Thursday, July 18, 2013

Ron Weinland Pentecost 2014 Promises To Be Very Special.....

Convicted felon, Church of God minister, end time witness, apostle, failed prophet and all around spiritual deviate is now looking forward to Pentecost 2014 as a significant day in his cult.  Sop far Weinerdudes track record regarding Pentecost has been a hilarious string of failures.

2014 promises to be a better choice for Weinerdude.  It is 40 years since HWA had revealed to him to change the date of Pentecost.  He will still be sitting in prison though I imagine he expects a big earthquake to set him free. After all, god is on his side.

It was on Pentecost of 1998, one year exactly after God separated me from the scattering of the Apostasy in order to lead His Church, that this remnant of God’s Church was fully established. Now, we well know the purpose and meaning associated with Pentecost of 2012 and 2013. But what about Pentecost of 2014? What about the timing of 40 years? Is it coincidental that we are coming up to a unique count contained in the meaning of 40 years since God revealed the correct timing for the observance of Pentecost to be observed in His Church at the end of the age? Brethren, all I can tell you at this time is that it is not coincidental. There is great meaning in this, and God will reveal it more fully in His time. God’s timing and preciseness in all things in our lives and within the Church are by great design, especially with something of this importance relating to the meaning of Pentecost, 40 years, and the end of this age. Nothing like this is of coincidence or a matter of chance.


DennisCDiehl said...

Even as a kid I was suspicious of the story of an earthquake causing leg irons to fall off. How does that happen. What kind of earthquake does that? lol Can't God just send a killer angel to tell the guard "hand over the keys" I bet he would.

Head Usher said...

"What about the timing of 40 years? Is it coincidental that we are coming up to a unique count contained in the meaning of 40 years..."

??? Is what a coincidence? That the boy continues to cry "wolf"? That the steady march of time keeps plodding? How about the process of elimination, exhausting the specialness of the previous 39 years, complete with all their pentecosts, regardless of which day they might have fallen on? That the number 40 comes after the number 39? Will it remain a coincidence AFTER the 40th year and it's many pentecosts is also eliminated? And it WILL be eliminated, just as soon as the "coincidental" amount of time has passed. The fact that I don't have to wait to eliminate it does not make me a prophet, just someone who has learned something from history, unlike any of Ron's "faithful" followers. If there's a coincidence, it's that Ron cherry-picks starting dates to confabulate 40th anniversaries of non-events. Given how consistent Ron is about manufacturing important dates that turn out not to be so important, that's not much of a coincidence either. Is it a coincidence that HWA and RW are two con artists plucked from the same mold as P.T. Barnum? No, not even that is a coincidence. You think the initals P.T. aren't a coincidence? Guess again! You know what the P.T. stood for don't you? That's right--Plain Truth! (No, it didn't, it stood for Phineas Taylor.) Dammit, not even that is a coincidence.

What's the "meaning" of "40 years." Objectively, it has no meaning, except for, "Oh my god, has it been 40 years since..." (obviously). Special "meaning" and "significance" is attached to it by people suffering from ante hoc confirmation bias, and other cognitive tricks our minds often play on us (especially when there's a con artist in the room to help us trundle down the garden path). Evolution is a work in progress, and our brains, as nice as they are, have a ways to go to work the bugs out. HWA changing the day pentecost was kept on is a non-event, HWA was a non-apostle, and all "special meanings" attributed to him and the things he did by his idol worshipers will eventually be eliminated by the "coincidental" march of time.

Byker Bob said...

Weinerdude forgets the principles of Armstrongism all too quickly! It's all about 19 year time cycles, not decades. Now, if a rock band had burst on the scene in 1974, they'd probably be setting up an elaborate 40 year anniversary tour for 2014. But would HWA want Armstrongism imitating a rock band? WWHD?

Ron should get together with that other dude and meditate on hedges or something.


Assistant Deacon said...

"...after God separated me from the scattering of the Apostasy in order to lead His Church..."

"How can a man concentrate with you sitting there hallucinating a mile a minute?" -- Cheswick to Martini, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest