E.W. as "Eddie". If that isn't his real name, if it's actually something else, like let's say Elroy, he can correct us by supplying his real name.

So, Eddie. My question to you is, what sins did you or your family commit to mess you up so badly? Surely a vitamin deficiency can't be responsible for your condition! Why would you even attempt to teach others while in this condition? Physician, heal thyself!

Anonymous said...

Doesn't the word for anoint in James refer to a therapeutic, not a ceremonial anointing? In other words, wasn't James saying, in effect, "get medical help and pray"?