Saturday, July 20, 2013

Philadelphia Church of God: "When the Whole World Will Be Gay and Where Gaiety Will Be A Fruit of God’s Way of Living in the World to Come."

The Philadelphia Church of God has a new article up that says: "When the Whole World Will Be Gay."

July 18, 2013  •  From
Gaiety will be a fruit of God’s way of living in the world to come.

Who knew!

Rod Meredith is going to lay a golden egg with this one!

Who is the idiot copy editor that allowed this to go through?  Oh sorry, it was Six Pack himself......figures.

Its written by Ron Fraser, who in PCG circles is not known to to be the brightest bulb on the compound.

Of course we all know who Fraser is talking about.  Its all those rampaging homosexuals who will take over the entire earth and do a home makeover.  Rod Meredith would never allow that!  Bob Thiel might, but certainly not Rod.

Fraser resorts to a typical COG demonizing of "the other" in order to take the heat off the degenerate actions of its leaders.

Curly-haired little moppet that she was, I chose the name Gay. I hoped that would be one of the blessings that she would enjoy in life at the human level—a life involving true gaiety and enjoyment in submission to God’s great law of love.

It never crossed my mind that the term “gay” would be perversely adopted to describe the lifestyle of those willingly in rebellion against God’s laws governing gender roles, marriage and family.

How did “queer” become “gay”?
Perhaps Ron should ask a few of the employees in Edmond.  They might be able to set him "straight" on that.

Six Pack's lieutenant then trumps out HWA to defend his stance:

In his book Mystery of the Ages, Mr. Armstrong made a statement which was repeated in an article in the March 1986 edition of the Plain Truth. He stated:

God condemns homosexuality. He destroyed the whole populations of Sodom and Gomorrah for this sin. It is condemned in the first chapter of Romans, saying no such person can enter the Kingdom of God. Then we try to change the ugly, reproachful name homosexual, and call those who practice it “gays.” The public media and the public in general are coming to make this perversion acceptable by calling it “sexual preference.” 

You cannot get a more politically incorrect yet totally truthful observation on the matter than that.
As for me, I shall continue to absolutely refuse to apply the term “gay” to those who adopt perverse lifestyles. I will continue to use the word “gay” in its truest sense, and label perverse behavior for what it in reality truly is.

Pray God that He will bring forward the day when the whole world will be gay in the truest sense of the word! 

I think Ron Fraser needs some help from Queer Eye for the Straight Guy.  They are here to help the straight brethren:


Anonymous said...

NO2HWA said:

"NO2HWA said...

"Hilarious! Thanks for making so much fun of Armstrongism! They just do not realize how stupid they all sound."

I'm confused. Did you write this article? or Did someone else write this article, or are you congratulating yourself, or did I just read this completely wrong? :D This in itself is hilarious! I think? Huh? Hmm... LOL

Shane said...

Too funny! Good job.

NO2HWA said...

LOL That wasn't me. I had someone visiting here and they were reading the blog and commented while using my computer. I deleted it so there would be no more confusion.

Linda said...

oops, sorry about the misplaced comment. I am the one who thought it was hilarious and that Armstrongites sound so stupid at times.

Anonymous said...

Hey Linda, Hope you had a great visit over there with Mister Admin Guy talking about all these hilarious things. We're addicted to your friend's site! :D

Honestly, I think that it is hilarious. This guy isn't the brightest light bulb in the world, is he? To make a headline like that will only draw attention to how ridiculous his article is, and how he is literally making fun with his little joke I guess. To refuse to use a word in a defunct manner when no one else does anymore is a ridiculous. Everyone else uses it the other way, no one else uses it in the "happy manner" at all.

Hypothetical to prove the point: If you use the word "Soda Water" in the 50s, and that word is changed to "Sprite" now, and you go into the store and order a "Soda Water", you're going to get "soda water" and NOT "Sprite".

He simply needs to get with it and adapt, the ONE thing fundamental Armstrongism seems to NEVER be able to do.

Linda said...

Fundamentalist Armstrongites will never adjust. They live in the past looking back fondly at the good old days in the church. They are trying to recapture that experience, but never will.

When all of us are around the "Admin guy" we have a great time. We spend more time laughing than anything else. What else can you do when you discuss the past but laugh about the silliness that we bought into.

Redfox712 said...

He complains about how the Oxford English Dictionary changed its definition of the word gay.

News for you, Fraser. Words change their meanings all the time. Some words are more resistant to change than others but it happens all the time and is a perfectly normal development in languages

The only languages which don't change their words' meanings are dead languages, like Latin, that no one use any more except in highly academic settings.

Fraser is offended that gay changed its meaning and its the (middle) name he chose for his daughter. He says he had no idea that word would change its meaning.

Maybe you should pay attention to what they are doing now instead of just assuming they'll turn straight in the World Tomorrow and Great White Throne Judgement.

Anonymous said...

One set of words that changed in Armstrongism is Herbert W Armstrong. It used to garner respect, God's chosen mouthpiece, the apostle, Elijah, etc. Now it is a set of words that depict sexual and spiritual abuse, destruction, false teachings, and more. It no longer garners respect even in some of the COG splinter groups.

Douglas Becker said...

Wasn't there something in the songbook, "gaily approach unto His courts" by Richard David Armstrong?

Maybe it has something to do with guys becoming "the Bride of Christ".

Anonymous said...

Back in the mid 1970s, the National Lampoon was de rigeur reading, satire for the disillusioned. It often went further than Mad, or it's copycats, Sick, and Cracked.

One of the cartoon features dealt with the personification of concepts. As an example, since we're already on this subject, one cartoon depicted a funny looking man, in knee pads, crouched before a "monster" in a public restroom, and the caption read: "Blowing a joke". I do believe this has application right here on Banned! The cartoon would need to be edited, however, to depict a waiting line of characters familiar to us here, the same "monster", and the caption, "Blowing a Prophecy".

Anonymous said...

Actually, the leaders of the UCG, PCG, LCG and others are "blowing herbie"

The resulting jiz is the tithes they collect to insure their lifestyles and retirement packages.

It's a sleazy life they have, for sure!