Friday, September 6, 2013

Mr. Diehl repents

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I have repented and removed my mistaken view that David C. Pack had a bad case of Illeism, which is the habit of speaking in the third person , i.e.  "Mr Pack will have more never before understood knowledge about the Haggai Prophecy shortly..."   I mistook , evidently, an authorised biography for an autobiograpy. His writer must have written his announcement of upcoming announcements.   May Dave Pack be able to do the same thing when he realizes his mistaken view of Haggai and himself...

 Anonymous said...
Just for the record: David Pack's story was an authorised biography, not an autobiography, as you claim.

Thanks for your clarification Anonymous.  Really...thanks!  


DennisCDiehl said...

With all the personal details from birth to the present day, whoever writes for Dave must have had Dave sitting right next to him. Or perhaps the job of the writer was to simply be sure all the pronouns in the original were turned into third person style with appropriate grammar changes.

For copying all things HWA, Dave deviated from this template having himself written about. HWA spoke in his own autobiography in the first person.

Anyway...It's Friday! The Final Announcement of over four weeks ago continues.... I can only imagine the twisting and posturing about to take place to cover up the inability for David C Pack to say he was mistaken about what God, Christ and the Devil were up to this summer.

Britain W. Stevenson said... the way , do you know who is copying who? Dave and Gerald seem to be trying to interpret the same scriptures. I believe it may be Dave copying Gerald though.

Anonymous said...

Who would really give a shit and write Dave's life history.., other than Dave. I believe that he wrote it and presents it as if someone else wrote it. So it is an autobiography but just another example of how Dave twists, distorts, and lies about reality. It seems apparent that Dave's mommy coddled him, his dad beat him (and probably beat Dave's mom too) and now Dave is all messed up in the head and he messes up others just because he can.. The man Dave is the cause of suicides, divorces, wasted money, and his first wife's death (some health issues just can't be healed by laying hands upon or anointing). Dave is the one the bible warns about, the false this that and the other thing. He is a criminal because he commits fraud and extortion. He is mean, insincere, and in general... a prick. The man enjoys all the rights and privileges that a US citizen is entitled to, but bad mouths the country and wishes it would fail so he can say "I told you so". The shepherd, the pastor, the watcher... Dave, I hope you develop cancer up your arse and it eats you up from the inside out, quickly and painfully. The world would be better off with out you.

Byker Bob said...

Interesting. Now that I google it, I see from the title that we've been calling it by an improper name for months. Personally, since it contains stuff in the proverbial dog returning to his own vomit vein, arguably, most of could be excused for having wanted to ignore it. And, I still don't really want to reclutter my mind with the cultish toxicity which is the primary influence behind the book, so I have no idea whether the actual writer is named. The fact that the book exists, and that it is authorized, tells me all that I need to know.


DennisCDiehl said...

anon: so how do you feel about it all? lol. I think Dave probably wrote it and put it in the 3rd person. Would love to meet whoever put it together if it is authorised.

BB: I agree. I don't know what quality one has to possess to think a biography of any type in religion is necessary save to show how wonderful a called child someone must have been. Dave makes great hay of all the awesome things he grew up in and all the amazing people in his family that prepared him to be who, in his mind, he thinks he is.

The fact that Dave a month ago wrapped it all up three weeks before for sure events and said that was it, shows he has done all his new revelatory thinking in the last week.

I am sure he will say there was more but he did not reveal it, but his last wrap up indicated all was said and the wait and see was on.

now we are told:

"Mr. Pack will be posting two or three more “Friday Announcements” in the coming weeks. These will explain in detail additional expansive elements of the Haggai/Zechariah prophecy. They will open your eyes to things that God has long intended to do in His end-time Work that no one ever understood before, and you will see that His Word is plain!"

HIs "additional expansive elements must be of recent made up in nature. The "that no one ever understood before," falls into the same category. It was not understood because it was just made up last week. Whatever we see, it won't be as "plain" as Dave would like it to be.

He screwed up. He won't admit it ever.

Anonymous said...


I thought YHVH himself wrote Mr Pack's books, and that YHVH merely was on board and only quoted Mr Pack.

Anonymous said...

I know a Restored Church of God person who plans to name her baby Haggai Zechariah.

Frankly, I think she should go the full 10 yards and name him something like "Davey Tightshorts"
(But OTOH, that's too much like the Johnny Cash song, A Boy Named Sue.)

Can we have a poll to determine what the next baby's name, born into the RCG fold should be?

(I'll not participate since I come up with naughty ideas. I thought Creflo Dollar's [Of the World Change Ministries] next child should be named "Chump Change")

Head Usher said...

LOL! "Mr. Diehl repents" says Dennis, referring to himself in the third person. My kind of humor.

Assistant Deacon said...

Dennis, I thought you knew all along that it was an "authorized biography," and that you just called in an autobiography to tweak Dave.

Because anybody with an ounce of familiarity with the man knows that he wrote it, or at the very least controlled the writing of it.

So mind-boggling to contemplate him publishing such a farce. What a twit. As if anyone cares.