Monday, September 16, 2013

Art Makarow on God the Father's Wife

Art Makarow has a great reputation of opening his mouth and say some really weird stuff.  The tradition carries on today in The Journal.  In the August issue Makarow talks about the wife of God.

Both Adam and Eve were made in The Image of God, the power from within God alone. They were both within God and His "DNA.” It is a matter of “kind after kind.”

Adam and Eve were equals, just like God but in the flesh like Jesus. You still need a Mother just like God. Both are equals coming from God since they are “kind after kind” (DNA) (Genesis 1:27). Adam was a physical figure, a theophany of Christ (Romans 5:14).

 God’s Holy Name

Jesus teaches you how to pray to God—“Our Father, which are in heaven, Hallowed be thy name” (Matthew 6:9). In Greek the word “hallowed” has two significant parts. “Hallo” represents a royal crown that is “Holy” and  “wed,” which “is joined together as a marriage.” Both become one.

God’s Wife

The Holy One of God is to declare The Name of God. Every individual who has that name must be “Holy,” completely without a blemish or the smallest flaw. The Name of God is beyond “perfect”; it is complete, fulfilled without measure. God is, therefore, Eternal.

The Family of God, His “wife and children” represent only goodness (like God). But there is much more. Jesus, speaking to The Samaritan Woman, told her how to worship God, “God is a Spirit and they that worship  [adore-love] him must worship him in spirit and truth” (John 4:24).

Who is The Wife of God? You must have the complete  biblical truth from The Bible.  The Wife  of God is a  “Spirit”  like Him, “kind after kind,”  and must be “Holy” like The Father.

God provides everything His “family” needs and eternal safety. But His “wife,” The  Holy Spirit of God, does all the work to keep the family estate as The Father wants it to be.

As The Wife of God manages the entire House of God with her hired   servants (the angels), they all need to do the job perfectly without the tiniest flaw, and she is honored as The Mistress of The House of God.

The Father provides an estate with many mansions for the whole family forever. The wife manages the entire household and is very virtuous in  being a helpmate to God, her husband.

She, alone, does all the work in managing everything God, The Father, provides. The wife came out of God and is equal and she is a beautiful, perfect, flawless, virtuous woman (Proverbs 31).


Anonymous said...

Elohim's original wife and consort was Asherah who was conveniently written out of the OT Text leaving just the Single Dad living with the NT , single son. Weird.

Anonymous said...

boy...that's a bunch of meandering bull shit

Anonymous said...

As a salesman with a small Christian feminine hygiene ministry, I would like to offer God's wife 'Summer's Eve Douche' at a substantial discount-

A 2-Pack for only $1.99.
(BTW we do not accept Walgreens coupons, although we do match the prices of other douche salesman's ministries.)

Corky said...

Yeah, yeah, the church is God's wife...blah, blah, blah. Actually, the church would be God's second wife because he divorced the first one. Which means that the wife has to be a virgin but not the husband...nothing new there, right? Not to mention that God couldn't control his first wife but expects to do better this time. I think it's rather obvious that wife #2 isn't working out so well either...

Douglas Becker said...

The Urinal... ah, no, The Journal. What a mess.

Dixon Cartwright knows better but publishes it anyway.

It's sort of like having a newspaper for the Mafia -- all the nice stories of garden parties, who's getting married, obituaries, various opinions about various things, lovely get-togethers. It seems all so very benign and genteel.

But what the paper never seems to get around to is how nuts the whole thing is.

And "God the Father's Wife" is just one of so very many....

Joe Moeller said...

New on "Bravo" Television This Fall! ...


Parental discretion advised.

Joe Moeller
Cody, WY

Allen C. Dexter said...

This is so so stupid! Art never was the brightest bulb around, but I think he's gotten dumber with time.

Let's see now, he's married but supposedly knocked up a virgin named Mary. Isn't that adultery? Mama would be pissed about that one would think.

I'm just grateful to far removed from all this bullshit!

Byker Bob said...

I've seen this stuff before, but can't recall what it is officially called, or where a main website promoting it may be. It's another one of those kookoo emerging trends, and there are people around who buy into it. It's both surprising and not so surprising that someone still within the comfines of Armstrongism would be amongst them.


Retired Prof said...

Makarow's etymology is no better than his theology. Obviously he just pulls everything out of his ass.

No part of the English word "hallowed" derives from the Greek language. The two elements that make it up are the English verb "hallow" and the English past participle suffix "-ed."

It developed by regular morphological and phonological changes from Old English "gehalgod," made up of the past participle prefix "ge-," the root "halg-," (from the verb "halgian," "to make holy, consecrate"), and the past participle suffix "-od."

Anonymous said...

Corky wrote, "Not to mention that God couldn't control his first wife but expects to do better this time. I think it's rather obvious that wife #2 isn't working out so well either..."

See? HWA was a lot like the Old Testament God!

(Not so much like the New Testament God who doesn't seem to care about makeup.)

Anonymous said...

New on "Bravo" Television This Fall! ..."REAL HOUSEWIVES OF THE HEAVENLY REALM" Parental discretion advised.
Joe Moeller, Cody, WY

I'd love to see an episode, Joe, of "The Real Housewives of the UCG", where your "bad-ass" wife (your words, not mine!)shoots people who try to take your food (your scenario, not mine!)

It could be "pay-per-kill" instead of "pay-per-view"!

Digressing, a bit.....I once lived in the 'Bible Belt', and upon being invited, I visited a Christian lady who lived on the outskirts of town where building codes didn't apply. I noticed her windows were all wide and narrow horizontal slits. She explained to me that she would be shooting people from those slits when they came to take her food she had stored.

Whatever happened to that "Jesus loaves and fishes thingy"? I guess God relies more on guns these days.

Laura D said...

I honestly think that the minds of these various men are slipping.
There is some serious mental deterioration going on which neither they nor their congregants notice.

Anonymous said...

All in all, I'm glad The Journal exists.

You can get a view of the splinter craziness, if you so choose.

I think that Dixon should have accepted Douglas's ad, though. The fact that he didn't makes it seem that Dixon is in favor of the kooks.