Monday, July 15, 2013

Glynn Washington On "The Reunion"


Lake of Fire Church of God said...

Hi Glynn,

Another great Snap Judgment program! I can relate to your "reunion" with people you grew up with in the WCG. I have only had two occasions in recent years where I have been re-united with WCG people and it involves funerals of my family members. Seeing WCG people I haven't seen since my teenage years some 40+ years ago was a very pleasant experience for me. On both occasions, there was no mention of the "apostle of God" HWA. And, there were no comments along the lines of "What cult?".

It was a positive experience, and in recent months I have thought about hosting/coordinating a reunion here in my local area while there is still time.

Let's face it! We are all getting old, and the very worst of Armstrongism is dying off quickly. And for those of us who remain alive - the WCG; Ambassador College; Herbert and Garner Ted Armstrong - are all becoming very long distance memories.


Byker Bob said...

What an awesome brother we have in Glynn Washington!
This is the first time I had ever listened to any of his materials, and I am really impressed.


NO2HWA said...

BB: Glynn has several radio shows that discuss growing up in the church. A lot of them I have listed here previously.

Byker Bob said...

Hi Gary,

It's only during the summer months when business slows that I really get to be a full participant here, opening the links you provide, etc. I know you've done a good job of posting Glynn's materials, but this is the first one I've had time to appreciate. (Bob, giving that toothy embarrassed dog look we've all seen on our pets).


Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed this, as I have the other Glynn Washington audios you've posted.

He has a gift to share!