Saturday, September 21, 2013

Restored Church of God Abuse Contributes To Suicide

From a letter on a Networks of Doom web site.  Sent to me by a former RCG member today
Restored Church of God's Malicious Ad-buy Strategy

This letter was in the comments section of the article.
The Restored Church of God (RCOG) is indeed a cult. How else could you describe a so-called church where they use documented mind control tactics to persuade their members? What else besides a cult would work so hard to get their members to sell their houses and give it to Pack’s fund, take out second and third mortgages, give up to half or more of their income, put themselves in unbelievable debit, give up all of their friends and alienate their family, divorce their spouses (if not their first spouse, then all other spouses are considered illegitimate and must be scraped off)? Their charismatic sermons instill anger and hatred of all other people who are not in the church. This church prays on people who are searching for structure and a strong message, and they proceed to take everything away from them and then use flattery, ego stroking, and mind control tricks to turn these people into unbelievable zealots. Hatred of everyone and everything else that is not the church is just the tip of the iceberg.

The doctrines and teachings of this cult are extremely charismatic, invasive and destructive, but they get away with it because their ministers are masters of manipulation. They know how to stroke the victim’s ego and make them believe that they are special, sooooo smart for choosing the right church, and one of the chosen few who will be a part of the REAL church when the end comes. Everyone I met that was associated with this church was an incredibly smart, but also incredibly ego driven person that was constantly seeking approval or validation for their life choices. Like any other cult they really know how to find your soft spot and dig in. They want the smart, opinionated and ego-driven types. They convert them into drones who work endlessly to fund the Pack money and power machine. If you disagree in the slightest with anything (that includes wanting to ask for more clarification on a point or asking a “but…” question), you are tossed out on your ear.

Sorry to rant on about this, but I have had several dear dear friends completely ruined by this church. One eventually committed suicide because they had nothing at the end. The church took everything from them, demanded more and provided no support, no help, no love, and was only interested in deconstructing them and turning them into something I could not even recognize any more. One dear sweet lady is now convinced that she betrayed God and is just a tortured soul who will likely never again know any sort of hope or peace with God.

I just hope that someone, somewhere reads this and avoids getting involved with this cult/church. There are so many good, hopeful and happy churches in the world that it hurts my soul to think of the people that are hurt so badly by this terrible cult.


Redfox712 said...

What terrible news.

It is good that facts such as this are brought out to the open for public scrutiny so that people can see what is really going on.

Anonymous said...

One of the great benefits of today's internet is that the information easily available now keeps the greying armstrongist splinter cults (UCG, LCG, PCG, and "all the rest") shrinking and dying of atrophy.
The WCG heyday of growth is long over. The only "growth" is really only a result of splinter-hopping.


Anonymous said...

I seriously doubt that he takes any ownership of this body count. One individual can do such massive damage, and never miss a wink of sleep!

Corky said...

It has never been about 'caring'. Christianity, in all its disguises, is about fleeing from "the wrath to come" and that, right soon, "at hand".

Ever since the early church figured out that they were wrong and judgment day was not "at hand" the abuse began.

Christianity as a whole is a death cult. It's not about life, it's about death...and a resurrection to life. This life? No. This life has to be sacrificed for that someday, faraway, in the sweet by and by life where you will finally be rewarded "thou good and faithful servant".

It's simply that some Christianities are worse than others - the CoGs are not the worst either...there are many other cults of Christendom that are far worse.

Does anyone need NT scripture for proof that Christians are to sacrifice the flesh for the spirit? Or, that Christians are to deny themselves and sacrifice the desires of the flesh? To think of themselves as filthy rags and unworthy to live? To desire to die so that they can go live with Christ? To leave family and friends behind and let the dead bury their dead? Sell everything and give it to the poor and take no thought for the future? That if it wasn't for the 'next life' Christians are, of all men, most miserable?

Byker Bob said...

I wonder who will be the first ACOG leader to commit suicide. The depressing factors are certainly present.


Head Usher said...

Yes, Corky, this is one of the central teachings of the gnostics, that the spirit is good, the flesh is bad, and the spirit is trying to free itself of the flesh. This is much more overt in the gnostic gospels, but even among the books that did make it into the canon, they're not hostile to totally gnostic interpretations.