Thursday, September 5, 2013

Samuel Kitchen: I am sick of the lies and slander about HWA. He Was An Apostle and you are under GOVERNMENT, so STOP Criticizing Him!

Three hours of mindless blabbering.

Various Facebook groups have had a lot of issues lately with a certain COG member who goes into apoplectic fits anytime someone says something negative about Herbert Armstrong, It is  a father and son team who flood various Facebook pages and other blogs with their endless rants about people criticizing HWA and the church.  They are adept at copying and pasting endless scriptures to support their silliness that no one reads any more.  The main whiner though is Samuel Kitchen.

To them, the great implosion of the Worldwide Church of God was an issue of government and the Jesuits.  The evil Jesuits are out to destroy Armstrongism.   I don't think anyone needs to blame the Jesuits for destroying the COG, the hundreds of splinter group leaders are doing a fine job all on their own!

His Facebook and LinkedIn pages are one big slobberfest of all things HWA and Gerald Waterhouse.

I only posted on that thread because people was trying to figure the author of the book out at looking at his behavior. I posted about the Jesuits. And then I posted about Co-Intel Pro. Then you came on posting comments such as above.
You came on there attacking "people like me", saying a bunch of unchristian things in a way to try to discredit whatever I posted. And so it seems you think you have some kind of "duty" to comment and "jump in" attacking anyone who defends and magnifies the apostle, even this is found in this thread! And "Connie" was on the other thread as well. Which is interesting. If you are not sent by the "Jesuits" who did send you? You admitted you was sent by someone, just not the Jesuits. Who do you work for?

Co-Intel pro is a GOVERNMENTAL form of infiltrators.

The Jesuits are at the heart of all this.

Let me explain a little to the un informed.

After WW2 the Nazi's(doctors, rocket scientists, gestapo's etc) were all smuggled through the Catholic Ratlines(Jesuit system)into allied countries such as America, and with them they created the CIA, NASA, New medical universities etc. This happened through "Operation Paperclip".

CO-INTEL PRO is a CIA initiative, and program.

So the Beast Power (Hitler Mussolini Axis) went underground after WW2 into America, South America, Britain, Russia etc. Actually most went into America and Russia, but watching this system take shape within our country and others is interesting. We have already been taken over by the Beast system, we gave up our sovereignty with the "Lisbon Treaty" of 2009, which gave over our land to the United Nations. But continuing...

I only posted about the Jesuits on the previous thread. You came attacking my character, placing anyone who believes the same in the category of "Terrorists". You came onto this post attacking my character again. That is your history and pattern.

Why is it everytime someone post about HWA, you come on and attack them? You spend your time labeling anyone who would agree with HWA, with "keywords" such as "Terrorists" and "Zealots". And so it's not hard to find what you are about, all we have to do is look at your fruits.

What many do not know, is that I don't like these long dragged out fights. But what I believe is that God placed Mr.Armstrong in the spiritual rank and office of Apostle. And I see the slander and lies that are being told about him as a high level of dishonor and disrespect to the office that God gave to him. It's like Miriam and Aaron speaking against Moses. God said "WHY DID YOU NOT FEAR TO SPEAK AGAINST MY SERVANT MOSES?"


Anonymous said...

You guys make fun of the RCG for being batshit crazy, this entire family is batshit crazy! Their idolatry of Herbert Armstrong is sickening.

Head Usher said...

Wow! What a load of conspiracy theories, persecution complex, and extrabiblical lunacy (HWA placed by god into some "office"? Evidence please?)

Some people have very low standards of acceptability. They'll accept just about anything as though it were a fact. But this guy? He takes the batshit-crazy cake!

DennisCDiehl said...

Thanks for posting the audio...I tried to not listen. I tried to avoid it. I walked away from the computer and took Chewie out to pee...but oh was there staring back at me when I came in...

I listened for about a minute in the middle...

I am back under psychiatric care and on meds....The doc said it was PTWD and can take awhile but I would be ok eventually. He told me never to do that again.


Byker Bob said...

Without realizing the extent, certain people have bought in to the total HWA thought methodology. This includes wide use of conspiracy theories to explain most everything in their world view, the Alexander Hislop method of cherrypicking research from mythology as opposed to university quality historical and scientific sources, the blind acceptance of someone's claim to apostleship allegedly giving them the authority to transmit "revealed" truth, and the supposed irrelevance of the most horrid imaginable personal sin pathology.

I really feel sorry for the Kitchens and people like them. Not only have they imbibed of the Kool Aid, worse yet, they don't even realize it and believe there is something deeply wrong with those who not so politely refuse it!


Douglas Becker said...

It's like the demons defending Satan: No, you are crazy, Lucifer was the third highest in God's government! Why don't you bow down and serve him! He is the god of this world! Show him respect! Stop slandering and libeling him! He was right about everything! You are going against god!

Just like it.

Donald said...

Yahshua wasn't afraid to speak against Moses (John 10:8), nor was Stephen an idol worshiper of the paraniod schizophrenic Moses. One can only imagine what other words they'll use to descibe the worthless, false apostle Armstrong.

Britain W. Stevenson said...

I'll tell you what Gerald Flurry,(That Prophet, Philadelphia Church of God, Edmond, OK) thinks about Herbert W. Armstrong...
Gerald Flurry says he didn't have a good role model for a father and that he thought/thinks of HWA as a father. This is why all the idolatry in the PCG.

I believe it was just a good excuse for G.F. to use, to take over H.W.A.'s ex church empire. Gerald Flurry was disfellowshipped from the Worldwide Church of God when he was a minister in 1989 for writing/(copying) Jules Dervaes "Letter to Laodicea", but renaming it "Malachi's Message". He sent out copies of MM to WWCOG members and ex members trying to snag them into now HIS church, but really HWA'S ex church. He went to court against the WWCOG to get the rights to print HWA'S books and booklets. He didn't win but eventually got those too. He says HWA was the end time Elijah and Gerald thinks/says he is Elisha picking up the mantle and his commission is to "prophesy again", according to(Rev. 10:11). He says his church is the end time Philadelphia remnant, hence the name Philadelphia Church if God.

I have a big problem with all this as I have come to learn about HWA'S incest. Does Gerald Flurry acknowledge this, or is it like what DIDN'T happen to him...(DUI?)

Another BIG PROBLEM is the PCG tries so hard to warn/condemn those "Laodiceans", but when they FINALLY ARE ACCEPTED into the PCG, the tyrant/gestapo ministers, are constantly on the prowl for an excuse to throw people out, (condemn them to the "Great Tribulation" or possibly the "Lake of Fire"...sooooo UNCHRIST-LIKE!

Another thing is that Gerald Flurry says a PCG member brought to his attention that HE THOUGHT,(the PCG member), that Gerald Flurry is "that prophet"...not "the prophet" but "that prophet", according to John 1:21, John 1:25.

Why would someone else have to tell "that prophet" that he is "that prophet"? I believe I would know myself whether I was "that prophet" not "the prophet", but "that prophet". I don't recall someone else other than Christ telling John, etc. who he was. Talk about batshit crazy!!

So, my conclusion to why the Philadelphia Church of God...

Gerald Flurry needed a job/money and wanted to continue his lavish lifestyle so he lied and stole from HWA and Jule's Dervae, and now, all his poor members, to get houses, schools, Orchestra Halls, etc. built. Only he and his CLAN,(it's all clannish, even the name...PCG), and a few close others at "headquarters", (Edmond, OK.) are benefiting from and "living the life" of the Utopiaville Gerald has set up for "he and his"...The End.

Britain W. Stevenson said...

PS...But I am Satan attacking GOD'S CHURCH...batshit craziness!!

Anonymous said...

Left eye twitching, while Gerald Waterhouse blabbers.

Soon, I'll hear my neighbor's car lock/horn for the ten-thousandth time, and drag my bags outside, and when I lock the door behind me, it's over. And an alternate life begins....

Anonymous said...

This family idolizes HA and say they alone have the truth and all other "churches" are false.

This man lies. I had put comments on a video showing that armstrong made no mention of the commandments, just gave the definition of sin, he then deleted the verses I put on there. He went and changed the title of the video and removed scripture. I told him how bad he looked for removing my comment for which another person responded to, So he then wrote a comment to excuse the deleted ones and said that I didn't understand.

The World Tomorrow- Herbert W Armstrong [One World Govern (video)

Herbert W Armstrong TV ARCHIVES 2 months ago

Thank you Mr.Macfarlane. To the other viewers, Mr.Macfarlane was replying to someone else who seemed to not understand what Mr.Armstrong was talking about. Just wanted to let everyone know, so there is no further confusion. Thank you.

William Macfarlane I think you miss understanding something. Mr armstrong hit it right on. Sin is transgrestion of Gods law. The law is Love, and God gave us 10 laws of love to abide by. The Ten Comandments are all about how to love, the first 4 are how to love God and the other 6 are how to love each other.

It looks really stupid seeing only these two comments and I was blocked for saying he did not give the commandments and for posting the ten commandments. He is sick and a liar. Obviously he is committing sin and it got to his conscious. I said nothing negative, except that the commandments were not mentioned at all. Pack does the same thing.

Anonymous said...

Oh, my....3+ hours of Waterhouse blathering!

I was only able to listen to first minute, but I agree with his words of: "Greetings...this is not helping many... not doing any good at all"

Assistant Deacon said...

There were angels all around Mr. Armstrong's plane, probably with a banner? Huh?

Was it tied to the tail? Did it say, "MARRY ME, RAMONA?"

And God was not nearly as concerned about Elisha as he was about Mr. Armstrong? Really?

That was just in the first three or four minutes. I can't imagine the other 177.

Anonymous said...

Satan was/is actually second-in-command of God's government, but it's a complicated status.

Joe Moeller said...

Gives "HELLS KITCHEN" a new meaning!

Joe Moeller
Cody, WY

Anonymous said...

If military and CIA forced captured enemy personnel to listen to this tape, they would not need to water board them.

Anonymous said...

well, this is the first time I've ever heard GW speak.....

I've heard from different people that he was "a powerful speaker" and from others that "he was a jerk"....

I must agree with those who labeled him as "HWA's chief cheerleader"..

simply amazing to think that HWA is the most important person on this earth!!....and biblical prophecies that apply specifically to HWA???

yes sir, had I been around in those days, as soon as GW walked in, I'd be walking out....I would not sit and listen to that, especially for 3hr or

Anonymous said...

BWS said: "...I have a big problem with all this as I have come to learn about HWA'S incest. Does Gerald Flurry acknowledge this, or is it like what DIDN'T happen to him...(DUI?)..."

Umm I reckon that when you discover the truth about HWA's incest you have 2 choices: 1) to either accept it as true, which then leads to the questioning and re-evaluation of everything Armstrong or 2) to deny it, which, however, will always remain on a subconscious level in your head creating greater and greater cognitive dissonance.

When I learned about it I denied it at first. But, when I decided to check it out for myself I concluded that it was true and I couldn't deny it anymore. It actually made sense and explained so much that I had heard or read about HWA, which I initially had found disturbing or inconsistent.

It was probably just 1 catalyst among many that led me to re-study everything he dogmatically asserted to be "the Truth" and I am now learning that (as the saying goes "a coin has 2 sides") that on a lot of issues the other side of the debate has more evidence proving that he was far from being right! e.g. ATM I'm learning that HWA's view of the 3 days/3 nights is complete proof-texting at it's worst and that those who argue it's a Hebrew idiom are in fact correct (i.e. Christ died on Friday and rose on Sunday)! WOW! Just another thing to add to the non-stop growing list of HWA's errors!

Anonymous said...

All the talk about Ratlines... sounds like a member of the PCG.

Anonymous said...

"... and that those who argue it's a Hebrew idiom are in fact correct (i.e. Christ died on Friday and rose on Sunday)! ..."

my study showed that there is no such idiom in the Greek it might pass, but since Jesus was referencing the Hebrew, the idea of the Greek idiom is a red herring.

so a Friday death/Sunday resurrecion is clearly false.

Britain W. Stevenson said...

Anonymous said...

BWS said: "...I have a big problem with all this as I have come to learn about HWA'S incest. Does Gerald Flurry acknowledge this, or is it like what DIDN'T happen to him...(DUI?)..."

Umm I reckon that when you discover the truth about HWA's incest you have 2 choices: 1) to either accept it as true, which then leads to the questioning and re-evaluation of everything Armstrong or 2) to deny it, which, however, will always remain on a subconscious level in your head creating greater and greater cognitive dissonance.
Dear Anonymous/Umm I reckon...thanks for telling me my 2 choices. This, by the way wouldn't be Exit/Support Network who denied me to post anymore only because I haven't joined THEIR cult. Thanks, but I'm in my own cult now.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 7:30AM

Re 3 days 3 nights

Whether you believe JC died on Wed, Thu or Fri is your own personal opinion. I, for one, have discovered inconsistencies & contradictions in HWA's teaching that Christ was a full 72 hrs in the grave & yet at the same time rose on the 3rd day. His sole text for his theory was Mt 12:40 even though all the other scriptural references to His betrayal and death and resurrection never mentioned 3 days & 3 nights, but emphasized that He'd rise on the 3rd day. Besides which there are various passages that prove the Jews counted inclusively not exclusively as Americans do today. Even the Italians count inclusively ie "We'll meet up on Sunday 8 days" they say whereas we say "We'll meet up Sunday week". They count inclusively we count exclusively. So Fri is day 1, Sabbath is day 2 & Christ rose on Sunday which is day 3. HWA was a false prophet & a false "apostle"!

& BWS re ESN
No I'm not affiliated with ESN. I'm not associated with any group. I wasn't inferring you personally have only 2 choices to choose from. I was speaking generally since when I learned of HWA's sexual immorality I initially denied it (ie choice 1). Only later did I learn that there was much more evidence & eyewitness testimony re the incest & I had to admit it was true (choice 2). Which led me to question everything about HWA & his distorted belief system. Besides if it was untrue why wouldn't HWA have come out publically to deny it (or Dorothy & other family members etc)??? Any innocent person would not allow their good name to be tarnished in such a way. Obviously HWA had something to hide, which is another reason why he kept that lawyer Radar so close until his dirty little secret got out & then he discarded him!

Britain W. Stevenson said...

& BWS re ESN (Anonymous),

Well that's good to hear you are not one of them (ESN). I couldn't believe what those people told me the last couple of times I was going to post some more facts about the PCG. They told me to "get over it". I also noticed once they twisted something I said to make it into what they wanted it to say, therefore making it look like I wrote it. They usually re write what you write. I guess(ESN)think they have better grammar skills than everyone else. I actually knew these people from the Worldwide.

Anonymous said...

That kind of attitude is totally counter-productive imo for a cult info organization to tell a cult survivor to "get over it"! So totally unhelpful! & tbh sounds like a mantra a cultist would use to further psychologically abuse its victims! I'm surprised & disappointed in their insensitive response! You should probably contact the head of the organization in writing & let them know exactly how you were so poorly treated by [name the person who responded to your testimonial--even send them a copy of your response] & how offensive it is to be dealt in such a rude manner! That's what I'd do anyway...
PS Love your first name! ;-) if it's truly your name? Even if it's not I like it! :-)